Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM~Lesson 80~ This is Peace.

I awoke today allowing myself to find peace. My first awareness. And as I did so, my thoughts took me to question, 'what does this peace mean.' I searched my mind for answers and explanations, seeking to define what this looks like, so that I can know what it looks like and what it feels like. What would this peace feel like.

The goal is peace. It can be ever-changing, but the goal is peace. A Peace Within that knows that whatever I choose.... hmmmm... today I will think on this....

After these past years, peace, for me, means an unconscious place within that is content just being alive to experience life. It is loving and aware, alive with excitement, knowing that there is so much out there in the world for each and every one of us to explore. Its being able to give to others without restriction. It's allowing myself to be and to experience every beautiful aspect of every single moment of the day, and seeking to discover more. It's knowing that with every decision, choice, and action, comes an effect, and that this is part of that discovery and life itself is about. And that when we come to that effect or consequence, that we take a deep breath inward, connect with  our inner knowledge once again, and make a new decision, choice, and action plan. And this is all done with the integrity of the situation, rather than the hidden meaning or intent. Its finding our truth within, a gentle and loving honesty that allows. Just allows us to be.

To be quiet and still, in this fast paced world. What if we saw within each and every person their unique gift. What would this look like, how would this feel.  What if, upon meeting someone for the first time, we stopped and met with their soul, their inner being. What if we felt them. What if we recognized, saw, and felt their spirit first rather than our reflection of our self, our ego, our fears and judgement.

What if, upon birth, we asked to recognize and see the spark of beauty within each individual and work towards nurturing this. What if we all had the same opportunity to be the best 'me' that we could all be. What if this was the most important role as a parent.

Crazy crazy thoughts today. Merely a day of wondering; allowing my mind to create its next thought and to take each one on a journey of discovery. What if? and What would that look like?

Where has this taken me to today? To God. Let me remember I am one with God. And in this I will settle in Peace. I am safe. Today we will remember once again our Identity in God. This is our place of peace; connected. Here our home is safe, protection guaranteed in all that we do. Power and strength is available to us in all our undertakings.

With this, we can fail in nothing. Everything we touch takes on a shining light that blesses and it heals. As one with God and with the universe we go our way rejoicing, with the thought that God Himself goes everywhere with us.

And so each morning, go to this place of Peace, to wonder, to remember. 

A Course in Miracles~ Lesson 80~ Let me remember I am one with God. Everything I touch takes on a shining light that blesses and it heals.

Let me remember I am one with God. Today we will again give thanks for our Identity in God. Our home is safe, protection guaranteed in all we do, power and strength available to us in all our undertakings. We can fail in nothing. Everything we touch takes on a shining light that blesses and that heals. As one with God and with the universe we go our way rejoicing, with the thought that God Himself goes everywhere with us. Sit with this today.

How holy are our minds. Everything we see reflects the holiness within the mind at one with God and with itself.  How easily do errors disappear, and death give place to everlasting life. Our shining footprints point the way to truth, for God is our Companion as we walk the world a little while. And those who come to follow us will recognize the way because the light we carry stays behind, yet still remains with us as we walk on.  This, is peace.

What we receive is our eternal gift to those who follow after, and to those who went before or stayed with us a while. And God, Who loves us with the equal love in which we were created, smiles on us and offers us the happiness we gave. This is peace.

Today we will not doubt His Love for us, nor question His protection and His care. No meaningless anxieties can come between our faith and our awareness of His Presence. We are one with Him today in recognition and remembrance. We feel Him in our hearts. Our minds contain His Thoughts; our eyes behold His loveliness in all we look upon. Today we see only the loving and the lovable. This is peace.

We see it in appearances of pain, and pain gives way to peace. We see it in the frantic, in the sad and the distressed, the lonely and afraid, who are restored to the tranquility and peace of mind in which they were created. And we see it in the dying and the dead as well, restoring them to life. All this we see because we saw it first within ourselves. There is only life.

No miracle can ever be denied to those who know that they are one with God. No thought of theirs but has the power to heal all forms of suffering in anyone, in times gone by and times as yet to come, as easily as in the ones who walk beside them now. Thoughts are timeless. This is peace.

We join in this awareness as we say that we are one with God. For in these words we say as well that we are saved and healed; that we can save and heal accordingly. We have accepted, and we now would give. For we would keep the gifts our Father gave. Today we would experience ourselves at one with Him, so that the world may share our recognition of reality. In our experience the world is freed. As we denied our separation from our Father, it is healed along with us.

Peace be to you today. Secure your peace by practicing awareness you are one with your Creator, as He is with you. Sometime today, whenever it seems best, devote a half an hour to the thought that you are one with God. 

There are no rules nor special words to guide your meditation. Trust God's Voice to speak as He sees fit today, certain He will not fail. Abide with Him, He will do the rest.

You may not be ready to accept the gain today, yet sometime, somewhere, it will come to you.  Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will see your own transfiguration in the glass, a reflection of your love. When you are ready you will find it there, within your mind and waiting to be found.  Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will look into this glass, and understand the sinless light you see belongs to you; the loveliness you look on is your own.

Todays lesson is your gift to God, seeking peace within yourself.  His return will be a sense of love you cannot understand, a joy too deep for you to comprehend, a sight too holy for the body's eyes to see. And yet you can be sure someday, perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, you will understand and comprehend and see.

Each hour, add further to the golden frame that holds the mirror offered to you today, by repeating to yourself:

Let me remember I am one with God, at one with all my brothers and my Self, in everlasting holiness and peace. 

