Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 99~ Principle No. Eleven

My world took a turn last week that has gratefull brought with it a new awareness, and a better understanding. The world at large has gone bonkers. In so many arenas, people are making decisions based solely on emotion, but it seems not to make a change or difference, only to make more noise or get noticed. If, when taking a stand, we are not willing to hear all points of view, no matter how crazy, ignorant, enlightened, or inspired, to seek the balance, or the solution, than nothing will ever change. 

While I was driving to do readings on Sunday, the following message rang through me over and over, 'instead of knocking me down, reach out to help me up; not so that one day I may help you up, but so that we can stand together, stronger, as one.'

Unity is the only way forward, from a place of love, compassion, kindness, and without ego and fear. In regards to the original post and private messaging that followed, I was made aware that my reasons weren't clear and more so, ever changing. It is true. For me, sometimes it's like that, while I seek to sort things out. 

These are often the conversations that I have in my head. I guess what I learned, is the reactionary. I reacted verbally rather than thinking things through. I am human. I am Spiritual, which is, in the end, what was bashed. 

Being Spiritual does not mean that I am perfect, always right, or ever right, for that matter, or that I don't make mistakes, am never challenged, and/or that my life is always rosy. Being Spiritual, for me, means that I seek to find the balance, the peace, the God and goodness within, in each and every experience. And it can be ever changing as I learn and grow, with every single experience. 

....On a personal level, I am going through an experience that it is clear to me, that I want it to end. This is honest. I try to not focus on it or give it legs. I think now that this may be part of the issue. I am sure that there is a balance... more to think of in this regard....

After my original post on my page, the person contacted me through personal messaging with more of her perspective on what I said.  Texting, messaging, emailing, blogging, these all allow us to share our point of view, however, this point of view is subject to so many variables and interpretation. I know that I did not post for the sympathy or drama; but rather, it was a way of reaching out and more so, to stop the drama. This has allowed me to figure things out on my terms. Perhaps this was not in the most mature manner, correct, or appropriate in the eyes of another, but in a manner that I chose nonetheless.

Facebook has allowed me to connect with so many friends from the past and I have enjoyed each of these connections. I have also made so many new and very valued new connections. What I have become aware of through this particular chain of events, is that fb has been getting a little too crazy, and for me, more so of late and I see now that it just seems to be too much. 

Too much negative, personal attacks, bashing, sadness, racism, ignorance, strong opinions, closed minds, one-sided blindness, nasty name calling; the people, it seems that those that are getting ahead are the ones with the fewest values... but educated, highly, in many cases, and often the biggest pocketbook. The points of view, quite simply, boggled my mind.  I could not fathom what was transpiring.

We often seek to see the signs afterwards. To be honest, the signs are often there, we keep seeing them, but we are ignoring them, choosing not to look at them, or turning away. So many answers to the questions out there are right in front of our faces. But we keep asking ourselves the same question over and over again, but nobody wants an answer. 

I finally decided that I needed to step back and not get caught up in everyone else's fight, even if they are passionate about it. I get to chose what is important and how best I am able to make a difference. It's all really just got to me.  I have my own 'fight' you might want to say. We each do. And this is a really great thing. This is the only way that we will be able to accomplish all that there is to be done to get our generation headed back to that place. To that place of love.  We have to start listening. Completely, with both ears, heads & and with our hearts  We have to start being better humans.

Sounds silly but I could feel it coming on with Cecil the lion. It seemed to have come to a heads with the murders of the 2 reporters on tv. The world is such a mess with Donald Trump at the lead.  Some of what he says has legitimate points, but the manner in which he speaks... And it's not getting better. Bill Cosby, the subway guy, that Dugger dude... what is going on? What has happened to our values, morals, and goodness. They are all smooched in and tied nicely up with a bow of lies and manipulation.

We really have to be better humans. 

I couldn't find many positives on that day, and this began to make me so incredibly sad, so I decided that I need to step back. If that's not real, I not sure what is. Being Spiritual is not about having all the answers. but it is about listening within. Listening to our hearts and our souls. Listening to God. To the Universe and the greater good of all, not just me or you or one. But me and you as ONE together. Stronger. 

Principles of the Miracle #Eleven♡ the beginning and the end ♡ 'Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed.

There is no greater message than this. There is no greater journey that carries us back to this place. It is here that we dwell.  A break was necessary for me to refocus on what is important and to remember where my journey is to take me. To the Love. always to the love. 

