Wednesday, 29 October 2014

From Victim to Victor (Yah YOU!)

My Messages of late have been powerful ones. Perhaps this is a result of my Meditation Classes and My Focus on Chakra Clearing and Raising our Vibration. All I know is that the messages have been filled with often intense, insight. I am truly grateful. I feel humbly blessed for these messages.

Message One:

the 4 of Cups ♡ Symbolizes a woman so engrossed in Deep Contemplation that she does not appear to notice the Cup being Offered to her ♡ it brings the message that worry has never accomplished much ♡ worry is an emotion, not an action; it is kept alive only by the thoughts that we feed it ♡ which means that through conscious attention and choice ♡ we have the ability to move forward
through it ♡ feed it love ♡

the Past is merely a training tool. No 2 experiences/circumstances/ situations are exactly the same. Wherever we are along our Journey is exactly where we are meant to Be; to Learn, to Teach, to Move Forward. This is why it is important to Accept, to Love; exactly where you are right now, in this moment. There are times that this requires Faith ♡ Let go the worry; Open your awareness to see what is being offered ♡

Faith ♡ the Symbolism of these 2 cards presented at the same time, brings the message to Allow the Power of Faith to carry you ♡ Connect with Spirit and the Wisdom Within ♡ to Calm and Encourage your Thoughts ♡ to Trust ♡ Know your Truth and Know that You are on the Right Path ♡ Your next right step is being Presented to You, in Time ♡ Keep the Eyes of Faith Open ♡

Message Two:

today we are being offered the Wisdom of the Tiger ♡ Strength, Energy, Willpower, Action Without Analysis ♡ together with the Hanged Man ♡

the Hanged Man is suspended in the Air, yet he smiles. Traditional photos show a Halo around his head. His face expresses deep Entrancement, not suffering, as some may note. The Essence of this card is one of Acceptance, Patience, Inner Harmony, that may have come at a great Sacrifice ♡ the Prize is within your reach ♡ Let Patience and Willpower Be Your Guides

T2o Beautiful cards together reminds us to know our Intention, our Innermost Values; to Gather our Knowledge, with a calm and inner peace ♡ When the timing is right, the action has been learned and we will be ready ♡ All that you need is before and within You ♡

He who can understand that the story of the Hanged Man and his Learned Higher Nature, is imbedded in Symbolism, will receive intimations concerning a great awakening; that after the Sacred Lessons of the Sacrifice, there will be a Glorious Resurrection.

in Gratitude and with Love, Peace, kindness, joy and acceptance, Lori

Friday, 17 October 2014

Forgiveness does means Forgetting

Trust... that it was all meant to get you to where you are today.. and who you are today. Awesome, Beautiful, YOU

So many thoughts have been going on in the space in my head of late. A couple of major considerations.

the phrase (or similar) such as forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting, is one such phrase. I have been running this over and over again, and it only leads me to one conclusion and that is,

Forgiveness does mean forgetting; rather letting go. If we don't forget, it remains as an attachment, in our mind. Attachments to our past don't allow us to move forward with wholeness, there will always be an element of fear, pain, shame, or blame. We move forward seeing ourselves as damaged.

There are many many acts that we consider unforgivable and comprehensible, so I have had to dig really deep to understand how to move past this.

Often when heinous acts have been done against us, we then in turn, follow up the action by continually reminding ourselves that we are unworthy or dirty or unlovable. This, for me, is where the forgiveness can move us forward. If we allow ourselves to take a huge leap forward, with the awareness and understanding that 'they' had/have their own lessons and to further separate ourselves from their lesson, this may give us the opportunity for growth and self-forgiveness.

Radically, 'I release myself from the chains that bind me to you. I release the pain, shame, guilt and feelings of unworthiness that I carried around. I release you to free my mind, my body, my spirit.'

The 2nd part of this is to FORGIVE SELF. I release myself from the chains that have bound me to these actions. I forgive myself for the actions and choices that I have made, that have kept me bound to you, to the past. I release the chains, I forgive me, for I am worthy and deserving of mountains of
love. I move forward freely and wholly.'

As I was driving yesterday, my thoughts took me back to the times when I did not feel loved and/or accepted. With awareness, acceptance, and love, I understood the choices that I made. There were LOTS of bad choices and decisions, too many it seemed. I realized that if I continued to remember these choices, acts, decisions, that I would always stay bound in unworthiness.