Find your place of peace and go there often, in love and in light, peace within, Lori-Lynn

Monday, 27 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM~ Lesson 79

ACIM, A Course In Miracles, LoriLynnKoke, Miracles; Spiritwithinus, Dear God

My Truth? I just want a better place to live. A better place for my nieces and nephews to live, for my granddaughter to express her love of life. A world where true happiness exists. One that includes the beauty that exists all around us. (Deep Breath) Fear and Ego are the chains that often bind us. Unraveling what we have been taught can take us on a magical journey. We cannot merely 'wish' it to be, we must begin living it; breathing it in. The greatest Love is within us all and connected to one another, connected to the Creator of all that is♡

The Atonement. Of the biggest hurdles that is discussed, lay Forgiveness♡ Perhaps this is why much of the world is in such a state. I'm not sure. What I do know is that we just have to start Being better people; individually & collectively. So much of this is the guilt, shame, & blame that goes around continually, like a side-circus in our hearts & our heads. We are all connected by Love. It's time to let go the load.

We have to quit asking for Forgiveness & start Forgiving ourselves. For what? Everything. All that is holding back who we truly are♡ All that is holding us back from shining our light from within♡

We are not owed anything. We are given the gift of a life. We are given the gift of Free Will, to do as we choose. Hand in hand, the truth of this reality really is. Because true forgiveness does not require carrying our burdens, guilt, shame, anger and fear around with us. I hear all too often that forgiveness does not mean forgetting. But really, if we are remembering (the opposite of forgetting), then we are carrying it around and not being present. Forgiveness, only makes us whole when we are able to fill the void; with love, compassion, awareness, & growth.

Look, God does not punish us. We punish us.  Daily, hourly, sometimes each minute by minute. The only way back to us is within; seeking, recognizing, teaching, learning; being responsible for self; your own thoughts, deeds, actions, reactions, and asking for clarity and truth, for the Highest & Greatest Good, without Ego; aligned with the Love of God. The justification of hatred can no longer be the motivator.

The Time has come for the Healing. Mind, Body, Spirit

All of these thoughts have led me back to asking for clarity in understanding the Atonement. To follow the Holy Spirit's guidance is to let yourself be absolved of guilt; this is the essence of the Atonement. It is the core of its being. The whole world we see reflects the illusion that we have created and aligned so tightly with.

The Atonement is to return our core and our escape from the fear. It is this that lets the memory of Love return to us; as our guiding force. Love. This is the space where healing begins. Healing and Atonement are not related; they are one.

When we talk of Miracles, we are taught that there is no order of difficulty. This is true because there are no degrees of Atonement. I do understand that this is a sometimes difficult pill to swallow; some pain appears difficult to let go of. Yet it is the one complete concept possible in this world, and it is the source of a wholly unified perception. Partial Atonement is a meaningless. 

Atonement is the Word of God. Today, we seek to Accept His Word. To accept Atonement and be healed. Accept His Word and what remains to make sickness possible? Accept His Word and every miracle has been accomplished. To forgive is to heal. Upon accepting the Atonement for oneself, what is there, then, that one cannot heal? What miracle can be withheld?

The progress of the teacher of God may be slow or rapid, depending on whether he recognizes the Atonement's inclusiveness, or for a time excludes some problem areas from it. In some cases, there is a sudden and complete awareness of the perfect applicability of the lesson of the Atonement to all
situations. Anywhere along the journey, the necessary realization of inclusiveness one may reach. If the way seems long, be content with each step taken and lesson learned; confident in your direction. 

That forgiveness is healing needs to be understood. The idea that a body can be sick is a central concept in the ego's thought system. A body that can order a mind to do as it sees fit could merely take the place of God. Certainly sickness does not appear to be a decision. Nor would anyone actually believe he wants to be sick. Perhaps he can accept the idea in theory, but it is rarely if ever consistently applied to all specific forms of sickness, both in the individual's perception of himself and of all others as well.

Nor is it at this level that the teacher of God calls forth the Miracle of Healing. He overlooks the mind and body, seeing only the face of God shining in front of him, correcting all mistakes and healing all perception.  Healing is the result of the recognition.

It is true of all things that God created. In it are all illusions healed. 

The offer of Atonement is universal. It is equally applicable to all individuals in all circumstances. And in it is this power to heal all individuals of all forms of sickness. A sick person perceives himself as separate from God. The Atonement asks us to recognize that what we now believes, have been taught, about ourselves is not the truth.

It is your forgiveness that must show others. Healing is very simple. Atonement is received and offered. Having been received, it must be accepted. Who can limit the power of God. Who, then, can say which one can be healed of what, and what must remain beyond God's power to forgive?

It is not up to us to set limits upon another, because it is not up to us to judge another. To judge another is to set limits. The Atonement asks for us to withdraws our judgment for all others,  accepting all as God created all. No longer do we stand apart from God, determining where healing should be given and where it should be withheld. Now can we say with God, 'This is my beloved brother, created perfect and forever so.'

Today, we recognize that there is only one Love, the Love of God. We also recognize that as we forgive another, we forgive ourselves. Keep this thought with you, saying each hour, bringing forth any situation or another that you have difficulty forgiving, repeating, 

'There is no love but God's. Atonement is the Word of God. All that I give is given to myself.'

Throughout the day, think of this often, breathing into the wound to heal itself.  Be Gentle and Kind today; forgiving self and forgiving others. We are all connected by Love. It's time to let go the load.


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM~ Lesson 78

There is but One Moment. There is but One Breath. Here is that Moment & This is that Breath. I am Here♡

Being Present is a Gift. It is a consciousness way of Life. It is allowing for the Magic of this Moment. The more we try and control, the more that we are thrown into the lesson that we can only control this thought. This is why I believe Meditation is vitally important. It is a calm place of remembering that our Breath is always present. Always in the now. Learn to consciously & mindfully follow the flow and presence of your Breath.

Looking back, often brings a fear; looking forward may be anxiety, all to this moment of our breath. Enter into a calm, relaxed place. Know what you are feeling and honor it. Not as good or bad, just as; and then allow it to be.

