Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Messages & Miracles~ to Teach is to Learn

It's been yet another powerful day for me. The power of awareness & learning. What have I discovered in this last week? Most importantly to be open to the many lessons offered to us. Above all else♡ Be Honest and True to You♡

Messages of late have been fast and furious, and with that I allowed myself the opportunity to soak it all in and learn. Always on the search for something to teach, when we are open to the lessons, it is from within the depths of our souls, of openness and oneness, that we receive our greatest truths. And so it was with this. I have learned that there are people who only want to teach. They believe in their personal lessons, and this is beautiful, but (do not like the butttt word) my feeling was that then we give away the opportunity to experience more. Then I understood that this is not up to me. It's up to them. And to see the difference.

Dear God, what can I learn today, I ask. 'Well, dear Child, learn to live. To live fully life, to experience more and more in each and every moment. To shed light on new awareness and to see the gifts in all that you do and experience. Do not haste judgment on another, for it is this judgement that blinds us from learning more. Stay true to your path and compassionate of another's journey. Seek the balance and the love.'

And with this, I received the greatness of a truly inspirational gift from afar. Rarely has anything ever left me speechless, but this, more so at a loss for words. Only an enormous amount of love in my heart. 'Red Bird, I am grateful that God sent you to me, to teach, to share and to learn. One day, yes, we will meet.' Today, I am going to share an open letter in which she wrote. It is a spectacular celebration of life, love, compassion, and mostly honesty. She goes by Red Bird, which signifies her gift to many. She is truly beautiful and the sun is shining brightly again today♡ The sun shines brighter because she is with us.

'Dear friends and readers, my greetings to u all come with enthusiasm and happy feelings from my heart hoping u all blessed, healthy and super fine. My note of encouragement for those who experienced some days of their lives as different as the way they would love to, kindly replenish ur faith and never stop ur genuine dreams despite all hell u’ve been through b’coz God is never blind to see u, nor is he a deaf to hear ur cries, shall he end them all at the right and convenient time for him and give u what u deserve, amen.

Dear friends, on august 2015, I decided to take vacation to break myself up from everything am used to especially the fatigue of working for more than 14 months without a break in efforts of voluntarily coordinate a breast and cervical cancer project with different teams to its implementation stage though currently on hold due to some unavoidable circumstances.

In this year’s vacation, wanna ‘ve different treats essentially to learn and do something(s) new but in a more relaxed modes, so I thought of taking local long safaris, investing more times changing sceneries away from cities and towns yet adopting whatever best comes along the way plus a bit of physical exercises and more readings about it. It didn’t go exactly as planned though, but I thank God it was full of experiences. I saw a lot, heard a lot just from the moment I started my safari right at Arusha bus terminal and all the places I visited to where I ended my vacation safari at Kilimanjaro international Airport. I thank God was with me always so everything went fine despite the changes.

As we drove off some few kms away from bus terminal (don’t remember exactly figure) we stopped somewhere at the bushy and rocky vicinity for a short-call. Unfortunately, when joining other passengers out for the call, I had a minor falling accident and hit my purse on the rock. My camera (in the purse) screen partially cracked and partly filled with black ink (dead) and my Smartphone (in the purse too) got some issues on the camera but I thank God was not hurt. No regret anyway, it’s just an accident.

The more places I travelled, I moved around and met different people, I felt challenged compassionately and slowly kinda felt not prepared for all the voices I heard, all the things I saw and all the feelings I had throughout. There’re times I blamed my senses for staying absolutely conscious on everything that happened right in front of me yet I couldn’t exempt my eyes, ears, feelings and brain from them. Though, all those ‘ve not been absolutely new in the sense of hearing and watching them from this and that source but all I can say is, was new live experiences for me especially that moment I preferred to be away from everything am used to only caught myself with “what! OMG! hell no!”

To kindly shorten the story, I spent some times exchanging experiences, moving around and more times in sharing stories with opportunities to meet different people whom I called some “one-time friends”.

Some experiences and stories knocked my emotions door, exposed me widely open and let my feelings caught lively expressed. Their tears, frowns, pains, smiles, excitement and laughter trapped mine like +ve and –ve magnetic poles. Am telling y’all, it’s not easy at all!. We all know its sincerely hard sometimes to believe some experiences from others unless u live their lives. It’s hard to u/stand what other human beings are going through unless u become part of their journey, therefore, all those together ‘ve fortified me harder to take more life pictures even at a very peculiar angle.

As I said, all these were not so new to me, it’s only that was not ready geared up for any of that extent. I ‘ve heard alot of hopeless voices and cries, witnessed a lot of sad and frown faces that really kept on changing my attitudes and discipline towards life todate. I wish I could share all the experiences I had throughout but since was not well prepared from the first instant I planned for the vacation where I had some challenges with my technological devices for pictures and videos as mentioned, kindly accept my apologies for that. I shared some pieces that I took from different friend’s phone I met there who promised to whatssapp me in vain so these are all I got from one of them.

