Friday, 11 April 2014

What do you do when you don't want to live anymore?

It's 9:17am and so much has happened so far today.

What do you do when you don't want to live anymore and don't know how not to?
My day began with this question. I felt, somehow that I had to express it.
How not to, is because of the pain it would cause people that love me, most of all my mom who has done everything & more, financially, motivationally & spiritually, to support & encourage me to take yet another step, all the while being my greatest fan.

This is the toughest question that I could ever ponder. But I went there. As I look back, I realize that I had to. For Love. 
My mom is 78 years old and is THE MOST generous woman alive. She would not only give you the shirt off her back, but would buy extra one & give you that one as well, just so you had a spare. And then go without one herself.  She has done so, always with kindness in her heart & with sincere and honest non-judgment. 

My question turned sideways. How can you ever repay someone for this gift?  Upon saying this out loud, I realized, in that moment, that my answer is, 'with my life'. By not hurting her that deeply. I have seen and felt the pain that surrounds loved ones. It is often unbareable, often because the questions remain, 'Why?' and 'What didn't I do?' Which brings me to faith. Because the people that matter most in this world, are the people that have compassion and live by love.

I am a counselor. A very good one at that. How can that be? you might ask, as I ponder these questions? My answer is because I always believe that there is Hope. Hope with Trust is Faith. 
I have received many messages this week from clients expressing gratitude to me. Yesterday, I received a card in the mail, with this message,

"You have helped me more profoundly in such a short time than anyone has ever. I am truly and deeply grateful for all your gifts, time, and wisdom that you have so graciously shared with me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done."

I help because I don't want anyone to feel such pain. And to know that they are not alone, that there are answers, that there is hope, and that the answers are waiting to be found within. I do so knowing that compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit are a choice and don't cost a thing. And that the Gain is Priceless.

But I also know that not everyone wants to be helped. You can truly only help those who want to make the leap, to realize and see their power. This is where the 'Loving Allowance of all to be, in their own place and time,' is realized and so important.
In the past 2 1/2 years, every choice, decision, has pushed our life further down the rabbit hole. For me, I made a giant leap, finally after 50 years, to enter into a journey to love myself and to follow my heart. I did so with the faith that once I did so everything would finally fall into place.
Instead, what has transpired, is that it has left me empty, not only financially, but often mentally, with what seemed like nothing. Oh but it.... it is all for a Lesson. and then I pulled a card today and wrote this, 

"The Golden Palace♡ With Love in Our Hearts♡ Fortune Friday♡Your richness Awaits♡
This card was chosen today to symbolize Good Fortune, Ambitions Fulfilled, Wealth and Prosperity~
the Infinite Source that surrounds and flows through us♡ 'There is always enough.' 'Things' come and go. the Golden Palace brings hope and reminds us of Faith, with that comes gain. We are being reminded that Peace comes from remembering that only Love is real. Happiness, Self-Worth, Abundance, are not measured by what you have, but rather what you ARE, who you ARE. Knowing this and living it Authentically and Fearlessly! Breathe in Spirit and surround yourself with Love; Radiate Love; Love Yourself. Know that Your True Value leads to even greater riches♡ Wishing you love, prosperity, abundance, and much joy today♡hUgs♡♡♡"

There are times that I have felt so scared. To be honest, prior to this Journey, I have never been scared. I have always lived with the belief that there is always hope and a solution. This continual trying & failing, getting back up has, at times been exhausting.

And then it's bright and sunny; the Hope, Trust and Faith is restored.

Part 2 of my Today Adventure. 

I talked with a friend late last evening. She just found out that her
boyfriend has a rare type of cancer that may not be treatable.

She waited many years before finding her true love. Somewhere, somehow there is gift, somewhere, a lesson.  There has to be. So often Life just doesn't make sense. This is why I journal. To find the sense. Oh the wondrous mind.