The process, and it is a process, of seeing past the state of fear, anger, doubt, rejection, etc, begins with this moment, this thought, this idea, this opportunity. This is where we are seeking to be. To enter into a new way of consciousness; in line with our highest good, our Will & the Will of God, together, unified, as One.

A Course in Miracles~ Workbook Lesson 78~ Truth will correct what we have been taught in fear.

Can you imagine what a state of mind without illusions is? How it would feel? Try to remember when there was a time,--perhaps a minute, maybe even less--when nothing came to interrupt your peace; when you were certain you were loved and safe. Then try to picture what it would be like to have that moment be extended to the end of time and to eternity. Then allow this sense of quiet that you felt be multiplied a hundred times, and then be multiplied another hundred more. This, is that moment.

We are entering into a new awareness where we recognize the illusions and seek to retrain our conscious mind. To allow ourselves to recognize the illusions; which have been taught; allowing them to slowly vanish, leaving not a trace by which to be remembered. Without belief or breath, they have no life. And so they disappear to nothingness, and only truth remains. 

Without illusions there could be no fear, no doubt and no attack. When truth has come all pain is over, for there is no room for transitory thoughts and dead ideas to linger in your mind. Truth occupies your mind completely, liberating you from all beliefs in the ephemeral. They have no place because the truth has come, and they are nowhere. They can not be found, for truth is everywhere forever, now.

Truth stays exactly as it always was, to be depended on in every need, and trusted with a perfect trust.
Here is the gift of healing, for the truth needs no defense. Illusions can be brought to truth to be
corrected. Truth does not come and go nor shift nor change, in this appearance now and then in that, evading capture and escaping grasp. It does not hide. It stands in open light, in obvious accessibility. It is impossible that anyone could seek it truly, and would not succeed.

Today belongs to truth. Give truth its due, and it will give you yours. We merely ask for what belongs to us, that we may recognize it as our own. Today we practice on the happy note of certainty that has been born of truth. We are as certain of success as we are sure we live and hope and breathe and think. We do not doubt we walk with truth today, and count on it to enter into all the exercises that we do this day.

Begin by asking God that He be in your awareness as you go with Him. It is your Self you ask to go with you, and how could He be absent where you are? Truth will correct all errors in your mind which tell you you could be apart from Him. You speak to Him today, and make your pledge to let His
function be fulfilled through you. To share His function is to share His joy. His confidence is with you, as you say:

Truth will correct all errors in my mind, And I will rest in Him Who is my Self. 

Then let Him lead you gently to the truth, which will envelop you and give you peace so deep and tranquil that you will return to the familiar world reluctantly. Gladly look again upon the world; this  will bring the promise of the changes which the truth that goes with you will carry to the world.

In truth and in Love, LoriLynn

Friday, 24 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM~Lesson 77

spiritwithinus, lorilynnkoke, miracles, love
Ohhhh. 77~ My Soul Number~ Perhaps reminding me of the Journey in which I choice to discover and the incredible awareness that has transformed my reality.  I have embraced this Journey of the Soul♡

The lessons of late, after a week of what seemed like unsurety, seem simple.  I have learned so much and come so far. I have learned to embrace the messages. To stand in the power of the moment, in the strength and unity of the breath. As we face each moment, embrace it with love, and the acceptance that 'I am Here.'  

Knowing that God is within, is knowing that forgiveness is within, is knowing that love is within, and beauty abounds forever more. 

Today is a day of deep introspection. I breath this in and ask to receive God's word today; only truth and in love; separate from the ego. Today is a renewed gift of understanding and clarity in which I seek. Understanding that through all of us God speaks. He speaks to us outside the Ego and the fear. He speaks to us with each thought that we just allow and not push. Hear the word that is being spoken and know that you are worthy, know that you are loved, as we are all so loved. The time has come to go within, away from the comfort of that which we have come to know and has led to confusion. God speaks through all of us, as He is within us all. Be still today, be quiet more, and hear. Allow. And Hear.   

A Course in Miracles~ Lesson 77~ In quiet I receive God's Word today.
Let this day be a day of stillness and of quiet listening. You are being asked to hear His word today. He calls to you from deep within your mind, deep within your quiet soul, where He abides within us all. Hear Him today. Life will change forever more, through you. Let the spoken word of God come gently and easily to be your guide; not led by force, but only love. Be not judged, nor judge another. 

In stillness we will hear God's Voice today without intrusion of petty thoughts, doubt, or personal desires; without all judgment. We will not judge ourselves today, for in God's love we cannot be judged. We stand apart from all the judgments which the world has laid upon us; it knows him not.

Today we will not listen to the world, but wait in silence for the Word of God.  This is the word, upon acceptance makes peace possible. Quiet the mind and accept the message. Today He speaks to you. His Voice awaits your silence, for His Word cannot be heard until your mind is quiet; until meaningless desires have been stilled.

There is peace within you is called upon today.  Await His Word in quiet.

Three times today, at times most suitable for silence, take ten minutes to quiet the mind from all the clutter that surrounds your mind. Choose to listening within. God speaks from nearer than your heart,  His Voice is closer than your hand, His Love is everything you are and that He is; the same as you, and you the same as He.

It is your voice to which you listen as He speaks to you. It is your word He speaks. It is the Word of freedom and of peace, of unity of will and of purpose, with no separation. In quiet listen to your Self today, and let Him tell you He has never left your side; and YOU have never left your Self. Only be quiet. You will need no rule but this, to let your practicing today lift you above the thinking of the world, and free your vision from the body's eyes. Only be still and listen.

You will hear the Word in which the Will of God & Child join, with no illusions interposed between the wholly indivisible and true. At each hour, be still a moment and remind yourself you have a special
purpose for this day; in quiet to receive the Word of God.

