Sunday, 22 November 2015

Messages & Miracles~ Conversations of the Soul, Sunday~ Humble Pie

Shoveling in the humble pie today,’ she began.

'What I said was the Truth. But as I see now, it was served without compassion.’ She continued, ‘to eat humble pie, in common usage, is to apologize and face humiliation for a serious error,’

I listened, as I have learned, that self-guilt and shame is is a form of punishment for speaking our truth. This is her lesson and I must allow. One of our greatest gifts, the allowance of others to experience and learn...

She reflected, ‘people who have pain they don't know what to do with, may try to hurt you. The lashing out has nothing to do with you personally. Stand with them quietly in the 'I' of the storm.... there are always people who will look for a problem for every solution. I know this because I used to be one of them.’

Light bulb.

"Until we are willing to make our own mistakes -- and learn the lessons from our actions therein -- we will continue to find ourselves blaming someone (or something) outside of us for the missteps that we agreed to ."  -- Guy Finley

The beginnings of the Lesson, ‘if I am going to tell it like is, I must be willing to be misunderstood. And today I learned my words are as clanging brass if I tell the Truth without compassion.’

My response, was simple, and what I have witnesses, ‘People can also choose to take it, read into it, deny, lie, blame, or act surprised. It's all relative. Einstein was a very wise man. Your truth, as you see it, is that. Your words, as you stated them, gave new clarity, for me, in a situation that I was working through with a client♡’

‘Yes, it's true,’  she continued, ‘perhaps I was too attached to the outcome I wanted, which was to help someone. And Because someone doesn't get it or refuses to understand, this doesn't change the Truth. There were signs that this person didn't actually want help but only someone to listen to them complain and feel sorry for them. I can throw a rope down into the pit but I cannot make them grab it and climb out. I like it that you shared with me a good result of my words. So often we never know any part of the ripple effect.’

To which I gave reflection, ‘WE don't get to choose the outcome. I remember a story that was told to me about a woman who gave to the homeless on the street. Some people were against this. They would say things such as, 'Why do you give to them, when all they are going to do is buy drugs or alcohol. Or they probably won't appreciate it!' To which she responded, 'It's not up to me what they do with it, I have no control over that. It's up to me, my choice, to give. That's between me and God, not what they do with it.' I have never forgotten this.’

Searching within once again, with a rare honesty, Karen spoke, ‘I had tried for many years to console the broken child within me, and didn't have much success. However, once I really got into meditation, I stepped away from the churning of the divided mind. One day I received an idea. I had been seeing fields of energy in the meditations, one particular one was green energy, the color of healing. I wrapped up the child within, in a blanket and laid her in the field.  I did this daily for days... not sure how long, but it wasn't too long. I knew she was safe there. And one day I just left her there. This was the way for me.’

Healing transpires when we seek to find the truth rather than the blame. When we choose to find the lesson and the growth. That is my experience. One that I have learned to embrace.

Karen’s thoughts were profound, searching always for the growth.

I have done my fair share of complaining. That's when I didn't know that I was in charge of my perception. That's when I was an unconscious prisoner of a nature that blames everyone and everything outside itself for its predicaments, for the way it feels. It also depends on things outside itself to validate itself, comfort itself and to further perpetuate it.

Honesty & Conscious Awareness. Discover and practice this one thing, just this one thing, and slowly your life will change. I promise. This is the beginning of freedom.

More moments of clarity, ‘Having said all this, let me assure that no one is perfect. These conversations  are all lessons.  I am learning, and continue daily to learn. We can only learn if we remember to practice. As trite as it may seem, just take a few breaths.

Remember yourself. Come awake. And see the nature that wants you to believe you are a mess, you are hopeless, you are useless, you will never be whole. It tells you lies.

The mind is part of you, but it is not You. The mind is a tool to be used. Don't allow it to use You. Practice becoming aware of the nonsense it presents for you to become involved in. The person seeing the nonsense? That's You. The person who gets to decide whether to buy into the nonsense? That's You.

You are already whole. Peel away the nonsense the mind has been building up and the wholeness will be revealed.