There is only Love. I am that I am. I am all that I am.

'The Only excuse is, 'I am not ready.'
'The Only solution is, 'to Prepare yourself.'

Clients will say, 'I can't' 'It's hard.'  Nobody said that it was easy. It is work. One thought, one decision, one choice, one action, at a time. So rather than saying, 'I can't' or 'It's hard.' say, 'I am not ready.' Then PREPARE yourself.

I, as some might say, preach Meditation. And I do, I believe in the power of Mediation. I believe that this is my connection to God, to Divine Love.  Connecting to the powerful energy from the ground below to the heavens above, cleansing, clearing your energy wheels, your Chakras. This works towards clearing away negativity, pain, shame, guilt, whatever I may be holding onto and releasing it in the light. This raises our vibration of energy, allowing into our world, our being, that which we are worthy and deserving of; preparing myself for all that I can be. All and everything that I can be.

There is only Love. I am that I am. I am all that I am.

Interesting thoughts of late. more tomorrow, I am sure.


Sunday, 28 September 2014


I forgive You, because it heals my soul and releases the attachment; to the pain and the sorrow.
I forgive Me, because it heals my soul and frees my spirit; to soar to new heights & to dance, joyfully, always♥
A brand new awareness♥ well, perhaps an old awareness, with a story, of course. 

I was out last evening at a party and we began talking about the holidays; Christmas in particular. What I know is that when we are close to a situation, the best consciousness that we can choose, is to look down from and upon what is transpiring; to see the whole of the conversation in order to give it some light. 

"Christmas just isn't important to me."

I found this to be very sad. This particular person has, not a large, but a caring family.  I also see that there is something 'missing.' This might be the link. I wanted to understand what was really being said.
I spoke about it to my husband and tried to relate it to my family. 
I know that I am blessed with a very loving family. This includes cousins, aunts, uncles, great-beings, 2nd and even 3rd cousins. We are family. With this, and trying to understand, it finally hit me. The Link. the missing one.

For me, for my family, Christmas is about just that; Family. What it also means is Forgiveness. True, this was the reason, we have heard, that Jesus was born. But for me, this was a complete new awareness. I have not before related the two. Sounds silly or insane perhaps; that being that I was raised in a Catholic home. My grandmother was very religious. She was the definition of unconditional love and forgiveness.
I realized last evening that this is why Christmas is so special to me. And perhaps to my family, as a whole, without even being aware.  
No matter what we have done, no matter how 'bad' we feel that we have been, no matter how unworthy we feel, we all get together, at Christmas to Celebrate. We Celebrate with laughter, music, food, gifts, conversations, and most importantly, forgiveness. To move forward, renewed, in relationship, kinship, understanding and love, for another year.

We screw up. We make mistakes. We make bad choices, lose our tempers, cry, say things that we don't mean to say, say things we do mean to say, but shouldn't, condemn, lie (even the little white ones), try not to judge, yet sometimes do. We all do. I do. We are all Human afterall, experiencing life the best that we can.  

The person, in particular, that I was speaking with, I know, has a difficult time moving forward from what has been. It's a family that wants so desperately to move forward from the pain that exists only within them, but is just not sure how to. I would say that it's not that difficult at all. Just choose to do so. But I know, for many that it is challenging to let go. 

When we are ready, in our own time, there can be a Healing. I am on this journey, learning to fully love who I am. The Journey may have been a long one, one that might have seemed impossible, but it was a choice and a commitment. Each day, I celebrate the steps and the lessons. So for me, I can choose to be more compassionate and understanding. I cannot take away their pain. I can only be me. I can only bring my awareness and spirit to the situation that may give them a renewed perspective.

Need I say, 'the Loving Allowance for all to be. In their own space and time.'

To be honest, each day, each hour, each moment, we are allowed to choose to change, to forgive, and to love, unconditional.  For me, I will move forward with this awareness, with this consciousness. Forgiveness is the key that unlocks so many doors and allows us to breath, to feel weightless and to soar.    

Let it Go... Don't Worry.... Be Happy

Thursday, 28 August 2014

For Today♡

It is another Beautiful Day♡nearing the end of August. We are able to see the many Blessings summer brings. Seasons come and Seasons Go
Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the  Pleasure of Reading for some pretty amazing people. The truth is, I am honored to be given the opportunity to read for them. They chose me♡How or Why, I am not sure, but they did. I am grateful. I am grateful for the gift of allowance. And forgiveness. And Compassion.