And As I began to write this, I came to realize that this is the 3rd friend that is battling this, all while finding their true love after many years and all closely related to me. Just a month ago, a childhood friend lost her soul mate and husband, suddenly and without warning. This profoundly impacted me.
Again, the thoughts that run through my head. Just because you love something or someone, even with all your heart, doesn't mean that you get to keep it/them forever. In the human form anyhow. It doesn't mean that it is going to stay with you, here, forever. So live life to its fullest, follow your dreams, love deeply, laugh loudly and soulfully, be true to who you are.

Take with you and keep your greatest experiences and memories of that part of your journey and know that there is always much more to come, even if it seems as if there is nothing.

I have received several messages from this particular gentleman. The main message, was that she CAN do it, she can go on and that he will always be by her side. Spirit is stronger than flesh. I had the urge to write a poem at the top of the week, just a culmination of many feelings.

I will soon be gone and not to be found. In Spirit perhaps, no longer Earth bound♡
Not a whisper, nor shout, of my voice will be heard. My presence shall be witnessed on the wings of a bird♡

Never be saddened, with grief, nor with sorrow. For the the sun and the sky will be with you tomorrow♡
With grace and with love, on the wings of a dove. I will rise to the heavens to watch from above♡
What memories of me, with you, will you carry. Of life and of love, laughter and merry.
I will ever shine brightly, a radiant light. To walk and to guide, our love binds us tight.♡

Within it, within the circumstances that surround me, there is a dramatic lesson. I do know that it is better to have loved and parted through to Spirit than to have never found one another in this lifetime. LoVe is Eternal and there IS only LoVe... and with that I received another card with a message of similar fate,

"The Nine of Wands symbolizes the battles with the 'outer world.' It refers to the final stage, just before the battle is won. It speaks of summoning your last resources to keep fighting; the last hurdle before you finally reach calm waters. 

Often, it seems that all problems, at this time, seem to multiply. Then this surge of anger or frustration can be used to fight the problem at hand and Inspire. To finally get a clear view of the problem, which brings light to the solution."

The Golden Palace Awaits Don't Ever think that you Can'tCause you CAN

hUgs~ helping U grow spiritually, with love, peace and joyfully  

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Being You, Authentically! Fearless~ Living It! Loving You!

This is the first of my books. In it I share my Journey to Authenticity and the many tools and insights that paved the way to the light within. It provides guidance to begin shedding the fear and entering into a place of Love, Forgiveness and Grace.  
This book is a Journey of the Soul, a Journey of finding my  truth and helping you to find your true Authentic self.  It's about self-discovery. A Bootcamp for the Soul.

Come with me and Re-discover You! Without the Fear!  Choose to live Authentically and from the heart. This Book offers Daily Reflection and Insight.  Creative, Consciously Aware, Mindful, with Gratitude & Love.


My Beginning~

The world out there can be very confusing in this fast paced and information based era. We are continually bombarded by external messages that play right alongside our already playing internal messages. If we just drank that beer, ate that meal, took that pill or bought that outfit, we would magically be slim, happy and abundant!    I came to realize that these messages were not only exhausting, but self-defeating. 

I made the choice that in order to re-discover my truth, my unique capabilities, what was truly important to me, that I would have to turn those messages off. Literally. 

Authenticity refers to the truthfulness of spirit, attributions, commitment to self and with sincerity. Returning to this place led me on a journey to embrace who I am  and to love that person; to understand, to know and to feel that I am  special and unique. We all are.  This became the Boot Camp for My Soul!
My goal became a conscious awareness of self; who I was with the awareness and accountability of my choices, actions and responses. This has allowed me to make decisions based on my integrity, values and in  the highest interest of my souls desire. I had to learn how to completely love and accept who I am and to further believe that I am worthy and deserving of living the life that I always hoped I was capable of.  The key was to begin living my life as a reflection of who I wanted to be and not who I perceived everyone wanted me to be.
I had new goals and maintained focused on these goals. This is a gradual process, not one that you can rush through, one that I had to consciously experience and live, moment to moment. I had to learn to live using tools that I discovered, to break out of my box and find my way back to me.
The first step was challenging the fear. What were my fears and where did they come from? When you live with something for so long, you really do come to believe that it is a part of who you are. I had to re-acknowledge its existence, own its hold on me, and step by step, completely let go of it. In the absence of fear, there lay the ability to hold faith in the palm of your hands. This part of the journey for me was long, it seemed that I was a slow learner when it came to faith! I honestly thought that I understood its simplicity, that fear was just a natural part of everyone’s thoughts and emotions. But I learned that it was complex, and that it was not part of who I am, but rather an attachment, one that I was choosing to hold onto. I have come to know that there is a huge difference between being positive and having faith. I have come to know that fear and faith cannot coexist. 