I have learned an incredible amount from this journey. I have learned to understand and listen within for what I need to know and how I need to respond. I then make choices from this place.  

So, for today~ Be kind. Be Generous. Find happiness. Seek love. Be love. and I'll work on the same. Lori-Lynnxxxoo♡

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 98~ Principle No. Ten

The long and often winding road♡ the road need be winding to remind us that we don't always know what is ahead, and still, with excitement & anticipation, feeling, trusting, contented & alive, that up ahead and around the bend are more lessons, and, more beauty... all the while coming back & remaining present, in gratitude, taking great pleasure in this moment, this breath, and understanding the importance of both.  

Simplicity where there is purity of Heart♡ where there is Love♡ there are true Miracles♡

On the waves of yesterdays accounts, the voice of the course of miracles is pretty clear, the use of miracles as spectacles to induce belief is a misunderstanding of their purpose. Spectacle implies a performance, an extravaganza.  The true meaning of a miracle is in the name of Love and love only requires a purity of intention & heart to produce its full essence.

We have to be better Humans. I keep saying this. Over and over, because perhaps if I say it long and often enough, it will become reality. This, would be my Miracle and I keep walking towards it, bends and all, one step, one foot, one breath, at a time.

Simplicity. that's what today is about. Find the simplicity and listen within to the messages and your truth. Know that if anything, person, situation, circumstance, experience, is based on fear, judgment, comparatives, ridicule, then Trust. Trust what you know within. To stop buying into these messages is to stop buying into the notion that you don't have everything that you need already to live a full, wonderful, meaningful life. Remember today's principle and use it as your guide. Let go and let God, there is no fear in this, only Love.

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 98~ Principle No. Ten~  The use of miracles as spectacles to induce belief is a misunderstanding of their purpose.

Tomorrow will we remember the purpose. Until then, Peace, blessings, and love to all. Simplicity along the road. Lori-Lynn

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 97~ Principle No Nine

Last night, as I sometimes do before bed, I watched a couple of television shows with my husband, most that focus on news around the world, typically with a twist of humor. On the heals of the first two, the third blew my mind.

The first show was on one of my favorites, House Hunters. Most often I love to watch this show, but yesterday, what transpired within the show disturbed me. The couple was shown 3 beautiful homes. The top priority to them was having a tequilla room, followed by a Scarlet O'Hara-like home; as the wife wants to be Ms. Scarlet herself. Is this who we have become? I understand that in buying a home, especially spending good, hard earned money, that getting 'what we want' is important, however, the criticisms of living in a home with 'no available tequila room', not to mention, carpet/only a single sink/ two bathrooms/ etc, brought the awareness that we have increasingly lost sight of what is important. 

On the heels of this, the second was a show by John Oliver who talked about evangelists. I wasn't interested in the point in which he was trying to make in regards to government taxes, but I was stopping in my tracks and focused, as I had no idea that there were people out there continuing to manipulate in this manner. I had thought we had learned and moved past this. Turns out, it is now more extreme then ever before.

I am all on the side of assisting others in discovering their faith, moving closer to their relationship with God, Jesus, Budda, (etc), whether it be religious or spiritual. Perhaps a little naive, I had truly thought that the days of Jimmy Swaggart, Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker, Terry Smith, Oral Roberts, Bob Larson, Robert Tilton, (wow that's a whole lota too many) had taught us something and been laid to rest. An Evangelist is defined as a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching. This is not evangelistic, by any definition.

The final show, of which I could not take my eyes, from was Vice. Each time I watch this, I do so to see a different side so that I am aware and educated (to somewhat, as I do follow up with research for clarity). Last nights episode began with an account of Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints convicted leader, Warren Jeffs, followed by a depiction of the Fat Farms of Mauritania, a country in the Maghreb region of  North Africa, and ending with the city of Mumbai, an account the sets the bar on a world stage, of  a poverty vs. riches.

Every ounce of common is thrown out on all of these stories, my common being shaken to its core. This isn't about being rich or having only one wife, or any of these things, it's about doing what is right and good, for self and expanding this outward for others to experience. Abundance and Prosperity through the manipulation of greed, fear, anger, shame or guilt, in this day and age, with all of the awareness, right there in front of us, often at our fingertips, is heart-breaking. 