In quiet, still, and love within, listen... hear, with love, Lori-Lynn

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM~Lesson 76

Spiritwithnus; Lori Lynn Koke; Miracles; ACIM; A Course in Miracles

These last couple days I have embraced a new awareness; a new truth. I can say that I recognize like a long lost friend, to be truth. It is comforting and loving. It settles within and so much begins to make sense. What purpose would unhappiness and sorrow, pain and guilt serve if there were nothing more than merely life and death. (this is where the fear comes in, I am told, our separation from what we know deep within)

This screams loudly, there has to be more. There must be meaning. Or what is it all for. This makes sense of the senseless. 

I sit still and listen for the truth. So that I may know it completely. So that I may understand it wholly. So that I may embrace it. What, for me, God, Spirit Within, must I learn, share, acknowledge, bring forth into this day? This moment? What truth do I seek. I hear, 'Seek Kindness and Love today♡ Nothing more♡ Nothing less♡'

Bring darkness into light. Choose to Move away from what we have learned to be our truths. What we have learned out of fear. Choose to Move away from justifying our anger or hurt in someone else's experience. Their experience through our eyes, is not their experience. It's ours. 

We each have our own lessons to learn and experience's to embrace. Release the ties that are holding you back from experiencing ALL of this moment. Feel it, hold it, embrace it, and just allow it to be. Then release it to experience more. And do it in it the light, in God's arms of love.
Choose to see only love, experience; growth and forgiveness. Carry this deep within your being, deep within your heart, deep within your core, knowing that God is within us ALL; He is a part of us. And in this, we are supported and loved. In this space, we can see a different light, a brighter awareness, a new dawn. And know that those of us that stand in this space must hold this deep within our hearts to encompass the masses. 

Fight for your causes, stand true to your values and beliefs, but do so to bring an awareness, to bring another into the light, not push them further into darkness. Be the spark. That lights the flame. Of love. And Peace.

Short and sweet today, as it is a settling, an understanding, of more. So much of this goes back to forgiveness, and for me, what I have learned. Understanding is a true forgiveness, from a God-place of love, and it is beautiful & miraculous. That is the True Miracle in which I am seeking. Looking within self and seeing that we all do from what we have learned and believe, up to any point in our lives. All action and reaction comes from either a secure-state or fear-state of the love within ourselves. Growth and learning is continual. We get to change our minds, our thoughts, beliefs, what we stand for, what we don't understand... we get to. As we grow and seek new experiences.  It has taken me many years to truly understand this and more years to embrace, but so worth it! It is freeing!

Let me be still and listen to the truth. Let me be still and listen to the truth.

A Course in Miracles~ Lesson 76~ Let me be still and listen to the truth.

If you lay aside the ego's voice, however loudly it may seem to call, if you will not accept its petty gifts that give you nothing that you really want; if you will listen with an open mind, to what has not been told you, then you will hear the mighty Voice of truth, quiet in power and strong in stillness. 

Listen, and hear your God speak to you through His Voice, which silences the thunder of the meaningless, and shows the way to peace to those who cannot see. Be still today and listen to the truth. Be not deceived by voices of the past, which tell you they have found the source of life and offer it to you for your belief. Attend them not, but listen to the truth.

Be not afraid today to hear the many voices of the world. Walk lightly past their meaningless persuasion. Be still today and listen to the truth. Go past all things which do not speak of Him Who holds your happiness within His Hand, held out to you in welcome and in love. Hear only Him today. Hear one Voice.

Today the promise of God's Word is kept. Hear and be silent. He would speak to you. He comes with miracles a thousand times as happy and as wonderful as those you ever dreamed or wished for in your dreams. His miracles are true. They will not fade when dreaming ends. They end the dream instead; and last forever, for they come from God to All his Children. 

Prepare yourself for miracles today. Hear Him today, and listen to the Word which lifts the sadness that lies upon the earth, and wakes all those who sleep and cannot see. God calls to them through you. He needs your voice to speak to them. Hear Him today and offer Him your voice to speak to all who wait to hear the Word that He will speak today. 

Salvation and Love are here, and will today be given unto you. Listen today, and you will hear a Voice which will resound throughout the world, through you. The bringer of all miracles has need that you receive them first, and thus become the joyous giver of what you received.
Today we practice giving, but not the way you understand it, but rather as it is. Each hour's exercises should begin with this request for your enlightenment: 

I will be still and listen to the truth.

Ask and expect an answer. Your request is one whose answer has been waiting long to be received by you. Be still and listen to the truth today.

Let me be still and listen to the truth. God being Love is also Happiness. Therefore God's will for me if Happiness. I share God's Will of Happiness for me.  Let me be still and listen to the truth.

Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your longings, your fearful thoughts: they are not mistakes, and they aren't asking to be 'healed'. They are asking to be held. Here, now, lightly, in the loving, healing arms of present awareness (and love)…
- Jeff Foster

In love and in kindness, peace and light, lori-lynn

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM~ Lesson Day 75

I am Here today♡ here today and in the presence of this moment. Creating, aware of each thought, forming new ones, allowing the last one to move on, out into the Universe; bringing forth a new creation.

I met a new friend almost a year ago, although, at that time we had no idea how the friendship would transform who we both were. Yesterday, I asked only to be guided to where I needed to go; open to all possibilities. So upon opening the door to her shop, I asked only to experience what I needed to experience; to gain insight and clarity.

There were many gifts from within the conversation. First and foremost, I recognized a friendship that is based on non-judgement & honesty. A friendship that is unclouded by fear. I have learned to allow this to be, significantly, more and more over the past year. The second gift was a chill that ran through me when she shared her lesson during her morning walk, 'I am Here.' That is the gift of each moment.

I am here. I am present. Of this I am grateful. Of each and every moment, I am here. Let me experience ALL that I need to experience in this moment, creating and bringing forth greater opportunities and abundance.