We are all worthy of love. We are all worthy of forgiveness. We are all worthy. 

With Grace, I have been allowed into the hearts and souls of some pretty worthy people. 

To help them remember that they are, in fact, worthy. They have allowed me to see within their hearts, releasing tears to a long forgotten awareness, to see what they may have forgotten, and to move forward seeking forgiveness. Of self. Enabling the flow of the Love,the Light and the Beauty within and most importantly, Embracing Life once again

It used to upset me when tears began to flow. This is one of the reasons that I feared or backed away from what I do. I, too, had to learn to embrace this.  And for this, I am grateful.

I am now able to see how powerful releasing the challenging memories and pain can be. I can see what a difference it makes. It allows us to finally breath, sometimes for the first time.  

'We Believe What We Tell Ourselves.'

So Let it Go. Let the Tears Flow. Release the Messages that Do Not Serve Who You Truly Believe, Truly Know, Deep Down, Within, You Are. 
Cry it ALL out. Then move forward.
Live. Love. Laugh. Dance. Dream. Believe You are Worthy



Thursday, 21 August 2014

this Vulture was a Turkey!

Beauty in flight
I am Super excited about this today!  I had a reading a couple of weeks back, as my niece purchased a new set of Spirit cards. Naturally, I was intrigued to discover & experience what these cards had to offer. 

The 2nd card that I chose was *Animal Deities* Very intriguing indeed. Ancient cultures and Ancestors believed that messages are sent to us through Higher Powers. Many cultures believe that  Spirit sends messages via Animal Deities. I have always embraced this state of consciousness. It's really just a part of who I am, and to be honest, this has served me well.

Because of this reading, over the past couple of weeks, I have embraced a special awareness of the messages that have come before me. 
Up close and personal, I have come face to face with 4 Bears in the past month. Not in a threatening manner, but one of peace. Four. Eagles have flowned over, around and above me. Hummingbirds have fluttered directly at my face. It startled me in the beginning, but not anymore. I await with anticipation for the next experience, the next lesson. Just when you least expect it....

Today, as the passenger in our truck, as I was gazing out my window, sitting amongst two others, I spotted a huge unusual looking bird. An excitement began to grow within me. My husband tried to guess what kind of a bird it was as I excitedly described it and was pretty certain that it was a Vulture or Raven. I said, no, it had a red head, like that of a Turkey. While I was google-ing BIG BIRD WITH RED HEAD like a turkey, he calmly responded Turkey Vulture. Turkey Vulture it was indeed. Picture time!

What is most interesting to me right now, is that I had delayed posting this page. Until today, as while driving to work, there on the side of the road stood my Turkey Vulture. Message loud and clear. But what is that message?  To me, the Vulture represents strength and re-birth, resurrection, perhaps, and the Turkey represents celebration.  

The scientific name for the Turkey Vulture is 'Cathartes Aura' (I naturally really like that!) which means Golden Purifier (LOVE this!) because as it goes about it's lifetime business it purifies the landscape and environment in it's own natural way, ensuring the continued health and life of other living things. 

The Vulture is a promise that all hardship is both temporary & necessary for a higher purpose. (If you have had the opportunity to read my book, 'Glimmers of Hope,' you will know that I have received this message before.)  

Once a Vulture enters your life as a totem or guide, it will remain with you for life.The vulture is a very powerful totem. As a Guide, the Turkey Vulture shows you how to use energy powerfully and efficiently.  It glides effortlessly on the winds, soaring to extraordinary heights while using little or no energy.  It skillfully employs already existing air currents against the pull of gravity, symbolizing the distribution of energy so that gravity (or cares) do not weigh it (you) down.  In the process the vulture does not use its own energy, but the energies of the Earth instead, the energies of the Earth --- or the Natural Order of Things.

Pretty Cool Message. Pretty Cool Totem. I have always assumed (and been previously told by a Shaman) that my totem was an Eagle. Somehow, I am sensing that this guy is my Totem. 
I will heed and I will listen. I will embrace. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

With love, light, and seeking awareness.

Smudging Prayer by Mechelle Flowers

'the headline reads, 'A reminder that Suicide and Depression are not selfish'

Selfish~ (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure. 
devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.  Characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself.

Selfless~concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own. Having little or no concern for oneself, especially with regard to fame, position, money. Selflessness; the act of sacrificing ones own interest for the greater good.