Look, it doesn't matter to me if there are rich, beautiful, skinny, or funny people in the world. It's about Balance. 

Money is an energy and is meant to flow. Money should be always kept moving and invested in something, not stored in some bank account. For what purpose? The flow of money is a continual process that is meant to generate jobs and progress us forward and keep us Balanced.  The 'World Debt' is some 60 Trillion Dollars. What does this even mean? And who do we owe this to? The lines between the rich and the poor are becoming more and more defined. And for what purpose? And the means to getting there, has few, if any, boundaries, values or moral compass.

I admit that I do not understand polygamy, but this story goes beyond and churns on disillusion & often cruelty. It talks of many young men who have been thrown out of their homes because of an 'Official Order' allowing polygamist church elders to monopolize (engage in sex, marry, enslave) all of the young girls (some very young). These tossed out young men, few of whom have even an middle school  education, must adjust on their own, in a drastically different culture, without family, unsure and often immature. 

When I came to the story of the girls who are being cruelly force fed (often to the point of throwing up and being tortured to eat, daily), what hit me most was that, here, in my part of the world, we spend big dollars on torn jeans and extreme diet regimes to showcase our wealth.  It's no wonder that so many are confused.

It's time to walk away from the utter fear based and guilt mongering ways, with the use of trepidation and emotion to tug at our heart strings (and we are even encouraged as to what this is), to influence our opinions and actions towards.... nothing.

But how. By beginning to ask ourselves questions. By not allowing something, someone, or an image to tell you how to feel. To seek understanding on what it is that is causing and feeding this feeling. Research. Due diligence on your part, accountability to the truth; your truth. By learning to trust yourself again. This means stepping outside of who we have been taught & often manipulated to believe we are, to find out who we are, all over again. But it's in there.

The honesty lies in the Balance. The balance is not the extreme; virtuous vs evil, the best vs the worst, rich vs poor, beautiful vs ugly, healthy vs sick. For it to work as it should, we need an exchange, a flow, a balance.

So.... how does this lead back to the Principles of the Miracle. Because the miracle is the same. It's your rite. We are all worthy, deserving. Miracles are not about manipulation and fear. At all, or in any form. Miracles are about Balance; a giving and a receiving. It's remembering who we are. First and foremost, upfront and centre, a child of God, and that we are a community, connected, and part of an energy that feeds and flows.

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 97~ Principle No NineMiracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are always miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws. They bring more love both to the giver and the receiver.

This is the true essence of the Miracle, the Light. Love, the Balance and the Flow. It all begins and ends in love, a flow in the exchange of that Love.  God Bless one and all. Balance, Lori-Lynn

Monday, 17 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 96~ Principle No Eight

Today brings with it a sort of sadness, not the kind where I am down and out, but rather a contemplative one. There does seem to be so much out there that happens, that really & truly, if we just brought a conscious awareness to our ego and filled it with love, the transformation would begin♡

Happiness♡ if you ask people all over the world what this means to them, we may be awoken to new insight. What does happiness mean to you? Why does it mean this to you? What gift do you find in Happiness? To define this, to understand this, would be magical.

We all know it. We all post it. It's time to start living it!  From the Heart. From the Soul. Where there is purity of the Heart, where there is raw Truth, where there is unabided Happiness, this is the Power of Love.

Why do we continue to do that which causes sadness and conflict? Why do we continue to do what brings pain to our heart? Why do we continue to allow that which breaks our spirit, rule our lives? Ego.  Too many work towards the extreme. What is poverty? What is true wealth? Why do we raise up and praise those that have an excess, or way too much, yet do we feel sorry for those that are without?  Why do we continue to do so? There must be a benefit. Ego.

There is enough. Therein lies the Balance. There is enough for all, even for those who truly want an excess, as this will always be balanced by those who do not see the need for the excess. When we look at those who may have an excess, we don't often see the lack. When we look at those who have very little, we often only see the lack. We do not see the beauty. There is much to learn.

A Course in Miracles~ Principle No Eight~  Miracles are healing because they supply a lack; they are performed by those who temporarily have more, for those who temporarily have less. Balance.

I believe that the operative word here is temporarily. If we were to open our eyes to the awareness that all is temporary, what a magical place that would be. If we would truly, without ego or comparison, be grateful for every single gift/miracle, we perhaps be able to see what we have right in front of us. A Little or Lots. It's not about how much, its about having. Give and Take. Accept & Receive. Gratitude for all that we have, where we are, by offering to share and to give, not to get back, just because we can. Walk away from the 'what's in it for me' attitude and experience happiness & joy.