Teacher Teacher~
It has been said by many, that when the student is ready, the teacher appears; and when the teacher is ready, the student appears. That was my truth and it was exciting. I connected with my Life Coach, Jana, by shear fortune. She was a gift. She helped me to unlock what had been hidden for so long. I am eternally grateful for her many gifts of insight, kindness, compassion and strength.
I can say with all honesty, that the road was not always easy; there were some really tough days that I endured. But with the skilled guidance and awareness of Jana, I was able to embrace the journey with a strength that I did not know that I had, and faith. I knew with unwavering acceptance that I was discovering who I was, who I was meant to be.  I was accepting and excited about this discovery.
My greatest discovery was learning that I had been living my life according to a bar, one that I had set myself; but one that I perceived was set for me. We can’t change what is not on the table, so once I understood that it was I who set the bar, I knew that it was up to me to re-evaluate and set it in line with who I am. 
My greatest lesson has been a complete and whole understanding that life is a journey, and the only true destination is love. Every experience comes from a secure state or fear state of love. Each day, I strive to be successful and abundant, moving forward on a path towards my heart and soul's desire.
My coach worked diligently alongside me, compassionately guiding me with wisdom, strength, honesty, tears and laughter. I wanted to share this, as through my journey, it became very clear that we all have unique and special gifts and the ability to live with true abundance. I wanted to share this with those who may have found themselves at the same place that I was and to offer insight and tools that may help them find their way back to their truth!  

Embrace, Enhance & Awareness~
A primary key along this journey is to discover what may be holding us back; knowing and understanding our fears, and then choosing to  release the hold they have on us. In order to move forward effectively, we must consciously live in the present; knowing that we have the ability to make conscious choices as a reflection of our values and authenticity.  Tall order? I would say, not really, but definitely a conscious one!
Whoever you want to be, there is no better time than right NOW to Choose it, Embrace it, Live it, and Love Yourself! Open your awareness to discover new creative tools to live the life you deserve and to love the person you are, unconditionally. This book is about new beginnings; finding your true self and following your highest intention, always with love as our guide.
Living with a Conscious Awareness is about understanding that we always have a choice. This doesn’t mean that we will never do something that we don’t ‘want’ to do ever again, but it does mean that we have a choice as to how we feel about doing it; to  understand and then choose how to react and respond; to own and then be accountable to our choices. 

We all have the ability to react and respond from a place of Authenticity; as a reflection of who we are and where we are headed on an individual basis. We give away our power when we respond as a reaction to what we perceive others think or feel.
We are the only ones that are alone with our thoughts at night. Rest your head at night being grateful for the decisions that have you have made; each one consistent with your values, highest self, the path that you are on, and your authenticity. Take full and complete  ownership of your decisions; decisions that are an honest reflection of who we are and what we want and where we want to go. For clarity, ask, “that the decision be based on your highest good and the highest good of all involved.’ Once you have made the decision, OWN it!  Do so completely loving and accepting yourself.   