Beautiful & Honest. Rare & Insightful. Searching.

And a piece I just wrote, Karen paused, it's been coming to me for weeks. Now was the time.

Whole Broken bits of glass in the bottom of a pit
At one time I thought I was whole,
I thought I was one
(at a time I do not yet fully remember, I was whole, I was One)
Somehow, I have shattered into infinite and infinitesimal remnants
It seems nothing I do can make them whole again
Nothing I do will bring them together again
bring them to life Please, God. Save me.

"You can save yourself. Let the Light in."

I don't know what that means.

"You will. Be still. Know you are My Child. My Creation. You Are Creation."

I am still. I am quiet. I am looking for You. I see something glint.  I feel something stir. The shards are shifting, and I feel pain.  Please, take that Light away. Incredibly, I yearn for the Light.  Once tasted, it cannot be denied.  The Love that is the Light begins the mending Broken bits of glass in the bottom of a pit -- no longer.  Now gleaming, now smoothing, ever moving, ever changing.  Ceaselessly expanding and contracting, creating, perfecting.
 Brilliant as they reflect the Light.  The grains of glass, the pit, the fear, the pain, the Light, Beautiful as they move in harmony, as One.

As so ends today’s conversations. Rare, Raw, Insightful, Searching the soul.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Messages & Miracles~ Conversations of the Soul Sunday♡ Walk Softly

Walk Softly♡ "You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.”~ Andrew Boyd 

Conversations with Karen. She began, 'Upon the Earth, walk softly and do not destroy. Within your mind, walk softly and do not identify. Alongside your brother, your sister, walk softly and do not judge. In peace there is strength. In quiet there is power. In emptiness there is no fear, only Love.'

'So many lessons this week, Lori. Thankfully, they all came together in this one Writing. It wasn't the first one I did this week, but it was the first one I was at peace with.'

she continued, 'Most of my days were spent aware of the war waging in my mind, and trying my best to observe and not be involved in a reactive way. I am so grateful for this, as it means I am now paying attention to some of what is going on that was previously an unconscious part of me dictating my whole life. And truly, in being the Observer, there is a peace like nothing else.' 

Thank you Karen♡ as a breath refreshes my soul. What so many, me, we, are learning, is the it is the pain that we carry around that is blocking us from understanding more. As we release each bit, each breath, each thought of pain, our learning and growth expands.  We begin, moment by moment to seek the necessary knowledge; to attune and bring forth messengers and teachers, who come to us, as if by synchronicity, or perhaps Divine intervention, to teach, to show, and to guide us, to a higher understanding, with clarity. To assist, then, in helping us to see through and past the many patterns of illusions. In emptiness their is only love. 

Namaste♡ and walk softly upon the Earth 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Messages & Miracles Conversations of the Soul Sunday

the Onion and the Lotus‘I have to be willing to make my own mistakes,’  she began, ‘ take risks, practice what I am learning. To let go a bit more of having to control things.  Feeling as though I had no control over my life for so many years,  I have rigidly abided by self made rules invented to protect myself.  Thankfully, I have also realized that scrambling for control has only showed me how not in control I am.  I believe that I am also realizing how odd and lonely it feels to be going so deep within. Digging through all the falsities, all the illusions. Sad and Alone.  I have never been here before. I am not at all comfortable here, yet there is just enough peace to keep my attention. Part of the onion/lotus experience....’ The blossoming of the True Self.

And lessons are discovered and with that I have learned. I will tell you a million times over, Karen. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL... but I will whisper until you allow me to shout, you are a teacher.

Inspirational Conversations with KarenOnion and Lotus  

‘The idea or analogy of the revealing of True Self being like the peeling back of the layers of an Onion has been around for ages.  And with it comes the tears and resistance – of who we are not.  

The revealing of True Self has been likened to the blossoming of the Beautiful Lotus.  And with it comes the astoundingly simple Truth; the elegance, the oneness.  Again, this idea or analogy has been around for ages. Precious lessons. 