There is always find a theme to be found in each and every week. This week appears the theme of Love♡ Magical, Mystical, Awe-Inspiring ♡Love♡& Happiness. A Happiness deep within that soothes the soul.

Find the love within, find the balance within. Lori-Lynn

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 95~ Principle No Seven

Great Day♡ I put a great deal of thought into my daily card pick today and I believe that it will also serve to reference today's principle. The more I learn, the more that I understand that I need to learn more.

I have been saying that a great change is a-happening. I know, also, that this change is wrapped in love, for only pure love will set us free. My message continued into today, with Paradigm Shift as my pick. The message read as,

'Freedom from the Box♡ we are Limited only by our Thoughts♡ There is a sudden and trans-formative shift in our awareness today; this focus shifts our Paradigm to that in which a major conflict is instantly understood, and with this personified. Perhaps unexpectedly, yet excitedly, we see and/or understand events and/or circumstances differently,with a fresh appreciation. This is the result of successful study and dedication to learning, discovering, which bring with it merit. A thought wave instantly awakens within us the concept of how our thoughts have been limiting us; how we have been caught up in or trapped, in the typical or mundane; the patterns that we have willingly and yet unconsciously merely traveled along. There is no box.

This Transformation is life changing♡ as we unexpectedly, and yet consciously, alter how we perceive. We allow ourselves to see each experience on its own merit, rather than comparing or judging it with another. Our lives are forever altered as the spectrum is expanded, renewed in each moment, in each experience; choosing wisely, consciously, with clarity, balanced, and aligned with Spirit. From Love and to experience more and more fully.

So understand that it is up to you to shed the fear, shed the doubt, not up to another to protect you and make you feel safe. In an instant, you see that there is no box and in seeing this, you surround yourself with love. You feel what you know and know what you feel. You Embrace this. You Expand your opportunity.

Which brings me to Principle Number Seven~ Miracles are everyone's right, but purification is necessary first.

I do believe that my message for today personifies this principle. There is no box, we don't live outside of it, because it does not exist. The box is an illusion. Once we see this, it awakens a gift within us. To experience as much as possible, each experience to its fullest extent; in the name of love. Herein lies the key. In the name of Love.

The purification is taking that full, deep breath, understanding that there is no box, and that fear, doubt, worry only take away from. Side with Love and with God, together,  unified, as One. Expand this outwards and see the full connection to that and those around you. What a magnificent awareness; that the Connection that is mapped in love. This is the purification.  Miracles are everyone's right. Know this. Feel this. Transform this principle within.

Sit with this today, for a full length of time to understand. Bring forth as many incredible, beautiful opportunities and experiences; miracles. with love, laughter, joy, and light, Lori-Lynn

Friday, 14 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 94~ Principle No Six

The world in which we live, the world, as we know it, is about to change. Fear, Oh Fear, why do you awaken within me. To learn but a lesson and to free your soul

Re-learning what many of us have been taught from a very young age, is a process. It doesn't usually happen over night and not all at once, but once it begins, the revelations are incredible and looking back is not an option.  Each step forward brings forth more love

The very first step is to throw out the word 'blame,' in fact, delete it from your mental library. Blame blocks us from taking responsibility in our own progress. It does not mean that you are responsible for what happen to you, it means that you are responsible for each step and thought in which you take forward.  

In a world that far to often seeks to discover who, by pointing fingers, rather than understanding the truth of the circumstances, rarely moves into the change. It happened. What happened may have been horrible. So horrible, as one client confessed yesterday to me, so horrible, that no child should ever have to witness or experience such things. This breaks my heart, to have had to experience such things, I cannot imagine. I cannot know. She is correct, nobody should have to. ever.  But to experience more, all of life's miracles, all of her potential, all that she truly wants, is to accept the gift of love back into your heart.

The gift is to embrace the pain, embrace the feelings. Acknowledge the pain, and the sorrow, acknowledge the hand in which another may have played. Acknowledge it, honor it, feel it, sit with it, be angry at it, respect it, and then release it. Release it to allow.  Stand Up as the Creator of Your Life, Your Journey♡ Release it to allow the love in.