We are not our past, if we allow each day to bring forth new opportunities and awareness. With a conscious awareness, insight and tools, we can unlock the blocks to inspire and challenge ourselves to live from a place of love, in the presence of the moment; without  Judgment or Fear. It’s time to quit carrying around the excess baggage that is not a reflection of who we are nor our awareness of self.  We can never walk into the same stream twice; it is ever-flowing and changing due to circumstances, experiences and events; variables, as we learned in science class. With this awareness and insight, we are able to bring forth new opportunities and experiences. 
I created my Spirit Deck, and along with this book, are a reflection of  my road back to me; with a new bar set, consciously in line with my authenticity. Creating the deck and this book has been a journey of the heart, mind, body and spirit. They both, not only reflect who I am as a person, but who I am as an Intuitive (knowing or perceived by intuition). The deck is based on my belief that there are lessons to be learned within each and every day, as well as universal truths to guide us to live our lives authentically.
The next chapter offers insights, guidance and tools that most helped me along my journey. They became part of my truth, who I am, living mindfully, with a conscious awareness and authenticity. They can be applied to all aspects of one’s daily life.  If you are not already, I encourage you to Choose always, to be you; authentically, living it, loving you!   

Monday, 31 March 2014

Spring is in the Air

Spring, although where I live it does not appear to be coming, is in the Air! But it is in my Heart and in My Soul!

With that, I offer a Spring is in the Air Special!

Visit my Offerings/Readings/Book/Workshop page!

I am an intuitive. I receive messages from Spirit and have done so my entire life. It was a long road and I can happily say that I have accepted and embraced this fully. Loving who I am. I wrote 3 books about my journey from 'there' to 'here' and created a Spirit Deck of Authenticity to help others walk away from the fear; to live the life that we are all worthy of.  I offer intuitive and 'psychic' readings. I offer personal online workshops with a step by step process for the Mind/Body/Spirit/ Connection. I am grateful for the connections and courage that have brought me to this place. I am grateful for the many that have allowed me to bring insight into their journey I am grateful for this page, one of love, peace, insight, sharing and compassion. I am grateful for life and the love within. I am grateful to Spirit for allowing me to receive and pass along messages. My vision is to create 'A place for people to come to celebrate life and Spirit.' I am in need of 3 manifestations at this present moment. Ask, with love and truth and that shall be mine. I have called upon Spirit to pave the way.

Learn to access tools and to live without fear, loving yourself fully and completely!

Begin the Journey today!

Visit my Offerings/Readings/Book/Workshop page!

Monday, 10 March 2014

This Moment that Stands Before Us...

This moment that stands before us is the only one that defines who we are.
This moment that stands before us is the only one that defines where we are going.
This moment that stands before us... 
With love as our lead; kindness, courage, compassion, honor and grace as our guides. 

♥There but for the Grace of God Go I

I am seeking my calm within the lesson, to find the place of understanding, as I am frustrated. Step one, name the emotion. Step two, seek to learn.

This Moment that stands before me is my gift. My presence. My present. I will give to it my very best. Then I will leave it to move forward, refreshed and with awareness; that each and every moment is an important step along my journey. In this moment, I know where I am headed and that is towards My Dream, My Vision. My Reality. Laughter and humour is important along the way, so always within that moment, I seek the joy. This moment that stands before me is my Opportunity to Create. I do so with gratitude for the gifts and gratitude for the lessons. I do so with kindness and compassion in my heart and soul.  Stepping forward, always, leaving behind what was, headed into what is.

I believe in the Acceptance of All to Be. In their own space and time. In that moment, I was frustrated. Things change, people change. People learn and people grow. Seasons come and seasons grow. And yet there are so many that choose to stay stuck in the past. I personally find this so incredibly sad. That is my lesson. There are many families and individuals that have learned within their family dynamics to thrive on the 'point system' and most importantly to them, past mistakes. They actually thrive on this, adding them up, keeping track of all the 'mistakes' errors and lessons. They never see the growth, they can't. There isn't any room for it. The truth is that it is a choice.

*Explore* Why would anyone make the choice to not help another be the best that they can be! To not embrace and explore all the life can offer! Even if it does mean screwing up every now and then, making a few mistakes and living on the edge. The answer to this is that it is just not my lesson. My lesson is only that which affects me; that which I choose to allow to affect me.