On a more personal level, the peeling back of all the layers of the onion in order for the Lotus to be revealed seems a bit unrealistic and daunting.  I now see this to be one of the major reasons why many try, fail, and simply walk away.  As Beings that are incomplete, we yearn for what will complete us, make us whole.  This world in which we dwell, is a world of opposites; a world of separation. The wholeness of creation has been shattered into fractals.  So many of us feel this, often deeply within. Often down to the core. Each part longs for the other parts. What we all seek is integration back into Love from whence we once came. 

The experiencing of Self knowledge and integration is, at once, a combined Onion & Lotus; a Unity. We are somehow touched by the Light and with it, the knowing ♡ That we have an opportunity to begin to unravel, peel back a layer, a level of the false self; the Onion; the thing causing us so much pain.

Revealed beneath this is the potential to experience a taste of Real Self; to experience the beauty of a petal of the Lotus. And as the Sun is seeking to ever perfect Its Creation, we are invited again to peel back another layer of the Onion, in order to reveal another petal of the Lotus. As we go deeper, we encounter level after level. 

And this is the process. Bit by bit we are invited to see the Truth of our Self. The 'good,' and the 'bad.' And perhaps we can begin to realize in this Truth is the revelation we are both.  In the very center of our Being is the Light, ceaselessly extending Itself to us, to awaken us to Truth.’

Its about perceptions and lessons. ‘I have to be willing to make my own mistakes,  we began, ‘ take risks, practice what I am learning. The good and the bad are but one, ever learning, ever discovering, all aspects of who and what we are ♡ love.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Messages & Miracles~ Remember. Who You Are.

A wonderful day is upon me, a thought provoking one at that. The subject? Dear God, what does it mean to Remember who I am?

'Well dear child of mine, to remember who you are is to recreate from the lessons and teachings of others. those lessons were created in their honor. It is now time to create your own.'

But what about the past? the mistakes, the bad things that I did, the anger that I shouted, the people that I blamed? So what about the past?

'The past is there for you, to serve you, to serve the lessons that you came here to experience.'

But should I then leave the past behind? How can I truly do this?

'Leaving the past behind is not about forgetting or getting amnesia. Letting go of the past is about learning from the past, and carrying the LESSONS or the GIFTS of the experience with you. To help you to better make choices, is one reason. To be more compassionate, and understanding. To be more joyful, knowing what you don't want to be like, or feel like, or another to feel like. To see further and to strive for higher. To be ALL that you can be. You people either want to hang onto the past and carry it around like a million pound weight, never being able to step much further ahead. or you want to let it go, pretend that it does not exist. Then you struggle and further get angry with yourself because you can't do just that! Ha! Letting it go means one thing completely different. It means to not let it weigh you down, or continually struggle with it.'

'This lifetime, this experience on earth is all encompassing of each moment, from the very first breath that you took. Each day IS a blank slate. But a blank slate with the lessons learned and discovered. Learn and discover each day, more and more! Learn and discover all that you can be! Go out and have fun! Experience the joy in every moment! Find a way to do all the things that you so want to do! Experience Experience Experience!'

'Always know your core. Love, Peace, & Happiness.'

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Messages & Miracles♡Conversations of the Soul Sunday♡

Inspirational Conversations with Karen♡ The Reflection & The Light

‘I was down at the creek the other day, she began, 'and decided to sit by the water for bit. I enjoy the sound of the water gurgling by, the smell of the earth and the foliage, the sight of the coloured leaves lazily floating down in the gentle breeze. I was thinking of reflections, something I'd read about recently. I studied the water and found that in this particular part, it was turbulent, and no reflection could be seen clearly. I carried on with my observations. A flickering on a slender tree trunk caught my eye and I turned back to look at it and realized that it was directly over the turbulent area I had just looked away from. 

There was the light. Perfectly reflected onto the tree, dancing and laughing. Though I found it difficult to see that light reflected upon the rough waters, there it was nevertheless. The light could be 'seen' on the still surface. Joyful and free. Even though we may be turbulent within, the Light is always shining to us and from within us. 

Find the still, quiet surface and we can see this Light.'