I ve seen human rights and justice violated, completely ripped off, women and children abused and people didn’t seem to care yet some who cared got their mouths zipped. I ‘ve seen people struggling days and nights for at least two meals a day ended up with only one meal calling it “a long pass”. I met skinned people (like clothed skeleton) not b’coz they are in diet maintaining their bodies but b’coz all days of their lives are struggles. I met people walking partly naked not b’coz they’re keeping up with kardashiann but to them clothes are like gifts rarely to get. I ‘ve seen people sleeping on corridors and streets, comes cold, comes rain, comes mosquitoes not b’coz its hot inside no, its b’coz they ‘ve got nowhere to sleep. Some parents & families I met have blessed child labour as one of collective means of getting income.

Some people I met were singing a very common global song…its about money! Money! Money! That money for this, money for that, money here, money there with belief that money is everything in their lives, that money can be remedy to each and every dilemma they are facing. Well I never judge nor criticize them instead, I kindly show my concern that there are times in life money aren’t a thing and that u cant die deep inside everyday of ur lives just b’coz u got no money. Happiness worth a life so ruining it is the same as ruining a life whether with money or without. No one should underestimate the POWER inside him/her b’coz even money cant buy that POWER. Don’t trade urself for money, don’t trade ur beauty, ur kindness, ur love, ur integrity, ur respect, ur humanity as a person for money b’coz those things lasts. No store in the world sell any of it b’coz they are worthiness but priceless.

Everyone of us has his/her uniqueness from God and I think, that should be ur first and foremost blessing to be proud of than money. That is the only thing that u can live proudly with and die with. What I meant to them was, no one can neither give it to u nor can one take it away from u, only God can. Therefore lets not price tag everything worth in our lives since there are some precious things in life that money cant buy. Not all people with money are happy nor all without money aren’t happy. We agreed that yes!, money are really important but not all the time in everything and that money are earned through hard work, setting SMART goals, dedication, integrity, discipline and blessings for whatever good deed u do to others(bring back to the community), compassionate for others and helping the needy b’coz what u give comes back to u in more different ways if u believe.

We spoke and spoke then verses like no money no happiness and more money more happiness ended to what’s money without happiness and at the end we all chorused the same that u can be happy without money and gave ourselves many many huge claps with “we deserve a soda ” hahahaha! . I was extremely happy thanked God how we positively ended at this point.

However it wasn’t about sad, frowns, tears and pain all the time, no! I had notable and splendid moments full of happiness, smiles, laughter and cheers and amazingly I broke my ribs from time to time from different comedies and jokes. We as well had times to share bits of meaningful lessons and joyful experiences of our lives, good stories and faire tales. At times, we sang and dance our moods away like nothing has ever happened in our lives. With all those sharing and caring, I really felt we were all blessed.


Dear friends, our lives ‘ve been uniquely different and so shall they remain till then. We are all different from how we are born to how we grow, from how we are raised to how we raise ourselves, from how we associate and cope with each other and everything to how we isolate and crumble with each other, from how we individually perceive and interpret to how we ignore and from how we live to how we die. Lets always love, be and do good to everyone, help, support, give, compassionate, share and care not for the people who do u the same (like friends, family, colleagues, partners etc) but I mean EVERYONE even those u don’t know including me! Hahahahaha! . "Do unto others as u would have them do unto u". mean one should treat other as one would like others to treat oneself.

I really had beautiful moments full of lessons from each experience from everything and everyone I spent time with. I learnt that every time, days and nights regardless of a weather, there’re lot of comings and goings around the world good and bad, clean and dirty, risky and safe, rights and wrongs all together at once that u may perhaps never know, see, hear, experience if caging ur life in selfishness, carelessness and heartlessness. I think we all need exposure to different people, places, experience etc b’coz am convinced that a lot need to be done in our families, communities, countries and continents especially to “The needy”.

I know perfect well that I cant do everything to everyone but at least I know that I can do something to someone as I ‘ve always being doing whenever in position to do. What know is, not all needy people stays at the centres no! not every needy person need money, need food, clothes, shelter and any other material stuffs absolute not! Some need only shoulders to cry on or a tap on their back, hugs and compliments or someone to make them smile/laugh, or some ears to listen to them and tell them not worry b’coz one day the storm will be over, some need only moments of sharing for them to understand they are not alone and what that there so many out there with the same challenges some bigger than theirs.

We are all blessed uniquely and differently therefore, Lets not disconnect our humanity relationship from the money we ‘ve in our bank accounts/wallet, the wealth we posses, the color of our skins, from the boundaries of our geographic location, not from what we believe, not from religion we follow and not even from the history we hold instead our differences and uniqueness should outstandingly unite us as one, just as HUMAN BEINGS.