Thinking back to the past, I may have seen these people not as bad people, but perhaps, mean. What constitutes mean? The Dictionary meaning of Mean is offensive, selfish, unaccommodating, nasty, malicious, small minded or ignoble. I understand that all systems serve us in some manner, it a familiarity, a safety. The most important understanding of the word mean, is 'ignorant,' which is lacking in knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. 

*Energy* From my perspective view, as those affected by this familiarity, I would say that the sad part is that this is not really living at all. It's waiting. They wait to fail, to do wrong, to screw up, because that's what's expected; they make choices with this energy, with this fear.

Living is taking chances, grabbing a hold of each and every opportunity that comes our way. It's exciting and within every opportunity comes growth. Whether or not we 'succeeded.' I believe that success is in the trying, in the motivation to try and try again. To know that in the end, there is reward, but to also know that there is reward in also trying, there is a reward in the vision.

I so often hear from clients that they feel 'stuck' and they don't know the answer. What they cannot see is that the way out is within them. The way out is letting go of the illusion of their reality that the past is who they are. They seek and ask and seek and ask, continually, until they give themselves the gift. The gift was there all along.

And as they come to the end of the long journey, they do so with a healing within. It is here that they are met with Joy☆ Beauty Happiness☆Unconditional Love☆ This is our reward for enduring and finally embracing the lessons and giving yourself the gift of moving forward from the past. That which seemed impossible, suddenly seems possible! Moving forward, you are able to seek, to look for and embrace the magic and mysteries of life; all that is available to you.

Life is a continuuous journey. As we continue along, we do so with this awareness of the path that we chose and the journey that is behind us. We look upon it, but not dwell. And as we do so, we savour each and every moment, for each moment offers a new gift.

Friday, 7 March 2014

♥Day 3 of 40 Days of Lenten H♥ppiness♥

This year for the Lenten Season, I decided that rather than 'giving up' something, to take on a 40 Day of H♥ppiness Ch♥llenge.
Lori-Lynn Koke

For 40 Days and 40 Nights I will do whatever is in my power, consciousness and unconsciousness to be H♥ppy.  When I am feeling down, anxious, negative, afraid, miserable, unworthy, or what-have-you, I will first, give Penance, by way of the 'Hail Mary'. Not as a punishment, but as a reminder.

♥Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art thou, amongst women and blessed is the fruit, of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for me, now and in the hour of my needAmen

 This will be followed by My Prayer of Commitment to Lenten Happiness.

♥May today there be peace within. As I move forward in my journey today, may I do so with compassion in my heart, gentleness in my eyes, kindness in my touch, love in my thoughts and a smile on my face. I pray  that I do so without fear or judgment, of self or others. May I see the good, the wonderful and the beauty in all that surrounds and those that I meet. May I move forward with a sense of Peace and Gratitude with every step I take and may love be the essence in all that I do♥Amen

This should all prove to be very interesting, as I have my Spirit Seekers Workshop in 2 weeks! I am plenty sure that the lessons the I learn along my Lenten Happiness Trail will serve me well! (that's the happiness side of me talking!) 

For today, along my Journey, I chose the Embrace the Wisdom of the Horse. The horse is a reminder that we are always free to be who we are. To run Wild and Free, with Passion and Love at the Core. With courage and beauty, be true to who you are, creatively, consciously and mindful, with compassion, courage, faith and hope. Seek and be your true expression of self, the authentic you, freely and assertively, with respect and honoring your values. Moving forward the Horse represents the balance of both the wild or the tamed, with the ability to move freely or even during the times when we may feel constrained. This is also a time to learn to harness your energy to serve your most passionate desires and in line with your highest good. The energy that surrounds you with the message that you will to succeed in life.