Each step, as we move forward, brings forth new awareness, new love, new miracles. Know that where miracles have not 'appeared' as requested, begged, pleaded, or just asked, that there is a block that needs to be opened, a lesson learned, an awareness personified, or, not in the highest interest of our greatest intention. 

We each have a hidden subconscious; self-limiting blocks, negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Some, an energy distortion to do with lack of; thoughts and beliefs from our past where there has been a lack of abundance (in any form), and we have formed the belief that we are perhaps unworthy due to teachings (sin). Or an energy distortion to do with loss; great loss & perceived loss, as final, or that we were somehow at fault, therefore, we are undeserving. It is important to acknowledge and then work to clear these energy patterns from the past; perhaps where others have taken from you and/or prevented your abundance in some way. This sets up blame or shame, essentially though, either a loss of control or unworthiness, once again.  Others carry with them an energy distortion to do with limitation. 

Daily Miracles reflect, arise, and transpire, as we clear these energy distorted patterns where there has been a limited sense of abundance, which has brought forth an expectation from past that your abundance is limited♡ Meditation & Self Reflection. Talk with & Listening to, Spirit.

Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong. Not wrong in the sense that you have done something 'wrong,' but wrong in the manner that you may not be ready. Have patience. You are learning.  All will come to you as it should and as you Allow.
  All power and answers lie within our connection aligned with God.  Make the choice to access this power and inner wisdom. Allow for the changes to transform.

Make a pact with you Heart, Mind, & Soul to release and to allow  yourself to be free and happy. Today, the world in which we live is going to change, and it is going to be FANTASTIC.

Change is good. Change will help you move from A to B. Change will help you make improvements in your life and also the lives of those around you. Follow your bliss, embrace change – don’t resist it. 

'Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.' Joseph Campbell 

This is the Miracle.

A Course In Miracles~ Principle No Six~ Miracles are Natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong. 

My Meditation class had Incredible experiences last evening. Very powerful, very healing. This is because we have chosen to release and allow~ Let Go, Let Love, Allow God

Begin today. Love always, infinite & without condition♡ Lori-Lynn

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 93~ Principle No Five

When you begin, and during, a Journey of Self-discovery, it's important to just allow the flow to be natural, allow the thoughts to come and go, settling when they feel right. It's important to me to expand my knowledge in every way possible, absorbing into my soul that which fits.

Not everyone is going to agree or even like your journey. This, if allowed, can be another facet and delicious piece of the journey. You may pick up the most precious of jewels from the simplest or seemed stark of conversations. We all learn at different paces and we are all at various places along our own journey. Each moment of the journey, is sacred, as it leads us to the next step and back to the Heart.  For me, this is a journey back to simplicity; that begins with nature and love. I do believe that understanding nature and the natural rhymes of the growth process is vital to understanding our own growth; for there are many seasons. Each season is ripe and beautiful in its own way.

Today, I just allow it to flow. The day is beautiful, the water calm, and the gentle breeze still. Be one with the day, today and allow. Give credence to each thought, understanding its significance, no matter how silly, lame, or unimportant it may seem.  With a gentle passion, awaken to new beginnings; for this is the true miracle; life itself, each moment, each breath, filled with wonder and love.  

A Course In Miracles, Principle No. Five~ Miracles are habits, and should be involuntary. They should not be under conscious control. Consciously selected miracles can be misguided.  Today, this day is God's. It is my gift to Him.

This day is God's. It is my gift to Him.  I will not lead my life alone today. I do not understand the world, and so I will lead my life with God. He is the One Who knows all that is best for me, and will make no choice for me, but the ones that lead to Love. I give this day to Him, with every thought and breath I take. 

And so I give today to You, with wholly & open mind. I do not ask for anything that I may think I  want, only to be present and alive. Give to me what You would have received by me; You know all my desires and my wants. And You will give everything required in helping to find the light & love, and the road that leads to You.  

In Love and in Light, Lori

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 92~ Principle No Four

My interpretation. My thoughts. My awareness.

While reflecting on yesterday's message, I was struck by a message that I carried with me throughout the day. And yet I am still not clear on its portrayal. The message that I was receiving was complex, yet simple. Such that I have not yet fully understood its interpretation.  Even though I am unable to fully comprehend its meanings, I am going to put it out there, with the hope of obtaining further clarity. At this point, I am not sure where this message will lead me, but I will follow.