As we moved forward in conversation I asked her thought, 'If God is within, then is God not within every thought and idea?' If He is within all of us, than is each thought not divinely inspired, given to us  as a gift, to experience all that we are meant to experience?

We are all born of love♡ we are all born of a path in which we most wish to experience greatness of self. Everything leads us forward, aligned with this wish; time and space unlimited; always experiencing, always creating where our heart and soul knows that it needs to be. My messages are from Spirit. The separation, I am now aware, is the fear and doubt that we are taught and allow to govern.

I have studied many books that have helped to shape who I am. What I am most aware is that I have always allowed my intuition, along with my connection to God to discern my truth. Each book, beginning with the Bible, asks for us to take it at its word. That word, I feel is subject to personal interpretation and ego. That word, I feel, is often unrecognizable.

The message that I heard is 'but it is from within our own experience, only in love, that the interpretation has any real value or meaning.'

I said yesterday that God is Love. It is from this place that interpretation and experience has its greatest value and meaning. And know that this is ever changing, as we grow and experience more. Furthermore, that this change is okay, it is what is necessary to our state of enlightenment and oneness with God. I only believe in what I feel is the truth, each moment changing as I experience and learn. So it is with A Course in Miracles. So it is with Conversations with God. So it is with The Secret. So it is with To Dance with Angels. So it is with The Power of Now. So it is with My Lessons.

The reason that so many of us don't achieve what it is that we feel that we are meant to achieve is that we are trying to allow another's experience to fit into our own, and it rarely ever does. So we struggle, question ourselves, beat ourselves up, believing that we might be missing something or not doing  it exactly as instructed. Why?

Because we must experience it for Ourselves. It's up to us to seek from within, what it is that we need to experience. In this moment. For our greatest good  of our souls experience.

This is where I am, my journey, my experiences, my growth; used only by you to help see and maybe awaken the light within; to know that it is there and begin your journey to discover and experience what you most need to experience. Or maybe not. Perhaps your experience is to challenge my experience. This being the case, you have been set before me, as an opportunity, is to allow for a greater awareness, for both of us.
Beginning with our experiences of childhood, we can be drawn further and further away from the love of God; often consistent with the relationship & separation of the parent, friend, teacher, boss, whomever & God. The separation of self and love; self and God. God is only love. We come to share experiences with one another; each person intricately placed before us to teach us what we need to learn and experience. Some get it, some don't, some aren't supposed to; their greatest experience is only to teach.

If we are to believe, as I do, that we live many lives, with each life taking on a different set of circumstances to learn, create and experience, then we are able to see a greater picture. We are able to see a divine connection; that what happens is meant to be, for the greatest good of our experience, and our experiences as a whole.  This is why judgment is only of self, and why forgiveness begins within. This is why some are able to forgive the most brutal and 'insane' events, because they know that there is a higher calling of the experience. One self knows that which he is meant to give to another,

So today's lesson honors our connection and relationship with one another; connected to one with God. 

A Course in Miracles~ Lesson Day 75~ To give and to receive are one in truth. I will receive what I am giving now.

Vision is essential for today's idea. 'The light is in it, for it reconciles all seeming opposites. And what is light except the resolution, born of peace, of all your conflicts and mistaken thoughts into one concept which is wholly true? Even that one will disappear, because the Thought behind it will appear instead to take its place. And now you are at peace forever, for the dream is over then.'

This is the light that shows no opposites, and vision, being healed, has power to heal. This is the light that brings your peace of mind to self and to other minds, to share it and be glad that they are one with you and with themselves. This is the light that heals because it brings single perception, based upon one frame of reference, from which one meaning comes. Here are both giving and receiving seen as different aspects of but One Thought.

Today we practice perhaps a new awareness of giving and receiving. To give is to receive. Today we will attempt to offer peace to everyone, and see how quickly peace returns to us. Light is tranquility, and in that peace is vision given us, and we can see. So we begin the practice periods with the instruction for today, and say:

To give and to receive are one in truth. I will receive what I am giving now. 

Then close your eyes, and for five minutes think of what you would hold out to everyone, to have it yours. You might, for instance, say:

To everyone I offer peace of mind. To everyone I offer gentleness. 

Say each one slowly and then pause a while, expecting to receive the gift you gave. Our very simple lesson for today will teach you much. Effect and cause will be far better understood.

Bless everyone you meet today for the experience in which they gave to you♡ for their willingness to help you to grow♡ to find your truth♡ above all else, Love♡ Lori-Lynn

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM~ Lesson 74

So where am I today? Guided by Spirit, as always. What do I know today? To be still in the moment to find the clarity. And where do the messages lead me to today? i am not entirely sure, but I will allow Spirit to guide. What is it that i need to know in this moment? That there is only love. Where do i need to go in this moment. 

To the Place of Peace; Within.

Sometimes you end up somewhere & you are not entirely sure how you got there. So you stop and stand still in the moment.  Looking back, you can clearly see the path that got you here; each step a lesson along your journey. You turn and look ahead. The path before you and ahead appears vague, with little light; but you know that that is the way to go. Such is the illusion. Such is life. 

It is through Trust; Trust in Self. Trust in Spirit. Trust in Love. Trust in a Higher Consciousness. Trust in Love, that leads us forward to where we need to be.

Today, I allow to be led only by Spirit; I will allow Spirit to lead as need be, moving me forward into  the unknown, rather than fear taking me backwards to the safety of the known.  In my head I hear, 'You are right on schedule my dear Lori.'

Gee, thanks, I think back, with a deep breath.

So, once again, today I accept my journey, my path, my oneness, my whole, and align it with Spirit; accepting God's plan for me. I seek only  happiness and love from within my day, and allowing it to bring me closer to the clarity.