I believe what differentiate us human a being from other animals is that we are too blessed than any other
creature and us Human beings are humans with humanity. To win all these, then, LOVE must lead. Lets spread love b’coz with LOVE, there is HAPPINESS, with happiness there is PEACE, with peace then the WORLD BECOME A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL including other living organism (no more bombs, no bullets, no more terrorism, no more war, no killings, no more this and that sufferings from fellow human beings) and when the world become a better place for all there is LIFE. I never said its possible nor do I ever say its impossible but all am saying is play ur part. I always try to play my part, I‘ve never played perfect nor will I ever try to be perfect but, I always try to be human and one thing am sure of is Just like other human beings, IAM NOT PERFECT.
Love y'all,  Be blessed always!!!!! its me...... redbird'

Blessed be you Red Bird, Blessed by all. ♡ with love and light, namaste, Lori♡Lynn

Monday, 28 September 2015

Messages & Miracles~ I talk with God

On the morning of the Full Moon, and a Super One at that, I decided to come clean, out of the closet and the darkness. This weekend was filled with so much wonder and excitement, I truly had to go within often and seek a sense of calm.

Friday, during a boat ride, we came upon an Eagle (I call him my grandfather Eagle, as the last time he came around, I could tell that he was getting old). He had passed on. I said a prayer and thanked him for his many gifts and joy that he has brought to me throughout the years. He, in returned allowed me the remembrance of his strength & beauty with a feather. This, in itself, made my heart pound!

On the wings of the Full Moon, in which I sat outside to capture its essence, I looked up into the spectacular star soaked sky and, Holy! A Shooting Star! A blessed site to behold, always.

This morning I was awoken with fresh coffee, a warm fire, and the beauty of the moon exiting the horizon.
Blessed. Absolutely. Happy. Yes. So much of this has extra special meaning to me, such that I felt that I needed to pinch myself many a time. I'm ready. This, I know. Where it will take me, well, I'll just hang on the wings of an eagle and breathe.

SpiritWithinus.NetWhy was there fear within each time I thought these thoughts, I'm not sure. I have always felt close to God. I have always talked with God. I have even yelled at him a couple of times. I am now understanding that the messages that I hear, are from Him. I have always known this, and this, is where the fear comes from. The truth is, lots of people talk to God. and I do means lots. He is always available to converse with. Listening, I have learned, is to set aside ego, which translates into the voice of reason, doubt, fear, and our needs.

Last week I had a couple of really significant messages. After an evening with friends, I received the message of Patience♡ Patience, you say. Well. I've been patient. But as I sat and listened within, I was reminded once again, that each moment requires patience and to be grateful within each and every moment. 'Patience, dear one, as you seek to manifest your dreams, and they are big ones, as you see it. There is no big or small. there just is. Patience as you bring your visions to fruition. 'Slow' the process, as it is within patience that the process is 'made' to seem longer. Delve deep into your heart, into your soul and listen. Listen to find the significance of your own path and journey. It need not be a reflection of another, although I have passed this message along to the many, and I will pass it along to many more, until it is heard by all. It's time to fully embrace who you are, knowing, & further understanding your role & destiny. Move forward, with each step, each word, of remembrance and confidence; in who you are & where you are going in this lifetime and along your spiritual journey.'

How do I know the messages? Well, they just come, Bam! Deep within us all is the knowledge. Today, I take the leap forward; the leap of Faith.  I step out of the darkness and rest inside the light.

The Super Moon brought forth a magical opportunity to cleanse, on all levels. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual; to release & clear; negativity, fear, doubt, & toxic energies. Too look directly at & release emotions that I may have been unsure; to know what and why these are. To clear away old opinions & beliefs, which will allow me room to adopt a new stance, the stance of my awareness and understanding, a renewed perspective.

With Mother Teresa as a guide, I often hear, 'It's not between you and them, anyway, it's between you and God. Embrace and live this.

During my meditation the other morning I asked for an answer. The answer was this, 'Everything that we need to learn and experience in this lifetime is brought forth HERE in this lifetime, including people. The answer, is always love.'  The question was in regards to karma and past lives, which I have often pondered and weighed, thought about and conversed with many others. The place to find the answers is in the still of the moment.

The final message of last week was another understanding. Want everything. Need nothing. What exactly does that mean and, more so, how do I apply it?  'Well, my dear, the world is filled with unlimited riches, enough for everyone to enjoy!' he continued, 'Ask as though you deserve all! Ask from a place of joy, happiness & love! Ask, though, as if you already have everything you need! Give gratitude for all that you have, share what you have, knowing that there is lots more!'

'Ask for everything! Ask again and again and again! Without ego, knowing that others are asking also! Be
joyful for he who has received! Know that, for whatever reason, and the reason does not matter *ego* that he asked & wanted also! Then ask again! Because there is LOTS more!'

'If you become 'down' or sad, in the moment, remember that it is only but a moment! Ask for everything, want everything! Joyful and alive! Your time is within every moment, dear child. Know. Experience. You are loved. You are beautiful. You are deserving. You are worthy. You are a child of the Divine Spirit of One. You are a child of the Divine Spirit of Love. Again, and always. Love... Love is the answer.'

And again this morning, 'those that do not believe only fear. Those that doubt, only fear. Ask what it is that they fear. Do they not believe in my existence? It's the lack of love of self, the lack of believe in my existence that is creating the fear. Remind them. Remind them of my existence. Remind them of who they are. Turn off the untruths, the propaganda, the fear based messages, the doubt. Turn it off and listen within. The more that learn to listen, the more that will hear.'