I am not looking for clarity in the teachings, in books value or experience, but rather I am looking for clarity in the way of personal, daily, and life experience. How does ones experience relate to this teachingm one never knows and I am open to? 

Bits and pieces of the message come to me, and for now, this is how I will transfer into this page.

Jesus. The message was in regards to Jesus, which may explain the fear. How can I go against all that has/is being taught by the church and by preachers. The message, in some respect, and from what I can understand at this point, goes against what we have been taught. It does bring forth a new awareness of what we were to witness and to learn; to carry with us; what we were to open our eyes to; the dedication and the love; of God, our creator.

Jesus was our gift, but not in a sense that we have been told. Jesus was our teacher, but not in the sense that we have learned of in our past, and continue to do so, as a reflection of someone else's awareness. Often the interpretation is self-serving.  This is the clarity that I seek, a light in the darkness.

Jesus was born to us to show us how to live our lives, not of Ego but of Love. That is the best way that I can relate the words. He manifested all that was required to embody and to teach us how to be better people. He lived what he believed, with his whole heart and soul. The greatest Love.

And that Love is the way back.

God sent Jesus to teach about our Spirituality, not religion. To follow the path of Love and Righteousness, as one with God♡ Righteousness implies that our actions are justified and pleasing to God, in the name of Love and truthful to ourselves, to our soulfulness.  

He was an example to us on how to live in love; how to walk amongst others, in the name of love, and endure that which could weaken the soul and turn one away from God. Yet, all of this he did not. This was the gift of God. Not to punish one another or cause further fighting.. but to dtrengthen pure belief.

It has always confused me, and now I believe I may understand, what I had been taught about the resurrection, Jesus, called to God, 'Why, oh, why, have you forsaken me?' This seems to be a question that many ask when faced with their greatest fears or harshest trials.

God only asked that Jesus trust in Him throughout the Journey, for it served but a greater purpose; The Greatest Purpose of All. Life & Love.

This now brings me to today's Principle and as I read it, I am fully astounded that I am directed in thought. I will continue to understand today's message until it is tangible within my mind.

Today, sit and reflect on the message of the Principles of Miracles, Number Four;

'All miracles mean life, and God is the giver of life. His voice will direct you very specifically. You will be told all you need to know. All things are echoes of the Voice for God.'

And so with this, I will continue my day. And my reflections of understanding. I will continue on my Journey of awareness and Spirituality. Of Love & Life and a better way. I invite anyone to comment or email me to share any experiences which may bring further enlightenment (for the message states, I will be told all that I need to know.' And I ask for a Miracle. with a Smile and in Love, Lori-Lynn

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ ACIM Lesson 91~ Principle No. Three

Fall in Love with YOU today.

Today is bringing me back to some of the solace as I began my journey, my story. Of this I am grateful. To be honest, and I may have said so, but I was once again beginning to feel a bit like a caged bird. The freedom to soar again is beautiful. Love~ let's go  back to the Love.

I talked a bit about the difference between Religion and Spirituality yesterday. Spirituality asks you to seek your own experience; to toss away the thoughts, interpretations, & experiences of others to experience & come up with your own. What I find so very interesting, is that when left to come up with ones own thoughts, in the name of love, there are so many that are similar. Those of pure thought have similar experiences. This, speaks to me. The incredible feeling of true, pure, love, measures how far we have come, how much we have learned, and how we are evolving.

It is the fear, doubt, anger, the chains that bind, that lead us to a false love, self-denial, and most often self-destruction.

Being of true, pure, love, as I have termed it here, is about experiencing, fully. It respects who I am, who you are, and who each of us are in this big ole planet and beyond. It's a self-declaration; a decision to act responsibly, in the name of love, in a manner in which, through conscious awareness, will not cause hardship or pain of others. It is a matter of awareness. It is an allowance. The allowance that we are all here to experience, to learn, to grown, and to evolve. And to remember.

To remember the connection and that we are all One. That this is the connection that binds us. That God is the connection that binds us. Knowing this, brings with it the questions, rather, answers more fully, 'then who are we really hurting?' Ourselves. I have long since been aware of this connection, but did not completely understand it. I do now. We reflect onto others, we seek of others, that which we look for in ourselves or seek in return. Understanding this, offers to us the gift that grants us permission to seek all of life's offerings; from and for love. And discover the magic and incredible experiences, adventures, and the greatest of loves, than one have ever imagined.