As I look out at path behind me, I see clearly how my thoughts have led me to where I stand in today. It began with a conversation with a friend the previous week, followed by a series of events, that I could say were opportunities, but have disguised themselves as challenges. Bam! In the moments of the conversation, as she relayed her story to me, my consciousness was saying, '...but you are not allowing for the process of experience. You are holding them back from what their soul may need to experience; perhaps something very beautiful of life. Caution is good. Awareness is better.'

Sharing is good; if what we share is in the name of love and not fear, and to shed an awareness. Each experience is unique, and we must allow for it to be, for ourselves and others; for our own growth, our own experience, and in our own time.

I was on the dock last evening looking out onto the water, just allowing my thoughts to flow with the waves of the water, one thought leading into another. I watched as each wave occasionally gathered momentum by joining together with another, then rushing towards and splashing against the shore, releasing its strength, finally dissipating to flow outward and onward again, in all its natural gentleness. Much like our thoughts, the process is the same, if we allow them to be.  Hear what needs to be heard and then let go of what is holding you back.

Today, I may not know where I am going, or even how I will get there, but I do know that there is a place for me to be.  I am Here. Today, I will accept my part in God's plan for me. I will take a stand on but one side today. I will side with love and let the illusions go. God's Will for me is perfect happiness. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. Herein lies my truth.

It's time to shed the Course in Miracles, although, in truth, I shed it right from the beginning. Rebel Yell, that's me. The lessons will continue, as a reflection of the daily awareness, but in the light and not the darkness. And with that, I continue on with My Journey. 

My Course in Miracles~ Lesson 74~ God's Will for me is perfect happiness.
Today we continue with the theme of happiness. What is key in understanding this message is a true belief that the world in which we have been taught, the world of sin' does not exist as we may now believe to be true. United and one with God, we move forward; a path lit brightly; knowing that God's Will before me is perfect happiness. God's Will for all is perfect happiness. This is the place we need to be.

If sin is real, then happiness must be the illusion, for through the experience of life, sin equates to lessons, and lessons equate to experience. Lessons also often equate missed takes, and more often than not, many of them. We are all here to experience. By putting boundaries and rules and judgement on our mistakes, we allow ourselves to ultimately be ruled by fear. It also creates a world of rightness. Not Righteousness, but Rightness. We are often taught that there is only one way, that there is only one true religion, and only one path to God. But God is within us. Each of Us. And if this is true then how can our path not lead us to God?

We are taught the pain and suffering, or more often, karma, is the cost of sin, and we have allowed this to be. Why? because it was placed before us in fear. Let it be said. God is not Fear, but Love. Let this be the light that guides.

Today's lessons will be an acknowledgement of this awareness. Begin with allowing this to settle into your consciousness:

God is not Fear, but Love. Let this be the light that guides. 

Be still in the moment to embrace this, then continue on;

God is not Fear, but Love. Let this be the light that guides. Today, I will accept my part in God's plan for me. I will take a stand on but one side today. I will side with love and let illusions go. God's Will for me is perfect happiness.  Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. Herein lies my truth. 

I want you to know that God's Will for you, for me, for each of us is perfect happiness. That Joy is to be experienced through the trials, challenges, and opportunities called life.  Fear not the Will of God, Fear not God, but rather turn to God of love. This is what will 'set you free' as we so often hear. There is no sin, as we know it to be, the only 'sin' is what we have been taught to believe. 

Today's practice periods are a return to the joy and happiness within; to release the heavy load you lay upon yourself with judgment and in fear. You are set forth on freedom's road, with today's awareness giving you wings to soar. There is no sin as you believe. Say as often as you can:

God is not Fear, but Love. Let this be the light that guides. Today, I will accept my part in God's plan for me. I will take a stand on but one side today. I will side with love and let illusions go. God's Will for me is perfect happiness.  Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God. Herein lies my truth.

Today, I will accept my part in God's plan for me. Herein lies my truth. With love and in pure light, Lori-Lynn

Monday, 20 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM~ Lesson 73

♡I am in the thought process of considering moving in new and completely different direction. I don't know at this time what direction that is, where it will lead me to, or how I will get there, but circumstances have rendered me to move towards the unknown. Fear.
It's not the new opportunity that caused the fear, I welcome new opportunities.  It's that I have allowed the fear to push me to a place I did not expect. The miracle itself, has not transpired in the way in which I wanted it to be. Grateful for the journey, the awareness, and the love, I am led back to the simplicity. To begin a new chapter; a chapter that begins and ends with happiness; the happiness that can be found in each day♡

Giving thought to the fear, I see that it is brought forth as a result of a 'wish' for a specific miracle, asked and being answered in specific manner, way, shape, time limit, and form. All as I wanted it to be. I see now that I had placed a specific expectation in which I wanted my miracle to arrive and transform. What I wasn't able to see was that this expectation would eventually rob me of my complete happiness. No expectation, only miracles. I see now that it brought me to a place that has opened my mind to the miracle of no expectation.

Which brings me to a mourning of a new kind. This is with new awareness. I will never be the same person in which I was. I'd say that it was not possible with all that I have learned and all that I know now. So with this mourning, brings happiness.

I was recently contacted to read for a woman. It is interesting how one contact can change the direction in which we think.  I never anticipated the impact that this reading would have upon me and, to be honest, I am not sure why it did, until now. I did just know that upon meeting her, that my world would change. I instantly felt a calm and connected feeling; that we both had much to teach and learn from one another. 

Upon arriving at the reading, I discovered that she was a Clinic Psychologist, PhD. What struck me most about her, was, in all her learned wisdom, guidance, and teachings, she had a gifted openness & knowing that there was yet more to learn; all the while staying true to who she is at the core of her being. At the end of the reading, she shared with me that she also wrote a blog. This blog has  provided me with such insight in regards to the challenges in which I faced over the past couple of years. I see how far I have come. 

