Monday, 20 April 2015

the Real Deal~ Hocus Pocus

Lori-Lynn Koke
I don't usually write about my readings or my meditations, but today, I am led to do just that. Over the past couple of weeks, it's been wonderfully, crazy busy with both. Due to the nature of the events that I have been involved in, I have learned to read straight up, direct & to the point. This, I have discovered, has served me well. Indeed. I have also excitedly surprised quite a few clients.

The clients that come 'just out of curiosity, anyhow. That's my favorite. Mostly because, I have said many a time, 'the people that need to come to me, will.' And they do, they just show up and I know that I have a message for them. It's like 'There you ARE! I've been waiting for you!'

Most of the time, as well, I am led to bring a particular gemstone, book, picture, statue, or wear a particular piece of jewelry, that will serve an unknown intention.  It always does. Yet it still surprises me!

lori-Lynn Koke, lori mcDonaldKnow that it is not my intention to tell people what to do, but rather to give them insight into what they may need to focus on in order to move forward or make a decision or choice. It's always in the Highest Intention of Self and All involved, always.  I provide the information/insight and the client gets to think about it and make the appropriate choices, for them.

My cards act as a tool, but prior to the person entering into my studio, I focus on the intention. Often as they sit down or shuffle the cards, the messages begin. I know that this surprises them. It's what I do and I fully accept this. It's also rather fun! I listen to the messages, without understanding them at the time they are presented, which makes it exciting for them as well as for me! Then I share what I am hearing.  It's at this time, that the unsuspecting client asks to tape the session or write down what is being said. Then I begin to read from the cards as they are chosen.

There are tears, laughter, joy, and excitement. Sometimes it's the first time that someone feels that they have been heard, or that they are finally understood, or that they can see a light. Messages do come from Spirit and I am so grateful that I have been allowed me to do this. It does feel good.

lori lynn koke, lori mcdonald
My other passion is Meditation. This has been an area that even I have been blown away at the openness and acceptance of clients. I am am merely the facilitator.  I spend hours reviewing and typing what Spirit leads me to. I always think that I will use the last one, but when I begin the pre-journey, again, Spirit guides me to what I need to say. During Meditation I am so blessed to see the Divine White Light pouring down from the Hands of God, always loving, always guiding. This, for me, is powerful and amazing. I am at awe when I begin to feel this. Mostly I am just accepting and move forward through, but sometimes it does catch me by surprise and I need to fully connect and take it in! Nobody notices it. Spirit is good, Spirit is God, Spirit is accepting. 

I decided to write this, as I have, of recent, received so many incredibly, loving, and inspirational messages from clients. This is warm and calming to me. Seem odd? Not sure. I think because all of these gifts and abilities are my path and they are accepted, which for so long I was fearful of.  I do always, from a place of love, without ego, with one goal in mind. To bring happiness into the hearts & souls of others.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Juvenile Eagle has Landed and brings with it a Purpose

Lori Lynn Koke
The Juvenile Eagle has Landed and brings with it a Purpose. It's the crazy things in life that bring me inspiration and insight. This little fellow opened my eyes and challenged my mind to find the questions.

What the heck is going on in this world? Who's winning? Who's losing? I know that it does not make any difference as to the answers, but what remains is, how do we fix this.

The answer is, One Person At A Time. Freedom of this and Freedom of that, isn't working. It would work if the common goal was a balance within. The Problem, I have determined is that as a society, we have instilled that the Number 1 is money. We have allowed profits to outweigh people. Profits to outweigh humanity. Greed to outweigh love & kindness, and in the process lost who we are at our core. We have forgotten all of the basics of life.

lori lynn kokeI was reading an article showcasing the MOST successful people, million & billionaires, to determine the traits they had in common and the answer scared me. It's what I refer to as the 'Kevin O'Leary' effect. The Good; 'Striking it rich took courage, salesmanship, vision and passion.' The Bad; that the #OnePassion is money. The Ugly; there is no Balance. There is a darkness lurking within.