One of the Key Truths that was revealed to me, "The Light loves everything it touches." This has endless Truths held within it.

Many of us are so full of pain and we have no idea what to do with it. We lash out, or within, often when we perceive someone else could possibly be happy. We think, say, and do horrible things. Within ourselves, we are living a nightmare. We see within another that they had somehow escaped. But, we're still here. And we don't know how they did it.
The feelings. We're just so damned angry they did. There are so many reactions. The natural mind begins the stories and gets on a roll, the I Blame YOU chorus -- oh please, you're faking you think you're better than me?... Who do you think you are?...I want whatever meds you're on...OK, so you're happy, but do have to rub it in MY face?...You have so much money, you can afford to go to those retreats, buy all those books. Poor me has nothing. --- 

--And now we slip into The I Blame Myself chorus --- I am such a loser. Why can't I get what I need? Because I am stupid, or maybe cursed. Maybe it's just not meant for me to be happy. Anyway, I did read the other day that I should embrace my negativity. So hey, I can just curl up here in this place and convince myself that I am living the life I was meant to...depressed, sad, fearful, hateful, ugly and tiny. And I can justify my moaning and whining and bitching and complaining -- after all, I am one of those very sensitive and empathic people. Woe is me.

This may be a generalized interpretation of what happens in the natural mind, the lower consciousness in which most of us are currently living from, when someone reacts poorly to another's happiness. 

I see that many misinterpret and perhaps overuse the term "embrace." We allow the mind to tell us lies about what it means. There definitely needs to be more clarity given with this word. I refer to all the poor souls caught in the prison of 'this is justification for how I feel, now I can be sad, miserable and horrible with an official title -- Sensitive, Empathic, doomed to carry the woes of the world.' There are whole communities of people feeding on and putting out negative energy. This, to me, reeks of self glorification of the most twisted kind. 

Ego. The mind can and will warp everything, until we begin to realize what it is, what it is doing, and what it was meant to do. Embracing the darkness of the lower nature means something entirely different. It can barely be explained in words. And it surely is not an easy task. To observe the parts of us that are incomplete as they become known to us via the Light shining on them. To suffer them and not react to them for a period of time in which the Light loves them and transforms them and makes them whole, takes a huge amount of faith, and a lot of practice. Never ending practice. 

We Need Every Voice That is Awakening to Speak Truth

For quite some time I had been reading about 'Who I am.' "That's not Who you are," I am told. Most of us are familiar with these terms. I found myself increasingly interested in them, but also reacting with thoughts like 'Who I am??? Maybe they mean besides a Mom, a Friend, a Wife, a mental case.... I have no idea.' But beyond that I could not decipher it. "That's a crazy big Idea...maybe I'll get it some day." Yet everywhere I turned, these statements kept coming at me. It really did become frustrating.
One day, I was watching a video, and the guy had me mesmerized. He was teaching about the tricks, subtle manipulation and clever conniving of the base level of consciousness most of us live from at this time, and have since the dawn of time. Then he said "That's not You!" And in such a way that he smiled, and I heard the unspoken ending of his statement "Silly girl". (Big Smile) In that moment I got it. I knew what that meant. A simple rephrasing, a different form, but the same shining Truth.
We need Every Voice of Truth, expressing Truth in as many forms as possible, so that Truth can be understood by those who would receive it.'

Karen, THIS, is who you are. Wise. A deep wisdom within; outside and a part of, the fear, the doubt, the anger, shame, and doubt. Outside of and a part of the messages, manipulations, and untruths of others. You, deep within your consciousness, lies your truth. Once found, you are never the same

Many blessings, love, & light. Beautiful Sunday, A day of reflection & light <3 Namaste, Lori-Lynn

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Messages & Miracles♡ Conversations of the Soul♡

♡Inspirational Conversations that move the Soul & touch the depths of the Heart♡ I've had so many incredible conversations lately. I believe, their inspiration needs to be shared♡

Karen is a dear friend, whose wisdom reaches into the depths of her soul and touches the whole of my heart. Today, we shared a conversation of a rare honesty & wisdom, about our journeys, & spiritual growth.