The Universe provides and directs as we most need it to. I am grateful for the love that God shown to me & opened up within me; to guide and direct, always allowing me what is necessary to transform my eyes to see differently, to continually learn and grow, to experience more and more, and, to further share this with others. I have learned so much. I have experienced and grown. I was going to add, more than what I visioned or dreamed possible, but the truth is, I have grown toward and experienced what I had envisioned, who I always knew that I would one day be.

The challenges of the past year have brought with them much uncertainty. Where I have always believed that it will 'just work out in the end,' I have been given the challenge to experience the acceptance of unpredictability.  

Given all of this much thought over the past couple of days, I have experienced a new wave of calm within me. One that makes me think that perhaps I am at a point where I need to change direction; towards a new one, a new goal, new opportunities. This has not come lightly, and not one of my conscious mindfulness's choosing, not a road that I thought that I wanted previously to go, nor one which led to a place of happiness. Until today. I have opened up to the unpredictability of the miracle.

I know how far we have come. Gratefully & Happily, we are coming to the end of a long, bumpy road, and a new chapter arising from the ashes.  We are on the upswing and of this I am deeply indebted to the lessons. I am grateful. What is coolest about this journey is that a new person has emerged from within. From both of us. But the reality of the situation remains, that there is much debris in its wake. What has gotten me through this, was not getting trapped in the past, very much aware that the past is behind and there is nothing that we can ever do to change it. The best experience for this is to accept it and bless it. 

So, after much thought over a dreary, cool, windy & rainy weekend, I put thought into our direction forward. And with that a sense of calm ran through me. I see that my journey has brought me back to me and to the love within. I have had the opportunity to do what I love to do, and what I always thought possible to do. And brought to a cross-roads, decisions must once again be made, this time with a new awareness; and from this different place. 

I will not regret the path that has led me to here. I will not regret my many choices. I will not live in the past; ashamed, guilted, or fearful, for I was brought along this path for a reason. It was the path that brought me back to me. And to God. So wherever the path takes us, leads us, guides and directs us, I seek only the the greatest of experiences and love. With this, and the decisions that are before me, I read through the lesson workbook and I am brought back to Spirit. I am brought back to the miracle of today and all that it offers to me.

Spirit am I, a Holy Child of God. Free of all limits; safe, healed and whole. Free to forgive, free to be forgiven. Free to love and be loved in return; Open and accepting of the Miracles of today. I seek but that which belongs to me in truth.

A Course in Miracles~ ACIM~ Lesson 73~ Spirit am I, a Holy Child of God. Free of all limits; safe, healed and whole. Free to forgive, free to be forgiven. Free to love and be loved in return; Open and accepting of the Miracles of today. I seek but what belongs to me in truth. Let it  begin with Happiness

The New Beginning.  I take a deep breath and listen to what I am led to. And so this is the lesson of today. Begin the day with the acknowledgment and acceptance of who you are and what rites afford you to this truth:

'Spirit am I, a Holy Child of God. Free of all limits; safe, healed and whole. Free to forgive, free to be forgiven. Free to love and be loved in return; Open and accepting of the Miracles of today. I seek but what belongs to me in truth. Let it  begin with Happiness'
Let this be the one reminder that you keep in mind, expectation has been lifted from the world by your decision for to be merely happy. And as you have received, so must you give. 

And so there we have it. A lesson in a lesson. Conclude the day with the message; 'Spirit am I, a Holy Child of God. Free of all limits; safe, healed and whole. Free to forgive, free to be forgiven. Free to make decisions unified as one. Free to love and be loved in return; Open and accepting of the Miracles of today. I seek but what belongs to me in truth.'

And so today I seek happiness. Have a beautiful day, love and light, always, Lori-Lynn

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ACIM~Lesson 72

Today began with a boat ride♡ the Canadian Shield is so incredibly lovely. We traveled peacefully through the bays capturing its beauty to rest forever in our minds.

This reminded me of the Joy & Light that are around, always♡ I have allowed this peace to abide in me♡ finally. I no longer live in fear or doubt, or more so, anger.  I do work diligently & consciously towards spending as little time as possible in that space. Each thought carries with it less & less until it is no more♡

I must admit, though, that as I take my leap today, I make promise to place a more conscious effort in my thoughts of worry, for me, my biggest challenge. I don't worry always, over everything, and especially not the little things. I do find peace and joy in most things, experiences, people, and I lean heavily on finding the positive in all.  But there are some days that worry casts it's crazy shadow over me. So with this I commit, and I look forward to the day that it no longer lingers♡

And there is today's lesson♡ and let the words carry me through♡ Light, Joy, Love, and Peace abide in me.

A Course in Miracles~Lesson 72~ Light, joy, love, and peace abide in me.

I read the message that is attached to the message, and for me I shake my head. The words I see speak of evil, darkness and sin. Breathe♡ okay. This is just not how I think, nor where I want to go.

But I also do recognize that there are some people whose beliefs and teachings are firmly fixed, unaware that they are fixed in fear.  This course has brought us to see the truth in this. That we have all made mistakes is obvious. That we have sought grace and redemption in perhaps strange ways, absolutely.

My God is loving. When we look out into the day, the time has come to see the joy, peace, light, and love in the experience. To take our strength back, and that strength lays in the hands of God; from his hands to our heart.

Let this be our vision for what we see. Let this be the voice in which we hear. Feel from your heart. Speak your truth. Let Joy, Peace, & Love Abide within.

The answer requires one acceptance of one thought♡ You are as God created you.

Not what you have made of yourself by the teachings or lessons in which you have been raised or experienced, especially in the name of fear.

Whatever mistakes you made, the truth about you is unchanged. You are as God created you. Creation is eternal and unalterable.  You are and will forever be exactly as you were created. Light and joy and peace abide in you because God put them there.