If you have followed me, you will understand that, up until this moment, I believed that if we truly follow our passion, our vision, that being what our  Heart & Soul leads us to, that the wealth will follow. For many of the wealthy persons in the article, it was stated, it did not matter WHAT they were creating, making, selling, as long as it made LOTS of money. Keven O'Leary. I am truly certain that this WILL create and bring lots and lots of wealth. Good. right?  When I look out into the world, when I watch the news, when I read the paper, I have much doubt.

Which brings me back to Balance. During this Quest for the Mostest in this manner, what then, do we have to give up? Where do we have to take away from? Is all hope lost?

and then this Eagle flew past my window reminding me, bringing me back to the innocence. Reminding me to remain focused on my goals, my dreams, always, with a sense of Wonder & Joy.
Reminding me to really get in touch with and connect FULLY & PASSIONATELY with my hopes, dreams, and vision. Yes, certainly, there is money involved. Money is merely an exchange of energy, like any other exchange. It's not one or the other. It's always about a give and take; a Balance. 

Our Purpose, our Dream, our Vision, is between Us and our Source (Spirit/God)♡. The closer that we get to that ♡Field of Intention♡; knowing and feeling what it Truly Looks, Acts, & Feels like; and becoming more comfortable with all aspects of our Dream; that Point of Balance; the closer that we draw our Vision into our lives.   And the Abundance, the Wealth, the Prosperity, in ALL forms.

lori-lynn kokeThe more that we pull away from the connectivity of people, the more that we run from or push down the humanness, the more Courage it takes. Seems crazy in this society that is so connected by phone & internet. These relationships are so often about 'putting out into the world,' randomly and often without thought of accountability or consequences. We have forgotten to think and we don't even know it.

We need to step outside of this incredibly transparent box that we have created, and see that there is a world out there. A world filled with REAL people. We need to step outside and create a brand new comfort level, that includes people.

This is going to leave many feeling vulnerable, but the truth is that it will lead to greater things, greater abundance. Money is good, but you can't ignore the Heart for too long. Or the cause and effect.

We really need to bring the humanism back into the profits, our dreams, and our visions. 

lori-lynn koke

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Judge Your Successes by what you had to give up in order to Achieve...

On my wall in my bathroom hangs a poster, attributed to the Dalai Lama. One of the lessons is, 'Judge your successes by what you had to give up in order to achieve.' Up until today, this 'lesson' has cause quite the stir within my heart. I just didn't know if I agree. Perhaps I still don't completely, but I have opened my awareness to a new respect in this regard.

I am not entirely sure how I arrived at this place, but I did. Giving up our home was difficult. To be completely honest, looking back, I believe that rather than looking at our situation or the experience, I did what I needed to in order to move forward. I didn't really think about it. For the most part, it just was, so I excepted it. This was the first of my realizations. Accepting it was easier (or safer) for me than to face it.

As I look back over the past week, I was able to see clearly tonight that I am now able to face it. I guess I was ready to. This does not mean that it is easy. It just means that I have grown and am ready.

As I was laying in bed trying to sleep, my mind took me back to the kitchen that I loved so much.
Bright, roomy, crisp, airy, and fragrant; I looked back on all of the wonderful delicious dishes I cooked, pickles I canned, jams I made, and friends we entertained. I remembered the puppies, when our Haley had her litter, how they all scrambled across the kitchen floor so excitedly. Funny what we remember. There are so many incredible and wonderful memories.

The home itself wasn't anything fancy, new, or modern, by any means. What it was, was warm, inviting and comfortable. The entire front of the home was what I referred to as our fishbowl; one window after the other, showcasing a natures paradise. I can say confidently that a day never went by that I was not in awe of what beauty lay outside those windows. The array of birds, the weeping birch that swayed so strong, yet gently in the wind, the tall and sturdy pine that stood beside her, the amazingly spectacular sunsets, the haunting moon. So much wonderful and inspiring beauty all around, in every moment of every day. I was grateful and felt blessed.

And so this, I have come to realize, is what I had to give up.

It has been a year, but today, it was met with a certain sadness. I know in my heart that what I have gained is so much more, I do. Perhaps, rather, in my head, and maybe in my soul and not so much in my heart today. Today my heart, it so does ache. But what I have learned, is that, this is ok. This is the acceptance, for I have learned.