'Depression and I are old friends. From childhood. Anxiety is another companion of mine. To fight with these minions of the dark is to wage a hopeless war. It was when I finally began to look them in the 'face' and decided to allow them to be, that I realized they were messengers. And they were not, are not, and never will be, who I am. I know what it takes to go through this and survive. It is a beautiful process, so stark in its simplicity, so desolate of anything.

From the Winter of our soul, the Light will create the Spring, and we rejoice and know we are loved and on the most incredible Journey to be known in our current state of consciousness.

Everything I have gone through has led me to this greater understanding I have of myself, and Love/Light Itself.. I'm beginning to grasp the meaning of the disturbances within, and practicing, as much as I am able, allowing them to be, enduring them while the Light that exposed them transfigures them into 'wholeness'.

This is one of the most if not the most meaningful and hopeful times in my life. All along God has answered my prayer of childhood "Please, God, do whatever it takes to save me"  I read once that Lessons ride in on the backs of events. An event being any and everything.

God is constantly giving us what will set us free. The mechanical mind will rebel against this until its dying breath. But it gets quieter as we realize it's a Liar. We can be sure when the mind starts talking to itself in heightened chatter, there is something important, eternal, and of the Light that it is trying to hide from us.

I used to think my 'gift' of writing needed to be honed, disciplined and somehow corralled into some acceptable form. I am coming to learn that the writing is something that must flow as it as; that the Flower closes its petals if I try to shape It into something It is not.

Thank you for sticking with me and allowing me the space I needed to travel my road.'

Namaste, my wise friend, many thanks and much love, Lori <3

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Messages & Miracles~ to Teach is to Learn

It's been yet another powerful day for me. The power of awareness & learning. What have I discovered in this last week? Most importantly to be open to the many lessons offered to us. Above all else♡ Be Honest and True to You♡

Messages of late have been fast and furious, and with that I allowed myself the opportunity to soak it all in and learn. Always on the search for something to teach, when we are open to the lessons, it is from within the depths of our souls, of openness and oneness, that we receive our greatest truths. And so it was with this. I have learned that there are people who only want to teach. They believe in their personal lessons, and this is beautiful, but (do not like the butttt word) my feeling was that then we give away the opportunity to experience more. Then I understood that this is not up to me. It's up to them. And to see the difference.

Dear God, what can I learn today, I ask. 'Well, dear Child, learn to live. To live fully life, to experience more and more in each and every moment. To shed light on new awareness and to see the gifts in all that you do and experience. Do not haste judgment on another, for it is this judgement that blinds us from learning more. Stay true to your path and compassionate of another's journey. Seek the balance and the love.'

And with this, I received the greatness of a truly inspirational gift from afar. Rarely has anything ever left me speechless, but this, more so at a loss for words. Only an enormous amount of love in my heart. 'Red Bird, I am grateful that God sent you to me, to teach, to share and to learn. One day, yes, we will meet.' Today, I am going to share an open letter in which she wrote. It is a spectacular celebration of life, love, compassion, and mostly honesty. She goes by Red Bird, which signifies her gift to many. She is truly beautiful and the sun is shining brightly again today♡ The sun shines brighter because she is with us.

'Dear friends and readers, my greetings to u all come with enthusiasm and happy feelings from my heart hoping u all blessed, healthy and super fine. My note of encouragement for those who experienced some days of their lives as different as the way they would love to, kindly replenish ur faith and never stop ur genuine dreams despite all hell u’ve been through b’coz God is never blind to see u, nor is he a deaf to hear ur cries, shall he end them all at the right and convenient time for him and give u what u deserve, amen.

Dear friends, on august 2015, I decided to take vacation to break myself up from everything am used to especially the fatigue of working for more than 14 months without a break in efforts of voluntarily coordinate a breast and cervical cancer project with different teams to its implementation stage though currently on hold due to some unavoidable circumstances.