You are what you Experience. You Experience what you express. You express what you Experience.

Let Love be the Expression of Each Experience for which Miracles occur naturally as expressions of Love.  This Expression is called our 'Vibration.' Dance with Expression. Dance with each Experience. Dance with Love. And begin now, in this moment, with this thought and this breath.

This brings me to Principle Number Three. Principle Three asks us only to be aware; fully aware of our energy, our expression, our feelings. This awareness will bring us closer to understanding the True Miracle, as an expression of our love. So today, reflect upon this principle, understanding your fears, and bringing forth your truth. You are made in love. Every bit of You. You are love. Every Minute of You. Separate and let go of what your have been taught in the lessons of others, leaving your to discover what makes YOU feel good, really good; to then experience what you know deep within yourself. That only love is real; all else is an illusion of the love within.

A Course In Miracles~ Principle No Three~
Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.

Have a Magical Day, with Love, Happiness, & Joy as your guide, Lori-Lynn

Monday, 10 August 2015

Messsges & Miracles~Lesson 90~Principle No. Two

My favorite messages are those that I receive unexpectedly♡ These mostly occur at night, as I lay in bed just allowing my thoughts the freedom to flow. As I lay quiet of mind last night, the messages cascaded excitedly within.

'Life is not as we 'know' it to be. 
It's as we were taught it to be. 
The miracle is to Remember who we are.
A Child of God. Woven as One. ' 

To remember who were are at our core, which, is what the Course teaches us. This is the true Miracle. It is from this truth, this love, in which all Miracles are conceived and nurtured.

Miracles exists within us all, but often lay stagnant or chained in fear, doubt, shame, or guilt.

We are taught, in various degrees, that the miracle occurs as a reward; for being 'good,' or are held back, for being 'bad.'  And then, we add a complexity to this state of 'goodness' or 'badness' as varying degrees; rules, regulations, boundaries, laws, disciplines, and rewards; different and varying for each and every one of us. Different within countries, organizations, edaquites, religions, schools and even families. These are all taught to us. In some cases, for safety, in others for control, or to 'put us in our place.'

People often ask me to define the difference between religion and spirituality. Well, religion is what we have been taught; from anothers perspective, in another's words, defined by their experience & interpretation. Spirituality urges you to experience, to learn, for yourself. It's a coming together of the body, mind and Soul to do the teaching, the experiencing.

Money is yet another contention teaching, for many. It is good. It is bad. It is the root of all evil. Money is not the root of evil, it's the ego that creates this distance. Its what we choose to do with it and/or how we achieve it. It's the achievement that has value, not the money. We have put a price on the achievement, good or bad, but too often higher on the 'bad.' This is due to the imbalance.

The Balance is Love Do out of Love and the value changes. 

In order to make a change, to make a difference, I believe that it is important to go back to basics. And that basics is a level playing field. One where we honour each individual for the gifts in which they brought into this lifetime, the miracle of birth, the dance of love throughout our viens, the fullness that life offers us with less restriction, fear, control, and doubt. To teach children to listen within; to connect first and always with the Love of God at our core.

We are what we have been taught. So let's teach us better. We  are what we experience. Let's experience More! Greater! We have what we grant ourselves worthy of achieving. Let's be Worthier based on the Miracle of Life! Let's grant more worthiness! We are the miracles in which we believe and have been taught that we are entitled to.

If it makes you feel good♡ really good♡ Do it! Seek it out! Experience it to its fullest! In the name of Love♡ In the name of a Miracle!

If it doesn't make you feel good, you have to options. Don't do it is one option. But ask yourself WHY it doesn't feel good. If you know that it may cause hurt or harm of another... give yourself the gift of choice! Choose from love, not that which may haunt or hinder. If you are not doing by reason of a past lesson or control, then gift yourself with the freedom of a new experience!

There is no miracle too big or small; only Miracles of Love, Joy & Happiness♡ Today, we seek to experience the Miracle that comes from within the Heart & Soul, aligned with the Creator♡

Messages & Miracles~Lesson 90~ Principles~Number Two

Miracles as such do not matter. The only thing that matters is their source, which is far beyond evaluation. LOVE.

Remember this, know this, feel this, live this, love, and breath this♡

See the Beauty within and around, as a reflection of the truth as you remember it to be♡ Lori-Lynn♡