Most of what I have learned, I am not entirely sure if another can teach. These kinds of lessons, another can offer advice, guidance, and support, but the lesson itself, must be learned, experienced and felt deep within. And so tonight, I have. 

It's not come with a regret or a painful sorrow, but a sadness that now understands the lesson. Could I have learned a lesson of this magnitude had I not have embraced the journey as I was passing through? I know somehow that I had to experience the whole. Life is a little crazy sometimes. But it does give you what you most need. And takes away what you don't need or what is necessary for growth.

I love the many lessons that I have learned. I love who I have become. I love who I am. I have learned to embrace all aspects of myself and my life, right up to this moment. Through this as well, I have learned to love others more, to understand more, to accept, to embrace, and to be more compassionate towards another. I have learned to be a better teacher. But more, I have learned to be a better student.

Paradigm Shift♡ A Transformation♡ A Significant Change♡ in the way you perceive events, people, the environment around you, & within you, has a dramatic effect on you. A renewed understanding♡ this is where you are meant to be. this is what you were meant to learn, to experience♡ a new awareness on the 'positive or negative,' your life will forever be changed.

I know that there is much that I have left to learn, to see and to experience, and I am ready.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Giving Up

 "When you love yourself you learn to love all things in life.  As the sun peaks though the fingertips so too will it shine inside of you.  There are two common emotions in life -one is love -the other is fear- when you love all things -there is no fear.  Darkness and fear cannot be present when love and light are shining on every nook and cranny of your being."

Always about the lessons, always. and so very many. and Always where I am led. I have a poster on my bathroom wall. I have been focusing on one line for awhile. 'Judge your successes by what you had to give up in order to get it.' 

My question was always, why do we have to always lose something to get something? Why can't things stay the same, but get better? This seems silly to me right now. What brought me to this understanding? The truth is that I was always looking at the physical, the material, in terms of 'giving up something,' hence the 'loss.' And sometimes this is the case. Often even, as the journey is what it needs most to be. There has been much material that I have lost over the past years of our journey. At times it felt like a load too much to bare. There were days that it was. But each day I put one foot in front of the next and continued on, to learn, to grow, to teach and to experience; all of what life offered and sent out. There were days when this could have been really sad, but I didn't allow it to be. There were days that I cried. But then I wiped the tears away with the strength I didn't even know existed. There were days that I was really, really angry at God. But then I came to terms that this was my journey, my lessons and God is moving me in the direction of my Destiny.

If I could explain or put into words, in this moment, the journey that has led me to here, it would seem unbelievable to many. I did write about the first part of the journey. Soon I will be able to continue with the next chapter. 
There were days that we were really cold. There were days that I did not know how it would all work, how I could/would make it all work. But I did. I had to. That is the only way to keep moving forward. What I don't or did not want is for anyone to feel sorry for me, perhaps compassion and understanding, but not sorry. There were days that I did too much of that for myself. Perhaps not days, but moments, certainly there were moment. But I know now that what I gave up in material, I gained in truth and love. Of self first and then others. 

But then it hit me. Think outside the box, girl, outside the box. Giving up does not have to mean material at all. So, what can it mean? And what have I given up in order to learn and grow? 

So much. So very much. and I am grateful. I gave up trying to please. and Replaced it with honesty and integrity; from a place of love. i understand, now, the dynamics of pleasing, within me, anyhow. Pleasing is about Acceptance and Belonging. What happens is that we end up setting ourselves up on a merry-go-round that never stops. The person that we need to please first, is ourselves. Then when we 'give' to others, we do so out not from of place of 'need.' When we do this, we are actually giving away pieces of ourselves, trading, for what we truly want. What I truly wanted was to be accepted. To belong. I gave this up. I accept myself completely, knowing that I do belong.
I gave up not liking who I was, and more importantly, who I am. I replaced this with an unconditional understanding and love for my journey. The first step was the acceptance. Not liking who we are leads us on a spiral, a downward one. If I could give each child a gift today, I would say, 'Right now, right here, like who you are. Start from there. Wrap yourself up in this each morning and each evening before bed. Like who you are.'