Do not fear. Namaste, in Peace & in Love, be gentle, loving and kind today. Always. with Love & Grace, Lori-Lynn

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Messages & Miracles~ Depression~ the long road home~

Wanting the world to go back to how you believe it to be. There is so much talk and messages on Facebook about depression.  Depression, like any other illness, has many different faces. Having only experienced it from the outside looking in, I am not entirely sure how one gets from here to there, how one falls so deeply into the darkness. That is how I see depression. Probably because depression is so often covered in darkness. A dark room, a blank stare, no hope.

People talk about depression as a chemical imbalance. Perhaps there is some truth in this. That 'chemical' would be light. Pure, sunlight, allowed in through love and brought forth by hope.  

Depression is not about sadness. It's about drowning. Being in a boat without a paddle to someone battling depression, is a good place to be. As one still has the paddle. And a boat. What I have witnessed is someone who can't find the paddle, or the boat, and it's dark outside. But it's darker inside.

Depression is also a loss of hope. When one finally finds the light, there is often so much wreckage, that all of their fears encapsulate sending them back into the water with weights upon their feet. What I do know, what I believe, is that they just want out. This, I have witnessed, must be one of the toughest fights ever.

But it takes a village. It begins with one person at a time, one thought, one idea, one step, one voice. And unconditional love; without condition. Any conditions. 'Just get over it!.' 'Snap out of it!' 'Just think positive!' 'Why can't they just move on!' I'd love to have said that it was as easy as a snapped finger. But it wasn't. It was a daily existence of finding that glimmer.

At some point, someone has to step back shouting, 'Hey YOU are wrong!' It's about Love. Look around, you can see it clearly. We have left the compassion and the caring, the love, out of the equation. We have long forgotten what it was like to be human. To have a human experience, joined together as one. Each person effects the next person, no matter how near or far.

Media has opened an awareness on many issues such as depression. No longer are these experiences behind closed doors, they are flung wide open for all to see and experience. We can no longer pretend that it doesn't exist. But this also requires truthfulness. And non judgment. Learning about non judgment, for me, was such an incredible awareness. Understanding it, yet there is always much to learn, is life altering. 

While I am here, I am called to bring up the past. I talk much about 'the past.' I believe that the past is exactly that, a stepping stone to our growth, our now. I also believe that we can walk away from it at any time, without looking back. That is really the only way to do it. With each step forward, new awareness & experiences are more stepping stones built to define our reality.

But, yes, the past still exists and often the minds and in the memories of others. This, is reality. Truth be told, if we have changed, and truly, changed, in the heart, soul, and with the creation of new experiences & beliefs, then, our 'past' continues into our present.

I believe if we are called to accept an error or misjudgment of our past, then own it. Own it for once and for all and then as a society, we then must move forward. That's what moves us forward. There need be a plan, a very specific plan of allowance and love.

Having written of all this I am left wondering. I used to believe that everything would just work out, that all would be okay, not always easy, but okay, that each person, every person, deserves the most out of life. But perhaps I too am lost, perhaps to some degree this glimmer of hope needs awakening for me. Awareness. What keeps me going is that I know that we can be better. Better Humans that is. And it's time to be.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Messages & Miracles~♡the Five Levels♡

So this is where I am. Where I need to be.

Breathe in♡ As it begins within each of us. Where to start, you wonder. Here. When to begin, you ask. This moment. With what do I begin with. Remembering. How, again? With Truth. We begin by telling the Truth. Beginning with Self. There are Five Levels of Truth Telling, as listed in Conversations with God, Bk 2. Begin the journey, anew, away from the manipulation and untruths. Let's start at the very beginning. 

Who Am I?
I Am. 
Let Go and Let God.

Learn the model, and then be the model; in all that you do, all that you say, teach, and are. Implement it without fear, regret, or judgement. Seek the truth, say the truth, live the truth♡every day. Do this with yourself and with every person whose life you touch.

~ The Five Levels of truthfulness ~ 
First, you tell the truth to yourself, about yourself.
This perhaps is the most challenging; to sift away that which has been taught, displayed, and learned.  The funny thing is, I believe that we all know it deep within. That's why there is so much anger, fear, resentment, and judgment. If we were all allowed to live our truth, as our truth, who we really know that we can be, who we know that we are, on an equal playing field.. this is where it begins. Within.  It begins with telling the truth, about yourself, to yourself. Remembering. 

Then you tell the truth to yourself about another.
Once remembered, it becomes difficult, perhaps, impossible, to turn back. This is truly freeing, in so many ways. This, for me, was writing my book, Glimmers of Hope, my journey back to sanity, away from who I wasn't, who others thought I should be, and back to who I always knew that I could be.  

At the third level, you tell the truth about yourself to another.
That first step is perhaps more difficult than the previous level. But once you do, it opens a gateway to tell the truth to yet another and another. It begins to feel right, good, freeing. You feel alive once again. As we tell the truth to another, we begin to realize that we love our-self. Whoa. Really truly love our-self. in loving our-self, we can love God. And furthermore, that that's okay. in fact, it is amazing! 