In previous exercises we have forgiven our past and with this we can move forward. ��

We should do this exercise at the beginning of every hour. As a reminder and to set the tone. I can only imagine what the world would look like if we all committed to this forever. :)  Each hour, remind yourself;

Light, joy, love, and peace abide in me. 

Next, spend some quiet time trying to feel & see what God has given you.  Devote at least a minute to closing your eyes and realizing that this is a statement of the truth about you. See and feel the truth. You are what God created.

Experience the unity of your one Self. Appreciate the love from which you were created. Here you are; This is You.

Finish the exercise by repeating:
Light, joy, love and peace abide in me because this is so. 

If a situation arises that seems to be disturbing, quickly dispel the illusion by repeating the lesson:

Light and joy, love and peace abide in me.

Should you be tempted to become angry with someone, tell him silently:

Light and joy and peace abide in you.

And I end with a smile�� and love in my heart♡ Lori-Lynn

Friday, 17 July 2015

Messages & Miracles~ ACIM~ Lesson 71

ACIM; lorilynnkoke, Spiritwithinus, Miracles
Life is to be Experienced; a continual re~creation of who we are, what we believe, & how we see things; all determined by our individual experiences and our perception of these experiences. There is no right or wrong. Each moment there is growth in our reality; brought forth by awareness & perspective. The only constant is that everything changes, even when we 'think' that they are staying the same; some move faster or slower than others.  And as we learn, we shed what no longer exists within us, moving forward, to gain new experiences.

Each experience is given meaning by us, on an individual basis, by how we think of them, what we think of, how we respond, and choose to take action towards them. Rather than, 'what am I to learn from this,' move to 'what experience do I choose from this situation.'

Events are opportunities drawn to us, brought forth & created by us, individually, through our consciousness. This is also true on a collective basis. We summon into our existence opportunities to raise our consciousness; always moving us closer to remembering who we are. This is seen with a new awareness & clarity when we look at our community laws or rules of the church; they show to us how we are continually evolving. We are continually rationalize the need to make up new rules as we go along, to suit our purpose and our experiences. Until the need changes again.

Where is this coming from? you might ask. Just my thought process & awareness of today. I have always been curious, always known that there is more; more than what we allow, more than the rules allow. Many rules set up barriers that halt us from experiencing; often from what we need to experience to grow and move forward. So we break the rules to learn and experience more. Life is a process of continual creation; taking us back to our core. Discovering & learning what we truly want; finding our who we are, at our core. Part of this process is discovering what we don't want, & finding out who we are not. Finding a love within that is far greater than we ever imagined possible.

For me, this has been my journey that tugged at me for too long, nudged at me, almost continually, until I took the guided action that we required. I am stronger, wiser, more secure & confident, and in a different manner than anticipated. It is gentle and loving. I have learned to live in the Now; continually & mindfully choosing.

My experience has brought me closer to the world in which I always thought possible, but feared. Most feared standing outside of the crowd, the popular, the norm. But through my experience, I have consciously brought forth into my reality others who match my consciousness. This has served to enhance my experience by seeing new & different perspectives.

I know of the struggles that brought me to this place. Struggles that I set up as barriers to keep me 'safe.' I can also see now the opportunities that were placed in my path, for my benefit and growth. I am aware now that it was my consciousness continually working to 'get my attention,' seeking to be, always, who I know I am.

I began this page as an honest expression of my journey. Through this journey, many of my greatest fears have come to pass. Those who want to (or choose to) be a part of, and learn a better understanding of themselves, their own experience, and the creation of those experiences, will continue alongside, picking and choosing what they need, as a part of their own experience. Those who have not yet come to this place, will choose to ridicule, mock, judge, argue, challenge, fight, or pull away from. That's completely okay. This only serves to strengthen my awareness. This, is who I am, and I know, with a completeness, that we are all here to discover our own truth.     

Once you know it; your truth; Live It♡

A Course in Miracles~ Lesson 71~  The Miracle is always there. The Light has come. I am at Peace. Nothing can disturb me.

In true consciousness, you are healed and you have the opportunity to heal with each experience. The light has come and you are at peace. You have the opportunity to bring this peace with you wherever you go. The light brings peace to the darkness. The truth bring peace to your truth.

Today we celebrate. Our thoughts are consistent with our truth, with who we are meant to be, leading us to new experiences and opportunities. A re-newed existence is brought forth. The old one has been shed. Today we see a different world, through different eyes, because the light has come.

Our exercises for today will be joyful, offering gratitude and giving thanks; for the passing of the old and the beginning of the new. Focus on that which you have learned, seeing that through the lessons that you are able to move forward with fewer or no shadows from the past. See the gifts that the world of forgiveness has offered to you; see how far it has taken you. Look back at the world that your forgiveness shows to you. This is what you want to see today; the many gifts. Accept this new awareness, mindful of the peacefulness it carries within it. At the end of the exercise, repeat;

The Miracle is always there. The Light has come. I am at Peace. Nothing can disturb me. 

Dwell not upon the past today in any manner. You have forgiven the world. You can look upon it now as if you never saw it before. The light has come. You are at peace. Nothing can disturb you. You have learned to trust. The Miracles is always there.

Throughout the day, remind yourself that today is a time for special celebration. Give thanks and rejoice in the power of forgiveness. Be confident that on this day there is a new beginning. Without the darkness of the past through forgiveness, the light has come and you are able to see with a greater awareness. And what you see is excitedly welcome. You will gladly extend today forever. Say, then:

The light has come. I have forgiven the world.

Should you be tempted, say to anyone who seems to pull you back into darkness:

The light has come. I have forgiven. I am at Peace. Nothing can disturb me. The Miracle is always there. 

Keep it in your awareness of yourself and see it everywhere today, as you celebrate the beginning of your vision and the sight of the real world, which has come to replace the unforgiven world you thought was real.

Breathe, with love, kindness, forgiveness, and hope, delight in today, Lori-Lynn