I gave up not loving who I was, who I am. I now see myself as a loving child of God. We all are.This is the most important thing to remember. It's not about you and anybody, you and them, it's about You and God. Always was.

I gave up being dishonest to myself, which often leads us to being dishonest with others. We learn from a very young age what keeps us safe. Safety is the first of the hierarchy of needs (Food, Shelter and Safety). So often we do whatever it takes to feel safe, which, in my case, led to being dishonest with myself. Not only dishonest about feelings and emotions; bur more so my truth, the truth of who I am and what I wanted, what I needed. I am responsible for me. I am responsible for my Journey and the path that leads us there is one of truth and honesty within. 

I gave up being angry at myself and with others; understanding where the anger came from and releasing all aspects of this. Discovering what I was truly angry with or at, is key. There is always a root cause. Just ask the simple question, 'what are you angry at really?' not in that moment, but deep within, hidden, waiting to be recognized and cared for. For me, I believe that the anger also came from a place of acceptance and wanting to belong. As children, we often get conflicting and confusing messages, which we strive to understand. Not living from a place of anger, not being angry is amazing.
I gave up the need to compare, myself and others. I gave up judging others. We all have a story. We have all walked different paths and although our journeys are interconnected, our stories are different, our lessons and teachings are different. Different is good. Acceptance is better.
I gave up beating myself up about my past. We all have a past. We have all done amazing and wonderful things in our past. We have also all made mistakes, bad choices, errors and such. Focusing on these things without learning from them, takes us to a place of sadness and sorrow. See the good, the beauty and lessons in every area! See what you have learned, how you have grown and where you are headed BECAUSE of your past!

I gave up judging myself. I gave up being envious of others. I gave up being jealous of others.I gave up not understanding, but fully excepting my patience. I gave up wanting what I don't need, just to be accepted. I am enough. There is always enough.
Most of the 'things' that I gave up, I didn't even know existed or that I had to give up. That's the thing. We get to a place of living our lives as robots, according to the survey's and what others tell us, teach us, and want us to learn. Some good, some bad. This all becomes a part of who we are, our daily lives, our thoughts and ideas. or so we think. This becomes a part of who we are until we have lose sight of the impact that it has on our daily lives, emotions, thoughts, and dreams. The love within. I unknowingly and yet willingly gave up all of these 'things' and began a Journey to nurture my true spirit and the love within. 

When we finally understand and release them, let them go, an enormous sense of weightlessness becomes us. A sense of Peace.  

Peace is Understanding the Only Love is Real

Friday, 30 January 2015

Such Experiences, Awareness, Fear, & Growth

I have had so many incredible YaY me moments. Although I post these on my Facebook page, I thought to be an important part of my journey, that I would share here. 

I have been on a mission to embrace my awareness of Energy; to understand fully so to teach. Last evening, I explained Auras, in relation to the Energy System, along with our Chakras. Why I am so adamant of Meditations to clear our fields. There is so much manipulation and untruths out there; minds have been completely hijacked by media and commercials. Largely because we have been falsely led to believe that the media offered up the truth, rather than their personal perception, reflection, or agenda. The sole goal of advertising is not to inform, but rather to increase profits. There is little integrity. This is all not unlike cult brainwashing; too many flock to the latest skin cream that renders us ageless, the diet pill that effortlessly delivers weight-loss, or the chocolate bars that give us strength to overcome challenges; drinks that bring happiness, and so on and so on. Our brains do know. They really do. If we allow them to think for themselves. But we are busy and it is often easier to avoid, deny, or accept this as our truth, the way of life. Everyone needs the newest IPhone. Or what. There is a fear attached to this. Many are afraid to stand out, to pave their own way, to speak out, to seek the unknown, to walk the uncharted.

And we pay heavily for this denial, this avoidance, through an Allowance without Conscious or
Intuitive action. Well done, Companies, missions accomplished. Profit margins are of utmost importance. Even when it comes into the billion dollar range. We move forward, purchasing, out of fear, with need of belonging and acceptance.