Then you tell your truth about another to that other.
When we first learn this, in the early stages of this pure Spiritual growth, it appears that we want to tell, to show, others, perhaps how wrong they are, how bad they are, how stupid they are. If you are there, then go back until the truth is shown to you. It will, it always does, if it is truth that you are seeking. I just completely learned this lesson. I thought that I knew it, but I did not. The truth. the truth is to tell the truth, about another, is to remind another WHO THEY ARE. The responsibility to ALL to remember that we are ALL created of love. Love is our core. We are ALL children of God. That we are ALL created of love and wonderment. No exceptions. Not even You.
That is the gift.  

And finally, you tell the truth to everyone about everything.
And the Truth will Set You Free. One Person, One Breath, One Thought, at a time.
This Person, You, This Breath, Yours, One Thought, Each & Every thought. Now. 

With the 3 Sacraments of Spiritual Grace as your guide.

The 3 Sacraments of Spiritual Grace♡
From a place of love♡

Hope. This perhaps may have just been my greatest learning awareness. I am stunned. I am calm. I am Love. I am God within. We each are.

Seek the truth, seek the gift in the truth♡ I had a huge awareness in this moment. I really do seek to see the good, find the beauty, and to know myself. My next thought, which we so often have is, 'but what about... this, that, or the time that....' Well, those were the untruths, the manipulations that are placed upon us to be who we are not, to keep up with the values of others and society. As a child I knew this, I saw this. I wanted so much, but most of all I wanted to be loved. But as children, this teaching is so jaded and we fight against it. We don't know how, but we try, we seek out that which is not ours, that which has, we then finally learn, absolutely nothing to do with love.

When we finally say Stop! this insanity and look around, it begins to feel that we are the ones that are wrong, because it goes against so much that surrounds us, but really, so many don't know what love truly is, because they have forgotten how to them themselves, because they don't know who they are exactly, intimately. We are, again, left fighting to figure out our truth and who we really are. And more so, challenged to be deserving of who that person is. Through awareness, honesty, and responsibility, of Spirit, love begs to shine through.

I am deserving.Want everything. Need nothing. Need only that which is within your heart. To remember and live who you are. Love. from a place of love. That is my lesson for today. One thought, one person, one remembrance, at a time.

Love be with you. Lori♡Lynn

Friday, 4 September 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM Lesson 101~ Principle No. Thirteen

Quiet the mind and move deep within the soul.
There is only one place where goodness is born, and that is in the Human Heart. There is only one place where fairness can be conceptualized, and that is in the Human Mind. There is only one place where love can be experienced truly, and that is in the Human Soul. Because the Human Soul is Pure Love <3

Principles of the Miracle No Thirteen~ Miracles are both beginnings and endings, so they alter the temporal order (on a spiritual level). They are always affirmations of rebirth, which seem to go  back, but really go forward. They undo the past in the present, and thus, they release the future.

Have a Beautiful, Miraculous Day today, in peace and in love. Quiet the mind and move deep within the soul. Love, always, Lori-Lynn

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM Lesson 100~ Principle No. Twelve

The Secret to Life, Love, & the Change the World is so desperately longing for♡

Let each person find peace within. 

(...from A Conversation with God, bk 2...)

'Let each person find peace within. When you find peace within, you also find that you can do without. This means simply that you no longer need the things of your outside world.

'Not needing' is a great freedom. It frees you, first, from fear;  fear that there is something you won’t have; fear that there is something you have that you will lose; and fear that without a certain thing, you won’t be happy.

Secondly, 'not needing' frees you from anger. Anger is fear announced. When you have nothing to fear, you have nothing over which to be angry. You are not angry when you don’t get what you want, because your wanting it was simply a preference, not a necessity. You therefore have no fear associated with the possibility of not getting it. Hence, no anger. You are not angry when you see others doing what you don’t want them to do, because you don’t need them to do or not do any particular thing. Hence, no anger.

You are not angry when someone is unkind, because you have no need for them to be kind. You have no anger when someone is unloving, because you have no need for them to love you. You have no anger when someone is cruel, or hurtful, or seeks to damage you, for you have no need for them to behave any other way, and you are clear that you cannot be damaged. You do not even have anger should someone seek to take your life, because you do not fear death.  

When fear is taken from you, all else can be taken from you and you will not be angry.

You know inwardly, intuitively, that everything you’ve created can be created again, or~more~and more importantly—that it doesn’t matter.

When you find Inner Peace, neither the presence nor the absence of any person, place or thing, condition, circumstance, or situation, can be the Creator of your state of mind or the cause of your experience of being.

This does not mean that you reject all things of the body. Far from it. You experience being fully in your body and the delights of that, as you never have before. Yet, your involvement with things of the body will be voluntary, not mandatory. You will experience bodily sensations because you choose to, not because your are required to in order to feel happy or to justify sadness.