In this year’s vacation, wanna ‘ve different treats essentially to learn and do something(s) new but in a more relaxed modes, so I thought of taking local long safaris, investing more times changing sceneries away from cities and towns yet adopting whatever best comes along the way plus a bit of physical exercises and more readings about it. It didn’t go exactly as planned though, but I thank God it was full of experiences. I saw a lot, heard a lot just from the moment I started my safari right at Arusha bus terminal and all the places I visited to where I ended my vacation safari at Kilimanjaro international Airport. I thank God was with me always so everything went fine despite the changes.

As we drove off some few kms away from bus terminal (don’t remember exactly figure) we stopped somewhere at the bushy and rocky vicinity for a short-call. Unfortunately, when joining other passengers out for the call, I had a minor falling accident and hit my purse on the rock. My camera (in the purse) screen partially cracked and partly filled with black ink (dead) and my Smartphone (in the purse too) got some issues on the camera but I thank God was not hurt. No regret anyway, it’s just an accident.

The more places I travelled, I moved around and met different people, I felt challenged compassionately and slowly kinda felt not prepared for all the voices I heard, all the things I saw and all the feelings I had throughout. There’re times I blamed my senses for staying absolutely conscious on everything that happened right in front of me yet I couldn’t exempt my eyes, ears, feelings and brain from them. Though, all those ‘ve not been absolutely new in the sense of hearing and watching them from this and that source but all I can say is, was new live experiences for me especially that moment I preferred to be away from everything am used to only caught myself with “what! OMG! hell no!”

To kindly shorten the story, I spent some times exchanging experiences, moving around and more times in sharing stories with opportunities to meet different people whom I called some “one-time friends”.

Some experiences and stories knocked my emotions door, exposed me widely open and let my feelings caught lively expressed. Their tears, frowns, pains, smiles, excitement and laughter trapped mine like +ve and –ve magnetic poles. Am telling y’all, it’s not easy at all!. We all know its sincerely hard sometimes to believe some experiences from others unless u live their lives. It’s hard to u/stand what other human beings are going through unless u become part of their journey, therefore, all those together ‘ve fortified me harder to take more life pictures even at a very peculiar angle.

As I said, all these were not so new to me, it’s only that was not ready geared up for any of that extent. I ‘ve heard alot of hopeless voices and cries, witnessed a lot of sad and frown faces that really kept on changing my attitudes and discipline towards life todate. I wish I could share all the experiences I had throughout but since was not well prepared from the first instant I planned for the vacation where I had some challenges with my technological devices for pictures and videos as mentioned, kindly accept my apologies for that. I shared some pieces that I took from different friend’s phone I met there who promised to whatssapp me in vain so these are all I got from one of them.

I ve seen human rights and justice violated, completely ripped off, women and children abused and people didn’t seem to care yet some who cared got their mouths zipped. I ‘ve seen people struggling days and nights for at least two meals a day ended up with only one meal calling it “a long pass”. I met skinned people (like clothed skeleton) not b’coz they are in diet maintaining their bodies but b’coz all days of their lives are struggles. I met people walking partly naked not b’coz they’re keeping up with kardashiann but to them clothes are like gifts rarely to get. I ‘ve seen people sleeping on corridors and streets, comes cold, comes rain, comes mosquitoes not b’coz its hot inside no, its b’coz they ‘ve got nowhere to sleep. Some parents & families I met have blessed child labour as one of collective means of getting income.

Some people I met were singing a very common global song…its about money! Money! Money! That money for this, money for that, money here, money there with belief that money is everything in their lives, that money can be remedy to each and every dilemma they are facing. Well I never judge nor criticize them instead, I kindly show my concern that there are times in life money aren’t a thing and that u cant die deep inside everyday of ur lives just b’coz u got no money. Happiness worth a life so ruining it is the same as ruining a life whether with money or without. No one should underestimate the POWER inside him/her b’coz even money cant buy that POWER. Don’t trade urself for money, don’t trade ur beauty, ur kindness, ur love, ur integrity, ur respect, ur humanity as a person for money b’coz those things lasts. No store in the world sell any of it b’coz they are worthiness but priceless.