So it would seem that today we are in for a bit of a wild, but passionate ride! I am looking forward to this day, with love and acceptance. ♥ There, but for the Grace of God Go I


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Depression...We are One...We are ALL

I have just finished a book on some of the experiences that my husband and I have gone through over the past two years. I have searched long and hard and have tried to see every angle, to find any and all solutions or answers to the questions. I have dug as deep as I have ever thought possible and brought up every ounce of positivity, clarity and good vibe that I could find and reach. And still I continue to journey. (Glimmers of Hope)

We hear so much about depression. I had not considered that I have suffered from or with depression, but today I wondered about it. Depression is often referred to as either a disorder or illness. Disorder suggests that something, somewhere is our of order (Dis) and (Order). That could certainly signify what I have been going through.  Illness suggests something that is 'caught' perhaps or something that 'happens to us,' a period of sickness affecting the body or mind. Perhaps, maybe. Disease refers to an abnormal condition that affects the body of an organism. Well, then I have to define abnormal. Society, as I see in its currency, is rather in an abnormal state. A state of Disease, Disorder, Depression. Society itself may be ill.

Lori-Lynn KokeWith this, I have learned. I would also say that much of our society is experiencing some degree of Depression and we have turned a blind eye to it. Depression affects not only oneself (sleeping, insomnia, headaches, eating habits, general health), but also significantly impacts families, personal relationships, work, and classmates. Signs of Depression includes preoccupation of thoughts, feelings of worthlessness, inappropriate guilt or regret, helplessness, hopelessness, and self-hatred and often causes one to withdraw from social situations and activities. It can also bring forth thoughts of suicide.

I have gained so much awareness and I am grateful. With all of the thoughts that ran through my head, I managed to access every ounce of courage on this day and met my cousin today for lunch. I am grateful for my guides and spirits for helping me get there, for it was *there* that I made a new discovery.

In this era of the 'me,' it does seem that too many have forgotten about the WHOLE (Us). We have forgotten to put SPIRIT first.  By way of the 7 Sacred Teachings, ♥HUMILITY♥ HONESTY♥ TRUTH♥ BRAVERY♥ WISDOM♥ RESPECT♥ LOVE♥ the Whole will Be. We cannot separate, we must learn, we must choose to accept all into our hearts, souls, consciousness.

♠We are ONE..We are ALL♠

Love...To Love without condition is to Know Peace.
Respect...To Honor all Creation is to have Respect.
Bravery...To Face the Foe with Integrity and Compassion.
Honesty...To Be Honest in Word and Action, first with self, and you will more easily be able to be honest with others.
Humility...To Know Oneself as the Sacred Part of the Creation. You are equal to but you are not better.
Wisdom..To Cherish Knowledge and Use it for the Goodness of All
Truth...To Live All of These Things.

This Depression that so very many are feeling is a Good Sign. A good sign in a way that so many know that there is a better way, that there is good in the world and it has not been forgotten. A good sign that what we know in the way that so much of what we are offered and shown just does not make sense and is just wrong. (I call this the Kevin OLeary factor). This should be the ORDER rather than the DISorder of our society and has led to the Depression. So, if you are suffering from a society that just seems wrong, find and go to the places that offer support of the spirit, support of self and support of society. This could be a place of worship. Keep searching until you find the place that fits, that feels right. Go to many different places and take what you can from each and all of these places. This is where the Dis-Ease of Society Depression will be mended and healed. It does begin within each and all of us. Put Spirit ahead... first... before all the rest and the rest will be given unto you.

✾Hugs✾Helping Us Grow Spiritually✾ Namaste✾

Friday, 28 February 2014

Courage and (((HUGS))) Helping Us Grow Spiritually...

The Tao Te Ching states that Courage is derived from Love (慈 loving 故 causes 能 ability 勇 brave)

This card 'jumped' out at me twice whilst shuffling, so I supposed that there is an important message within~

Courage~ Courage is standing up for what you most believe in. The most important person to believe in should be YOU. Trust your thoughts; with a candidness to understand your motivation, be mindful, consciously and creatively aware. Search within the lessons, seek to separate your intuition from the fear, trust that Spirit will guide. Surround yourself with white light, meditate to find the clarity within; without ego or judgment. This will lead you to the truth. You will find your strength in the midst of the fear. As you proceed forward, do so with Honesty, Authenticity, Gentleness, Confidence and Courage. 