This one simple change—seeking and finding peace within—could, were it undertaken by everyone, end all wars, eliminate conflict, prevent injustice, and bring the world to everlasting peace. There is no other formula.

This is difficult to hear, but I tell you this: There is perfection in everything. Strive to see the perfection. This is the change of consciousness of which I speak.  Need nothing. Desire everything. Choose what shows up. Feel your feelings. Cry your cries. Laugh your laughs. Honor your truth. Yet when all the emotion is done, be still and know that I am God. All is possible.

Let each person find peace within....WORLD peace is a personal thing!

Now this sounds like such an impossible thing to do. Yet when you move to God consciousness, you can do it.  You don’t have to do it, of course. It depends on how you wish to experience the moment.  

The challenge always is to quiet the mind and move deep within the soul.

God will be your light. In your blackest moment, I will be your consolation. In your most difficult and trying time, I will be your strength. Therefore, have faith! For I am your shepherd; you shall not want I will cause you to lie down in green pastures; I will lead you beside still waters. I will restore your soul, and lead you in the paths of righteousness for My Name’s sake.

And yea, though you walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, you will fear no evil; for I am with you. My rod and My staff will comfort you.

I am preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies. I shall anoint your head with oil. Your cup will run over.

Surely, goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life, and you will dwell in My house—and in My heart— forever.

Principles of the Miracle No Twelve~ Miracles are thoughts. Thoughts can represent the lower or bodily level of experience, or the higher or spiritual level of experience. One makes the physical, and the other creates the spiritual.

This is My Journey <3 May the love be with you today. May Peace be with you today. May God be within you today, along your journey. Love, Lori-Lynn xxxooo ...and I am off for a swim...

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 99~ Principle No. Eleven

My world took a turn last week that has gratefull brought with it a new awareness, and a better understanding. The world at large has gone bonkers. In so many arenas, people are making decisions based solely on emotion, but it seems not to make a change or difference, only to make more noise or get noticed. If, when taking a stand, we are not willing to hear all points of view, no matter how crazy, ignorant, enlightened, or inspired, to seek the balance, or the solution, than nothing will ever change. 

While I was driving to do readings on Sunday, the following message rang through me over and over, 'instead of knocking me down, reach out to help me up; not so that one day I may help you up, but so that we can stand together, stronger, as one.'

Unity is the only way forward, from a place of love, compassion, kindness, and without ego and fear. In regards to the original post and private messaging that followed, I was made aware that my reasons weren't clear and more so, ever changing. It is true. For me, sometimes it's like that, while I seek to sort things out. 

These are often the conversations that I have in my head. I guess what I learned, is the reactionary. I reacted verbally rather than thinking things through. I am human. I am Spiritual, which is, in the end, what was bashed. 

Being Spiritual does not mean that I am perfect, always right, or ever right, for that matter, or that I don't make mistakes, am never challenged, and/or that my life is always rosy. Being Spiritual, for me, means that I seek to find the balance, the peace, the God and goodness within, in each and every experience. And it can be ever changing as I learn and grow, with every single experience. 

....On a personal level, I am going through an experience that it is clear to me, that I want it to end. This is honest. I try to not focus on it or give it legs. I think now that this may be part of the issue. I am sure that there is a balance... more to think of in this regard....

After my original post on my page, the person contacted me through personal messaging with more of her perspective on what I said.  Texting, messaging, emailing, blogging, these all allow us to share our point of view, however, this point of view is subject to so many variables and interpretation. I know that I did not post for the sympathy or drama; but rather, it was a way of reaching out and more so, to stop the drama. This has allowed me to figure things out on my terms. Perhaps this was not in the most mature manner, correct, or appropriate in the eyes of another, but in a manner that I chose nonetheless.

Facebook has allowed me to connect with so many friends from the past and I have enjoyed each of these connections. I have also made so many new and very valued new connections. What I have become aware of through this particular chain of events, is that fb has been getting a little too crazy, and for me, more so of late and I see now that it just seems to be too much. 

Too much negative, personal attacks, bashing, sadness, racism, ignorance, strong opinions, closed minds, one-sided blindness, nasty name calling; the people, it seems that those that are getting ahead are the ones with the fewest values... but educated, highly, in many cases, and often the biggest pocketbook. The points of view, quite simply, boggled my mind.  I could not fathom what was transpiring.

We often seek to see the signs afterwards. To be honest, the signs are often there, we keep seeing them, but we are ignoring them, choosing not to look at them, or turning away. So many answers to the questions out there are right in front of our faces. But we keep asking ourselves the same question over and over again, but nobody wants an answer. 

I finally decided that I needed to step back and not get caught up in everyone else's fight, even if they are passionate about it. I get to chose what is important and how best I am able to make a difference. It's all really just got to me.  I have my own 'fight' you might want to say. We each do. And this is a really great thing. This is the only way that we will be able to accomplish all that there is to be done to get our generation headed back to that place. To that place of love.  We have to start listening. Completely, with both ears, heads & and with our hearts  We have to start being better humans.