So, what is the step forward. It is to look into our fears, with love; to see where we can grow. There is a vast healing power in Accepting these fears head on♡ See them, Embrace them, Address them, Take Conscious Appropriate Action, and Let Go. Think for YourSelf. Be willing to Stand out, to Feel vulnerable, a little uneasy; see this fear as a Mission to make Change! YOU are responsible for your thoughts, awareness, actions, reactions, acceptances and allowances.

There is no power in these companies if we keep our own personal power. This comes from knowing who we are and what we stand for. Our beliefs. 
Change. Fear. Movement. 
Change that is brought about through this Great Awareness; the Awareness of the Importance of your role, your being, as you embrace the role in a manner that is healthy for your Spirit; a manner that allows for growth, and for increased learning. Nudge past your comfort zone♡ 

See life as a whole journey, each step separate, but yet intricately connected. Embrace this is with an understanding & acceptance that we are all Energy, everything is Energy. With an Awareness of both our Internal & External; to become Accountable to and for ourselves. 

Chakras are our Internal Energy Source and can hold onto old baggage & experiences, weighing us down. Aura is our External Energy, that which we emit; our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It is ever changing. Step out of your shadow♡enter into a place of peace and love♡Accountable.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years♡ I Resolve♡

Dear God, On the morning of the last day of 2014, I take this moment to ponder; to look back at the last year. What, if any, were my accomplishments, big or small? Have my priorities changed? What  matters most to me as head forward into 2015♡
I ask you, Dear God to set the Memories that hold me back, free; rather to be used as stepping stones of strength, inspiration & courage; to allow for new Greater Growth and Awareness.
As I step forward into 2015, I ask to do so Courageously♡like never before.  Allow my Mind, Soul, & Body be filled with strength, courage, and confidence.  Where there was fear, that I lovingly release, to be filled with faith & trust; in my Abilities, Skills, Talents & Gifts, using them to their Greatest Potential and in the Light  of Your Divine Love ♡
I ask to allow for the triumphant reign of my personal power & inner strength to be guided by your grace and ever flow of love♡ I ask to seek challenges before me with a renewed strength; seeking the opportunities, as I work diligently & intelligently towards achieving my Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations♡
I surrender to your Love. I surrender to your will.  I surrender fully to Divine Miracles♡
'I Allow The Will of My Highest Intention, to Be Guided By Your Will, to Be Done Through Me♡'
With New Years Eve on the horizon♡rather than thinking in terms of a New Years Resolution as something to 'give up,' I ♡Resolve♡ ♡2015♡the Year to Be!♡I Resolve♡
to be Kinder to Me!
More Compassionate towards others!
to stand Proud, Confidently & Tall!
to Live with Passion!
to Lead & to Mentor, without Ego & with Love!
To Embrace the Lessons!
To Surrender to Your Will, for my Highest Intention & Greatest Good of All!
Dear God, I shout LOUDLY and with Clarity♡ I Am That! I Am♡With love, I Surrender Lori♡Lynn
with grace & in love♡Lori♡Lynn

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My Date with Destiny

The Temperance card is the Tarot's way of indicating that Peace will not be arriving; because you already have it Within you. Temperance is one of the most welcome cards in the Tarot deck when in the Future or Destiny position. No matter how tense or difficult your struggles are now, or how forgettable your past may appear, the future is a Sunrise of Peace and Well-Being.

My current life's Destiny is that of Temperance. Harmony, Equilibrium, a Balancing of Opposites, Creating Synthesis, Healing.

I met with my mentor a couple of weeks back for a reading. I would never give up an opportunity to watch him magically interpret the cards. It is mesmerizing. 

I have been dealing with an irrational client that has been frustrating. I keep asking myself, 'What am I to learn from this?' 'What am I not seeing?' I have only asked that my awareness be opened to the lesson. This has been trial #3. Last night was a sleepless night, trying to access awareness. Trying to understand my next move. Finally, out of exhaustion, I feel asleep. I awoke with a renewed awareness.