I am trying to gain some clarity on the meaning behind this card as I look back on my experiences of the last 8 years. There have been so very many times when I have questioned, "Can this really be?" As I was choosing my card for today, this card slightly fell out. I replaced it and continued to shuffle. The card fell out at me again. So I take heed. 

Courage or Strength. We often hear, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I really believe that we say and pass along phrases that we don't really understand completely. Strength refers to the ability to withstand, to exert great force, stress, or pressure. As I see it, strength is power based, more physical than mental;  accessing inner physical strength to push forward, but doing so without truly understanding with any kind of intellectual clarity. So naturally I had to dig deeper to understand what this phrase meant to me. What I discovered was Courage. What doesn't kill us serves us to access the courage to dig deep to discover and stand up for what we believe in with dignity. Courage is the ability and willingness to confront the fear, the pain, intimidation, uncertainty and perhaps danger, and to further do so with understanding and virtue. There is a calming in Courage, a gentleness, a compassion and love.   

Be courageous in your beliefs, seek to understand the truth with clarity. Stand passionately courageous,  knowing that you are good, honest and whole, armed with integrity, intelligence and foresight. Be Courageous. 

(((HUGS))) Helping Us Grow Spiritually...

Thursday, 27 February 2014

You are Not Alone... if You Ask.. the Elk

♦You do not have to do everything alone, help is out there waiting for you♦ if you just ask for it♦ The Gift of the Elk♦ We are a community♦ We are one in this together♦ If you have been engaged in a competitive manner, the Elk offers rather to strive to work within the group in order to reach a common goal♦

Often, we believe that we are alone in the problem and often we are correct. That's because the solution is in the community, those that surround us.  Be conscious that you may be closing yourself off to aid. Allow your energy to be open to receive. You may be pleasantly surprised that you are supported and that there are answers.

There is something to be said for community, getting along, doing the right thing and moving towards a common goal; 'for the good of all.'  Especially when we feel that we have been wronged. Pitch in to lift someone up rather than slamming them further into the ground. The awareness is that even when you think or perceive that you know all the circumstances, you don't. We all have our reasons for doing everything. With a conscious awareness, let's open up our visual awareness to see the many possibilities that are available! Let's find a sunset that we can all enjoy!
A bit off topic.... but while I was writing this I remember back to when I was a young girl. I knew that there was often more to the story than what people wanted me to believe. Two of my best friends were girls that had a difficult time finding friends. One had had lice and the other was poor. Another friend that I met on along the way was black. She lived between my house and a girlfriends home. I would stop on the way home and we would play for a bit each day. I chose to see more. There had to be a story behind the stories. I know that this has led me to who I am today. I do look to see the story behind the one that people want to tell. This is the flip side. If you see someone who is acting out, my answer would be that 100% of the time, there is a story. Strive to hear the story that is being told rather than the story that someone wants you to believe. This serves the community in a manner that is building rather than destroying. 

Back to the Elk....Rewards♦
The appearance the Elk signifies a time of plenty. All that you need, you will receive. Long and steady, rather than quick and easy, is the key to opening the lock, freeing the door to your goals. Sometimes all it takes is the next step. The Elk brings courage, confidence and empowerment today in moving you forward and achieving your goals♦

♦You are Beautiful♦ have an incredible day, with peace in your heart, love in your words and radiance in your smile, Namaste♦

Black Elk, Oglala Lakota♦♦"You may have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle. That is because the power of the world always works in circles, and everything tries to be round.... The sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing and always come back again, to where they were. The life of a man is a circle, from childhood to childhood. And so it is in everything, where power moves...."
♦Nobility,Endurance, Beauty, Pride, Stamina, Strength, Respect♦

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dear God ✾ to teach and to flow ✾

Greetings Morning! Welcome back! A gentle peaceful morning it is. On this day I choose the ♦Spirit of the Water♦ to reflect upon my day. She is relaxed, yet versatile, peacefully adjusting as she moves throughout the day, always calm, even whilst the winds blows through and around, for she understands that it is not her who is enraged.