As I see it, there are so many ways at looking at Suicide and the reasons for it. I cannot look at
another person and judge, as I was not there. Nor do I know their soul's intention.  I can only take from my thoughts. To argue whether or not it is selfish or selfless is, to be honest, egotistical. I say that rather smugly, as that too is a judgment. 

Without judgment... it was a friend with whom I had this exact conversation. It was her that said that it was selfish. I was stunned. We talked at length. I understood, perhaps a new perspective. She had attempted suicide herself, several times. Seven.

Its not about selfish or selfless. Depression hurts. Somehow, we have to be able to find that window of hope, strength and love in this world that we entered and live in. It's to make sense of the world around us, how we fit in and how we move forward. 

As I see it, it's not about Self, it's about Hope, or the lack thereof within ones Soul. Being wrapped up in the hurt and the pain, and the only light that one is able to see is the one that leads back to one's Soul, to find that place of be Comfort. To be comforted by Spirit.

We truly have to be better people. We are continually inundated with messages that are false and it is up to us to discern. This leaves us vulnerable, open to seeking the answers alone.

But change comes when we silently go within.  And ask for help. Ask to receive. Then listen.

There is always a Rainbow after the storm.
Look for and find the place of comfort, the place of silence to listen within. For it is here that we are not alone.

I am merely trying to make sense of the many souls that leave us, as I see it, due to lack of hope, or feeling of hopelessness.
I may be right, I may be wrong. But these are my thoughts. My thoughts, of a means to making sense of it.

Be kind. Set Judgement Aside. See the Love Within. See the Love Around. Love your neighbor, even if, even when.
Set your expectations; only on being the best person in the present moment. Share, Care, Grow and Learn. Seek the Beauty.

Crazy I know... but my thoughts for today, with love, light and awareness. 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Three Minds... huh???

there is lots of garble out there about our consciousness. 

Today I am going to attempt to crack or awaken my understanding of the 3 Consciousnesses.  Sub-Conscious Un-Conscious Conscious


Let me see what I think that I know about these three.

the Sub-Conscious Mind is all of our Learned Experiences, our past, in this lifetime, up to this moment in time. It is pretty accessible, although we are not always aware that we have accessed it. We make decisions based on what we have been taught, experienced, learned; or rather our perception based on these events. Habit. The Sub-Conscious Mind is reactive, often spontaneous.

the Un-Conscious Mind is our Primal Instinctual Knowing. It is deep within us, rather a 'Map' of what
we are here, in this lifetime, to experience and learn. the BIG lessons.

The UnConscious Mind is the one that we often know least about, perhaps out of fear, the unknown, or Sub-Conscious memories. We must dig deep to unlock the path to our Un-Consciousness.
It is the Powerful Mind that has the ability to make sense of the Illusions before us. It's also the reason, I believe, for meditation and personal reflection.
I believe that it is necessary to find that quiet place, externally and internally to discover, without ego or judgment, what the answers are for us.  
The Un-Conscious Mind is our connection to our Spirituality, to our Higher Power, to God. To the Miracles that stand in front of us.

the Conscious Mind is the Awareness in the Present Moment. the Here and Now, making decisions based of our current reality, Right Now, in the present moment, with an open mind, based on both our Un-Conscious and Sub-Conscious Awareness. The Conscious Awareness is the cause and actions of the circumstances that are before us, past, present and future. The Conscious Mind always asks, 'What is it that I Really Want, in the Highest Good of All'  The Conscious Mind says, 'I choose.' It is then accountable to all decisions. It understands that 'bad decisions' were made with the best of intentions with the knowledge available at that time and space and every decision forward. Therefore, these 'bad decisions' are really non-existent and only serve to teach. 

 So these are my thought for today, my understanding. I wonder how I did.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Give Peace a Chance

I, for one, believe that Peace is the answer. We often get caught up in the Emotion or the Experience, and forget that we have the Ability, the Choice, to Slow Down or Stop, right there in the Moment and Breathe.
I also believe that Love is the answer. Love begins within ourselves first. It is an acceptance of our wholeness, our individual journey,  every minute of it, lessons included.

So when we get caught up in the drama, the games, the negativity, it's a matter of awareness, being mindful of our consciousness, knowing that we have the ability to Choose to Change.
Our emotions are not a part of who we are, they are a part of our Experience. With that knowledge comes Choice. 'it made me so MAD!' 'It', didn't, you chose to be angry. Separate, take a break, find the Peace and Harmony.