Sounds silly but I could feel it coming on with Cecil the lion. It seemed to have come to a heads with the murders of the 2 reporters on tv. The world is such a mess with Donald Trump at the lead.  Some of what he says has legitimate points, but the manner in which he speaks... And it's not getting better. Bill Cosby, the subway guy, that Dugger dude... what is going on? What has happened to our values, morals, and goodness. They are all smooched in and tied nicely up with a bow of lies and manipulation.

We really have to be better humans. 

I couldn't find many positives on that day, and this began to make me so incredibly sad, so I decided that I need to step back. If that's not real, I not sure what is. Being Spiritual is not about having all the answers. but it is about listening within. Listening to our hearts and our souls. Listening to God. To the Universe and the greater good of all, not just me or you or one. But me and you as ONE together. Stronger. 

Principles of the Miracle #Eleven♡ the beginning and the end ♡ 'Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed.

There is no greater message than this. There is no greater journey that carries us back to this place. It is here that we dwell.  A break was necessary for me to refocus on what is important and to remember where my journey is to take me. To the Love. always to the love. 

I have learned an incredible amount from this journey. I have learned to understand and listen within for what I need to know and how I need to respond. I then make choices from this place.  

So, for today~ Be kind. Be Generous. Find happiness. Seek love. Be love. and I'll work on the same. Lori-Lynnxxxoo♡

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 98~ Principle No. Ten

The long and often winding road♡ the road need be winding to remind us that we don't always know what is ahead, and still, with excitement & anticipation, feeling, trusting, contented & alive, that up ahead and around the bend are more lessons, and, more beauty... all the while coming back & remaining present, in gratitude, taking great pleasure in this moment, this breath, and understanding the importance of both.  

Simplicity where there is purity of Heart♡ where there is Love♡ there are true Miracles♡

On the waves of yesterdays accounts, the voice of the course of miracles is pretty clear, the use of miracles as spectacles to induce belief is a misunderstanding of their purpose. Spectacle implies a performance, an extravaganza.  The true meaning of a miracle is in the name of Love and love only requires a purity of intention & heart to produce its full essence.

We have to be better Humans. I keep saying this. Over and over, because perhaps if I say it long and often enough, it will become reality. This, would be my Miracle and I keep walking towards it, bends and all, one step, one foot, one breath, at a time.

Simplicity. that's what today is about. Find the simplicity and listen within to the messages and your truth. Know that if anything, person, situation, circumstance, experience, is based on fear, judgment, comparatives, ridicule, then Trust. Trust what you know within. To stop buying into these messages is to stop buying into the notion that you don't have everything that you need already to live a full, wonderful, meaningful life. Remember today's principle and use it as your guide. Let go and let God, there is no fear in this, only Love.

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 98~ Principle No. Ten~  The use of miracles as spectacles to induce belief is a misunderstanding of their purpose.

Tomorrow will we remember the purpose. Until then, Peace, blessings, and love to all. Simplicity along the road. Lori-Lynn

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 97~ Principle No Nine

Last night, as I sometimes do before bed, I watched a couple of television shows with my husband, most that focus on news around the world, typically with a twist of humor. On the heals of the first two, the third blew my mind.

The first show was on one of my favorites, House Hunters. Most often I love to watch this show, but yesterday, what transpired within the show disturbed me. The couple was shown 3 beautiful homes. The top priority to them was having a tequilla room, followed by a Scarlet O'Hara-like home; as the wife wants to be Ms. Scarlet herself. Is this who we have become? I understand that in buying a home, especially spending good, hard earned money, that getting 'what we want' is important, however, the criticisms of living in a home with 'no available tequila room', not to mention, carpet/only a single sink/ two bathrooms/ etc, brought the awareness that we have increasingly lost sight of what is important. 

On the heels of this, the second was a show by John Oliver who talked about evangelists. I wasn't interested in the point in which he was trying to make in regards to government taxes, but I was stopping in my tracks and focused, as I had no idea that there were people out there continuing to manipulate in this manner. I had thought we had learned and moved past this. Turns out, it is now more extreme then ever before.

I am all on the side of assisting others in discovering their faith, moving closer to their relationship with God, Jesus, Budda, (etc), whether it be religious or spiritual. Perhaps a little naive, I had truly thought that the days of Jimmy Swaggart, Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker, Terry Smith, Oral Roberts, Bob Larson, Robert Tilton, (wow that's a whole lota too many) had taught us something and been laid to rest. An Evangelist is defined as a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching. This is not evangelistic, by any definition.

The final show, of which I could not take my eyes, from was Vice. Each time I watch this, I do so to see a different side so that I am aware and educated (to somewhat, as I do follow up with research for clarity). Last nights episode began with an account of Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints convicted leader, Warren Jeffs, followed by a depiction of the Fat Farms of Mauritania, a country in the Maghreb region of  North Africa, and ending with the city of Mumbai, an account the sets the bar on a world stage, of  a poverty vs. riches.