Today, most I must time to rejuvenate my soul. Mindful and aware, that we are not our emotions, only experiencing them, understanding that these experiences are based on my perception of the events. More importantly, I understand that I have a conscious choice to accept, embrace and then to also let it move on, to experience more.

The truth is that life does flow, if we allow it to. Some things happen that teach us to be mindfully aware not to resist. This is especially true around experiences that appear as obstacles. We must learn to gently allow for nature to take it's course, with an awareness that the winds come and go to teach. Today is a day to embrace the wisdom within, knowing, with flexibility and softness.

Divine Wisdom, the power of discovery; with the knowledge and insight to seek and to learn the inner depths of one’s soul. The Spirit of Water knows her soul, she understands the path that has lead her to where she stands today and will move her towards where she needs to be. She allows this discovery to guide and move her, compassionate and with kindness, with gentleness in her touch. 

With Love, Kindness and a Heart filled with Awareness, I write an open letter to God. This is a letter of forgiveness and grace. 

Dear God; 
I know that I have done much wrong throughout my life. My actions, reactions, decisions and choices have hurt others many times. Many who have trusted and respected, when trust and respect were not warranted or due. I have acted many times harshly out of ego, greed or fear, not clearly understanding the damage that I was causing.  My mistakes are mine alone, I have been in control of every decision that I made. I knew, even at a young age, somehow, that what I was doing was wrong. I also know that these actions have caused much hurt within. So much fear, so much rejection.

As I grow older, I am able to look back at my life and the experiences as a whole. Consciously aware of my mistakes, my sins, I know and understand deep within my heart and soul that my actions have always been a reflection of my feelings of unworthiness. Seeing the whole is often difficult because this is not who I believe that I am nor who I want to be. So I have chosen to move forward.

Can we ever just leave the past behind and move forward?  I have always believed that the way out and through is forgiveness. Forgiveness of self. Forgiveness and understanding of the way it was and Grace for the way it can be. I seek forgiveness of my sins; selfishness, greed, anger and ego. I ask forgiveness where I have been blind, hurtful, when I have  taken what was not mind to keep. I ask forgiveness and seek grace.

I ask forgiveness as I begin my life moving forward, responsible and renewed that I have learned. My lessons have served me in a manner that have taught me to be a more gentle, kind, loving and compassionate. This is of self and of others. As I make choices, as I respond and react, I am consciously committed to not judging others nor myself according to my ego or pain. I will move forward with an awareness of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I do so with an understanding that we all make choices based on our experience of love. We are always a reflection of the love within ourselves. This is at the core of my values and beliefs, who I am and who I want to be.  I seek forgiveness in order to move forward, whole and complete, with kindness and strength. 

I admit that I sometimes do not clearly understand the ways of the universe, the world of discovery. I have sought long and hard to move forward in my life, to do what I want to do, what I feel is a part of who I am. 
I am not perfect and I therefore do ask for leniency. I promise to do my best to serve, that I will be genuine and respectful of anothers path, especially when they are acting out in pain. 

I ask, that when I hit a road block, when I stumble and I fall, to do so with a gentleness of self. Some days are more difficult to get back up again. I ask for patience with my forgiveness of self. I ask that the light always shine within me and radiate outwards. 

I ask that I have faith, in that there is always forgiveness, and that in moving forward there is acceptance.      

May today there be peace within. As I begin my journey of today, may I do so with compassion in my heart, gentleness in my eyes, kindness in my touch, love in my thoughts and a smile on my face. And I do so with  gratitude. I give gratitude for the many wonderful things in my life, experiences, friends, family and the beauty that surrounds me. I give gratitude for the many lessons that I have learned and the path that I have chosen to experience. May I see the good, the wonderful and the beauty in all that surrounds and those that I meet. May I move forward with a sense of Peace and Gratitude with every step I take and may love be the essence in all that I do. 

♦Be Kind, because you can♦it is a choice♦