Everyone of us has his/her uniqueness from God and I think, that should be ur first and foremost blessing to be proud of than money. That is the only thing that u can live proudly with and die with. What I meant to them was, no one can neither give it to u nor can one take it away from u, only God can. Therefore lets not price tag everything worth in our lives since there are some precious things in life that money cant buy. Not all people with money are happy nor all without money aren’t happy. We agreed that yes!, money are really important but not all the time in everything and that money are earned through hard work, setting SMART goals, dedication, integrity, discipline and blessings for whatever good deed u do to others(bring back to the community), compassionate for others and helping the needy b’coz what u give comes back to u in more different ways if u believe.

We spoke and spoke then verses like no money no happiness and more money more happiness ended to what’s money without happiness and at the end we all chorused the same that u can be happy without money and gave ourselves many many huge claps with “we deserve a soda ” hahahaha! . I was extremely happy thanked God how we positively ended at this point.

However it wasn’t about sad, frowns, tears and pain all the time, no! I had notable and splendid moments full of happiness, smiles, laughter and cheers and amazingly I broke my ribs from time to time from different comedies and jokes. We as well had times to share bits of meaningful lessons and joyful experiences of our lives, good stories and faire tales. At times, we sang and dance our moods away like nothing has ever happened in our lives. With all those sharing and caring, I really felt we were all blessed.


Dear friends, our lives ‘ve been uniquely different and so shall they remain till then. We are all different from how we are born to how we grow, from how we are raised to how we raise ourselves, from how we associate and cope with each other and everything to how we isolate and crumble with each other, from how we individually perceive and interpret to how we ignore and from how we live to how we die. Lets always love, be and do good to everyone, help, support, give, compassionate, share and care not for the people who do u the same (like friends, family, colleagues, partners etc) but I mean EVERYONE even those u don’t know including me! Hahahahaha! . "Do unto others as u would have them do unto u". mean one should treat other as one would like others to treat oneself.

I really had beautiful moments full of lessons from each experience from everything and everyone I spent time with. I learnt that every time, days and nights regardless of a weather, there’re lot of comings and goings around the world good and bad, clean and dirty, risky and safe, rights and wrongs all together at once that u may perhaps never know, see, hear, experience if caging ur life in selfishness, carelessness and heartlessness. I think we all need exposure to different people, places, experience etc b’coz am convinced that a lot need to be done in our families, communities, countries and continents especially to “The needy”.

I know perfect well that I cant do everything to everyone but at least I know that I can do something to someone as I ‘ve always being doing whenever in position to do. What know is, not all needy people stays at the centres no! not every needy person need money, need food, clothes, shelter and any other material stuffs absolute not! Some need only shoulders to cry on or a tap on their back, hugs and compliments or someone to make them smile/laugh, or some ears to listen to them and tell them not worry b’coz one day the storm will be over, some need only moments of sharing for them to understand they are not alone and what that there so many out there with the same challenges some bigger than theirs.

We are all blessed uniquely and differently therefore, Lets not disconnect our humanity relationship from the money we ‘ve in our bank accounts/wallet, the wealth we posses, the color of our skins, from the boundaries of our geographic location, not from what we believe, not from religion we follow and not even from the history we hold instead our differences and uniqueness should outstandingly unite us as one, just as HUMAN BEINGS.

I believe what differentiate us human a being from other animals is that we are too blessed than any other
creature and us Human beings are humans with humanity. To win all these, then, LOVE must lead. Lets spread love b’coz with LOVE, there is HAPPINESS, with happiness there is PEACE, with peace then the WORLD BECOME A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL including other living organism (no more bombs, no bullets, no more terrorism, no more war, no killings, no more this and that sufferings from fellow human beings) and when the world become a better place for all there is LIFE. I never said its possible nor do I ever say its impossible but all am saying is play ur part. I always try to play my part, I‘ve never played perfect nor will I ever try to be perfect but, I always try to be human and one thing am sure of is Just like other human beings, IAM NOT PERFECT.
Love y'all,  Be blessed always!!!!! its me...... redbird'

Blessed be you Red Bird, Blessed by all. ♡ with love and light, namaste, Lori♡Lynn