There it was. Right before my eyes. 'Your perception of me is a reflection of you. My reaction to you is an awareness of me.'
I finally truly understand this. Better yet, I understand the application. With this, I say, I forgive you, understanding that you are coming from a place of hurt, anger and shame, from feelings of unworthiness.

This is not about me, well, her words anyhow. Please forgive her, she knows not what she is saying. She is only aware of her feelings within. She is scared. She is acting out on how she feels within.
My immediate response was one of doubt. On a spiritual level, I understand that it was my challenge, my opportunity to recognize this so that I am able to move forward to a greater destiny. My Destiny.

We experience until we learn completely. For me, I know that it is to teach. The best teacher is life
itself, through dialogue with life experiences and YaY me moment. Moments of Clarity, compassion, peace, balance, a complete and honest understanding & awareness.

I also gained another awareness upon awakening. Although I had minimal sleep, I was alert and I felt alive again. It's not the thoughts that kept me awake, it was the 'where do I go from here?' How do I proceed forward. These were my questions and thoughts before I dozed off. I awoke with a renewed understanding.

This is my Destiny. The messages. My reaction was an attachment to her fear. I am not angry, I never was. I was upset that I was being attacked. With that, I awoke this morning refreshed. I drew 3 cards. the Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune & the Wisdom of the Snake. The message rang loud and clear. The transformation is within. The tools are within. Transformation needs to be whole and complete.

As the Snake sheds his skin, he does so willingly and then dances forward, understanding, knowing, that what was, is behind, what is, what is is here, right now and with every step forward. The snake symbolizes Regeneration & Rebirth, Intelligence & Knowledge; but most importantly on this today, the Energy of the Consciousness; a most fitting pick on this day. Seek to see the lessons, the truth, always.

The Hermit is about introspection and reliance on the gifts within.

The Wheel of Fortune is the card of Destiny; the weaving of life's threads, a coming together. This symbolizes a turning point, a time of movement & change, an understanding of the cycles, and a conscious awareness of our interconnected world.

Although I pick these card randomly and as a Universal message of Hope & Inspiration, I knew that somehow they were linked to me, my journey, my lesson. The message can be interpreted differently and I do so, with a conscious awareness of the triangle, but mostly the messages that 'come to me' as I type. 'Through conscious thought introspection or a conscious choice, in this very moment, it's time  to shed one's skin and move forward Courageously; Stronger, Wiser, for this is one's Destiny. Take time for Introspection, if need be, but the truth is that you have what it takes to Embrace your inner guidance right now, if you choose.' Temperance.

In love♡ peace♡ & light, lori♡lynn

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Manifesting♡ a New Awareness♡

We live in a world that is seemidly so consumed with deadlines. We often forget that it's within the experience; the lessons, the joys, the laughter, and even the tears, that hold the most important steps & lessons along the Journey. We blindly rush here & there; the destination our only goal. Sometimes we aren't even sure how we got there.

When someone reminds us to stop & smell the roses, we think about it momentarily & insightfully do as suggested. The missing words that may be more important are 'Breathe in the Experience. ~Even when we are trudging through a daunting trial~

Experience all the gifts and many lessons before you; experience what is necessary for growth, movement & perhaps transformation. The awareness can be seen as we watch a beautiful Butterfly transform from within its caccoon. Take time to experience all of Life's Offerings, each moment, each step along the way; the beauty, the joys, the emotions and even the pain, for each step his may lead you on a journey that you could never have imagined, but perhaps often dreamed.

We need to quit rushing ahead wishing ahead and begin to experience and learn. It is within this experience that we discover the tools and the insight necessary for us to move forward.

Enjoy life today♡tomorrow may be another day♡but also a new opportunity, a new day to experience the beauty of the butterfly♡

And Celebrate♡ Celebrate each lesson, each goal & accomplishment, each time you picked yourself back up; celebrate how far you have journey'd♡ this is truly the wonder in a Birthday Celebration♡

It's from these experiences that we truly understand the Art of Manifesting. Manifesting is truly about experiencing and deeply believing; without limits, nor expectation; knowing that it just will; as you begin the transformation from within the caccoon. When you breathe in the experience, when you experience each step, you begin the process within.♡

Monday, 10 November 2014

Gentleness, the New, Real Strength

We often talk about 'Strength' in terms of rough, tough, and powerful. Over the past 3 years I have embarked on a journey which has shown itself to me, a different side of strength. A kinder, gentle, honest strength, that comes from a place of Love; Conscious and Mindful.