Every ounce of common is thrown out on all of these stories, my common being shaken to its core. This isn't about being rich or having only one wife, or any of these things, it's about doing what is right and good, for self and expanding this outward for others to experience. Abundance and Prosperity through the manipulation of greed, fear, anger, shame or guilt, in this day and age, with all of the awareness, right there in front of us, often at our fingertips, is heart-breaking. 

Look, it doesn't matter to me if there are rich, beautiful, skinny, or funny people in the world. It's about Balance. 

Money is an energy and is meant to flow. Money should be always kept moving and invested in something, not stored in some bank account. For what purpose? The flow of money is a continual process that is meant to generate jobs and progress us forward and keep us Balanced.  The 'World Debt' is some 60 Trillion Dollars. What does this even mean? And who do we owe this to? The lines between the rich and the poor are becoming more and more defined. And for what purpose? And the means to getting there, has few, if any, boundaries, values or moral compass.

I admit that I do not understand polygamy, but this story goes beyond and churns on disillusion & often cruelty. It talks of many young men who have been thrown out of their homes because of an 'Official Order' allowing polygamist church elders to monopolize (engage in sex, marry, enslave) all of the young girls (some very young). These tossed out young men, few of whom have even an middle school  education, must adjust on their own, in a drastically different culture, without family, unsure and often immature. 

When I came to the story of the girls who are being cruelly force fed (often to the point of throwing up and being tortured to eat, daily), what hit me most was that, here, in my part of the world, we spend big dollars on torn jeans and extreme diet regimes to showcase our wealth.  It's no wonder that so many are confused.

It's time to walk away from the utter fear based and guilt mongering ways, with the use of trepidation and emotion to tug at our heart strings (and we are even encouraged as to what this is), to influence our opinions and actions towards.... nothing.

But how. By beginning to ask ourselves questions. By not allowing something, someone, or an image to tell you how to feel. To seek understanding on what it is that is causing and feeding this feeling. Research. Due diligence on your part, accountability to the truth; your truth. By learning to trust yourself again. This means stepping outside of who we have been taught & often manipulated to believe we are, to find out who we are, all over again. But it's in there.

The honesty lies in the Balance. The balance is not the extreme; virtuous vs evil, the best vs the worst, rich vs poor, beautiful vs ugly, healthy vs sick. For it to work as it should, we need an exchange, a flow, a balance.

So.... how does this lead back to the Principles of the Miracle. Because the miracle is the same. It's your rite. We are all worthy, deserving. Miracles are not about manipulation and fear. At all, or in any form. Miracles are about Balance; a giving and a receiving. It's remembering who we are. First and foremost, upfront and centre, a child of God, and that we are a community, connected, and part of an energy that feeds and flows.

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 97~ Principle No NineMiracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are always miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws. They bring more love both to the giver and the receiver.

This is the true essence of the Miracle, the Light. Love, the Balance and the Flow. It all begins and ends in love, a flow in the exchange of that Love.  God Bless one and all. Balance, Lori-Lynn

Monday, 17 August 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM, Lesson 96~ Principle No Eight

Today brings with it a sort of sadness, not the kind where I am down and out, but rather a contemplative one. There does seem to be so much out there that happens, that really & truly, if we just brought a conscious awareness to our ego and filled it with love, the transformation would begin♡

Happiness♡ if you ask people all over the world what this means to them, we may be awoken to new insight. What does happiness mean to you? Why does it mean this to you? What gift do you find in Happiness? To define this, to understand this, would be magical.

We all know it. We all post it. It's time to start living it!  From the Heart. From the Soul. Where there is purity of the Heart, where there is raw Truth, where there is unabided Happiness, this is the Power of Love.

Why do we continue to do that which causes sadness and conflict? Why do we continue to do what brings pain to our heart? Why do we continue to allow that which breaks our spirit, rule our lives? Ego.  Too many work towards the extreme. What is poverty? What is true wealth? Why do we raise up and praise those that have an excess, or way too much, yet do we feel sorry for those that are without?  Why do we continue to do so? There must be a benefit. Ego.

There is enough. Therein lies the Balance. There is enough for all, even for those who truly want an excess, as this will always be balanced by those who do not see the need for the excess. When we look at those who may have an excess, we don't often see the lack. When we look at those who have very little, we often only see the lack. We do not see the beauty. There is much to learn.

A Course in Miracles~ Principle No Eight~  Miracles are healing because they supply a lack; they are performed by those who temporarily have more, for those who temporarily have less. Balance.

I believe that the operative word here is temporarily. If we were to open our eyes to the awareness that all is temporary, what a magical place that would be. If we would truly, without ego or comparison, be grateful for every single gift/miracle, we perhaps be able to see what we have right in front of us. A Little or Lots. It's not about how much, its about having. Give and Take. Accept & Receive. Gratitude for all that we have, where we are, by offering to share and to give, not to get back, just because we can. Walk away from the 'what's in it for me' attitude and experience happiness & joy.

There is always find a theme to be found in each and every week. This week appears the theme of Love♡ Magical, Mystical, Awe-Inspiring ♡Love♡& Happiness. A Happiness deep within that soothes the soul.

Find the love within, find the balance within. Lori-Lynn