Simple... that's it for today... Give Peace a Chance.

Monday, 21 July 2014

What do I want from today....

Such lessons over the past couple of weeks. What we want, we are able to create. What we choose, we begin to understand that we live.
My challenge/opportunity/focus of late has been on a commitment to peace and harmony. i mean it. What I have totally come to understand and accept is that is does begin within, created in our own minds.
It's a tough, perhaps the toughest place to reach, especially when we are in the midst of what seems like a HUGE life experience, to take on personal accountability. What's going on around is a reflection of what I believe within.

Once we connect and embrace this concept in a loving manner, we can begin to move forward with harmony. Harmony, a beautiful word. Harmony is a balance, an understanding. Harmony is taking the harsh ego out of the way, clearing the way the clouds to see the moment.

I choose. I am accountable. Peace, Love & Harmony, achievable and worth the drive.

We can see a Mountain as a Challenge or we can see a Mountain as an Opportunity. How about both? Life itself is the teacher because it continually creates and teaches. It opens doors, closes windows, both builds and tears down walls.

the wall represent our egos, all of the time. So I seek to find the peace, the balance and the harmony. first I have to begin within. from there I make choices, I create opportunities, I find the gifts within the experience. that's because the experiences will continue, always. for now anyhow because there are so many lessons to learn. it's the response to the experience that brings opportunity for growth.

Back to the Mountain. 
Mountains are for climbing♡and exploring♡Some of the scariest moments are the uncertainty of what lay ahead, of finding the foot-holes, and discovering the caves♡but these are also the most exciting moments; the discoveries♡
Then, when you get to the top, you are able to see how far you have come and what you have accomplished♡

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Balance~it's as Easy to Do as Riding a Bike

Balance♡ I received a phone call first thing this morning from the Loomis Express Parcel delivery gentleman letting me know that I had a parcel. I was expecting this parcel, as I ordered the goods and I was also expecting that there would be taxes to pay, as the order had come from the States.

The gentleman on the other end of the phone came across to me as somewhat rude, which rather took my by surprise.

Where is the Balance and how do I find it in the midst of a conversation. This is often the challenge. We often just respond back in the tone or manner in which we feel that the conversation was relayed.

Instead, I took a deep breathe; to balance my energy. I then responded in a manner that was not confrontational back to him. It reminded me, when as a child, my mother always said, 'Two wrongs don't make a right.' This is true. HOWEVER, we are often not guided to respond or react in a manner that does make it 'right.' We know it's true, we just don't know how to get there, most often when we are either busy, tired, taken by surprise, or all wrapped up in one big emotion. 

It's good to remember that we always have a choice. Always. It's a matter of stopping ourselves, right there and then, if only for a second, and responding by going inward. The amazing part of this is that the more we do this (practice), the easier and more fluid it is.

I can project whatever perspective that I feel that this gentleman portrayed and/or I can take offense to his demeanor, OR I can respond back in a manner that reflects me.  His emotions and feelings are not mine, nor am I required to take them on. I consciously realized that I had a choice and a solution, which was voiced with respect and non-judgment.

It doesn't matter how or why he approached the conversation as he did. I am not required to become a part of his drama or life experiences to date; but I can help him create a new experience. One in which sees the customer that is compliant and happy. 

Just now, the nice gentleman called me back; he had another parcel (I was expecting this as well!).
What a difference one conversation can make.

Live the life that you want to live. Many people post beautiful and wonderful sayings on how they think, feel and believe that they should live and want to react, but not all actually live consciously in line with what they truly think, feel, and believe. They may not have the tools to know how.

It is an effort, a completely conscious one. One that requires dedication. One that requires being really really kind to yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you 'slip up.' merely strive to do better the next time. Keep doing so until it's as natural as breathing.

Remember, as a child learning to ride a bicycle? One pedal at a time until it becomes one natural fluid movement. 

When I taught the kids to ride a bike, I did so on the grass first, where it was soft. That was the first step. The second step was to teach them BALANCE. I did this by teaching them safety; how to fall. I showed them how to put their leg down when they felt unsure. I let them know that this was ok, that even when they were experienced riders, something unexpected could happen causing them to fall. I taught them to ride on the grass, where they were not going anywhere fast and if they forgot and happened to fall, the landing was not so bad. I stood behind them with support and a smile, not with fear or my hands, I gave them the tools that they required to learn. And they did.