When we often think or imagine strength, it is pictured as suiting up or armouring oneself. What I discovered is the compete opposite; a peeling away of the layers, leaving one 'weight-free,' so to speak. The layers of fear, guilt, and shame; or feelings of unworthiness, peeled back, reveling a different kind of strength.

When we release and let go of these chains that bind us, we are able to move forward with a new freedom. We also find our truth, moving forward with a Gentle, Kind, Compassionate & Honest Strength from a Space of Love.

Discovering your Authenticity; your true values and beliefs; what is truly important to YOU, is essential.  Kindness and compassion can be Strong, when we make the unwavering decision to Love every aspect of who we are, respect where we came from, and move forward, CHOOSING, in line with our OWN Authenticity. That is Real. And that is Strength.  For me, anyhow and in line with my values, goals and beliefs. My Authenticity.

I hope this makes sense. Its been on my mind for quite
some time. Much of our society is too angry, frustrated, and often tired. That's  because we're carrying around too much, most of which, if we peeled back the layers and asked, wouldn't be important OR was easily solvable.

Our truth has often been hijacked into thinking that getting angry is taking our power back. Taking your power back is about loving yourself, whole and complete and making choices in line with that whole love within.

In love and in peace, xxxLori

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Weaver of Destiny♡I'm a Jewelry Maker!

Yesterday I posted (see below) upon choosing from 2 decks. I a have chosen to reconnect and learning the Tarot for Halloween at the store (Jacob's Trading in Beausejour, Manitoba)

The 2 cards that I drew were Temperance and the Wisdom of the Spider. After I finished my meditation and interpretation, I continued along my morning, preparing to meet my sister, mom and friends for personal readings, followed by lunch.
I took a beginner Jewelry course a couple weeks back and have enthusiastically been making necklaces. My mom asked me to bring these along to show her. With that, I set about the task of untangling the chains that have hung on my bedroom door. As I began to do this, I was hit by a huge awareness! The Web.
The Web that we have created. What I discovered through the tangled 'mess' that I had made, was that the easiest process to untangle it, was to be patient and thoughtful. To look at the whole, to see the connections. To see in the aftermath, that it wasn't a mess, after all. What an awareness.

We often look at our lives as being complex and/or tangled. We often think that the entanglement may be too difficult to unravel. What I experienced, is that through love, patience, and an awareness that there was a process, and that process was not so difficult.

Cool Beans

♡ Temperance ♡ unites today with the Master Weaver of the Web of Fate ♡ the Wisdom of the Spider ♡

Today calls for a day of Personal Reflection. And Celebration. You look back and you are able to see what you have created; you are able to see that it was YOU, IS YOU, who is the creator of your Destiny, in relation to your Soul's Desire.
As you reflect back along your path, you recognize that each step, each challenge, each lesson, has been a necessary part of your Journey. You are able to see that each strand of the Web is intricately woven, each step masterfully planned, and has led you to where you need to be. It may not have seemed so at the time, but as you look back, you are able to see clearly, the beauty and the love of the challenges, the struggles, the lessons. And as events continue to unfolded before you, you recognize the Connection. All paths have led you to your Soul's True Desire. This takes you to an intimate and powerful place of Forgiveness ♡

As you Reflection, you begin to Experience Harmony within; a very Deep, Gentle, Powerful connection to Spirit, to the love within and the love around. Temperance gently guides us as we learn to Accept and Balance our Earth's Life Experience with our Soul's Higher Knowledge and Destiny ♡ there is a Balance ♡ You are able to move forward in Harmony, for the Highest & Greatest Good of Self and of All.

♡Celebrate this Awareness ♡

with love and awareness, Lori