Monday, 21 July 2014

What do I want from today....

Such lessons over the past couple of weeks. What we want, we are able to create. What we choose, we begin to understand that we live.
My challenge/opportunity/focus of late has been on a commitment to peace and harmony. i mean it. What I have totally come to understand and accept is that is does begin within, created in our own minds.
It's a tough, perhaps the toughest place to reach, especially when we are in the midst of what seems like a HUGE life experience, to take on personal accountability. What's going on around is a reflection of what I believe within.

Once we connect and embrace this concept in a loving manner, we can begin to move forward with harmony. Harmony, a beautiful word. Harmony is a balance, an understanding. Harmony is taking the harsh ego out of the way, clearing the way the clouds to see the moment.

I choose. I am accountable. Peace, Love & Harmony, achievable and worth the drive.

We can see a Mountain as a Challenge or we can see a Mountain as an Opportunity. How about both? Life itself is the teacher because it continually creates and teaches. It opens doors, closes windows, both builds and tears down walls.

the wall represent our egos, all of the time. So I seek to find the peace, the balance and the harmony. first I have to begin within. from there I make choices, I create opportunities, I find the gifts within the experience. that's because the experiences will continue, always. for now anyhow because there are so many lessons to learn. it's the response to the experience that brings opportunity for growth.

Back to the Mountain. 
Mountains are for climbing♡and exploring♡Some of the scariest moments are the uncertainty of what lay ahead, of finding the foot-holes, and discovering the caves♡but these are also the most exciting moments; the discoveries♡
Then, when you get to the top, you are able to see how far you have come and what you have accomplished♡

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Balance~it's as Easy to Do as Riding a Bike

Balance♡ I received a phone call first thing this morning from the Loomis Express Parcel delivery gentleman letting me know that I had a parcel. I was expecting this parcel, as I ordered the goods and I was also expecting that there would be taxes to pay, as the order had come from the States.

The gentleman on the other end of the phone came across to me as somewhat rude, which rather took my by surprise.

Where is the Balance and how do I find it in the midst of a conversation. This is often the challenge. We often just respond back in the tone or manner in which we feel that the conversation was relayed.

Instead, I took a deep breathe; to balance my energy. I then responded in a manner that was not confrontational back to him. It reminded me, when as a child, my mother always said, 'Two wrongs don't make a right.' This is true. HOWEVER, we are often not guided to respond or react in a manner that does make it 'right.' We know it's true, we just don't know how to get there, most often when we are either busy, tired, taken by surprise, or all wrapped up in one big emotion. 

It's good to remember that we always have a choice. Always. It's a matter of stopping ourselves, right there and then, if only for a second, and responding by going inward. The amazing part of this is that the more we do this (practice), the easier and more fluid it is.

I can project whatever perspective that I feel that this gentleman portrayed and/or I can take offense to his demeanor, OR I can respond back in a manner that reflects me.  His emotions and feelings are not mine, nor am I required to take them on. I consciously realized that I had a choice and a solution, which was voiced with respect and non-judgment.

It doesn't matter how or why he approached the conversation as he did. I am not required to become a part of his drama or life experiences to date; but I can help him create a new experience. One in which sees the customer that is compliant and happy. 

Just now, the nice gentleman called me back; he had another parcel (I was expecting this as well!).
What a difference one conversation can make.

Live the life that you want to live. Many people post beautiful and wonderful sayings on how they think, feel and believe that they should live and want to react, but not all actually live consciously in line with what they truly think, feel, and believe. They may not have the tools to know how.

It is an effort, a completely conscious one. One that requires dedication. One that requires being really really kind to yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you 'slip up.' merely strive to do better the next time. Keep doing so until it's as natural as breathing.

Remember, as a child learning to ride a bicycle? One pedal at a time until it becomes one natural fluid movement. 

When I taught the kids to ride a bike, I did so on the grass first, where it was soft. That was the first step. The second step was to teach them BALANCE. I did this by teaching them safety; how to fall. I showed them how to put their leg down when they felt unsure. I let them know that this was ok, that even when they were experienced riders, something unexpected could happen causing them to fall. I taught them to ride on the grass, where they were not going anywhere fast and if they forgot and happened to fall, the landing was not so bad. I stood behind them with support and a smile, not with fear or my hands, I gave them the tools that they required to learn. And they did.

Monday, 14 July 2014

To the Moon and Back... My Book is Launching!

the Power within begins with love.
Glimmers of Hopeღ a Journey of faith♥ love♥ and inspiration♥ it is courageous and accountable. it is teachable and kind. it is without judgment or ego.

i just had a 'deja vu.' i have them often. i have had them always. i was once told, or i read that deja vu's are our sub-conscious telling our consciousness that we are in the right place, where we are meant to be. a snippet or a snap. messages from the God, spirit or the universe.

this time it feels really, really good. it came while i was in bed thinking about, planning, the launch of my book. it's an incredible challenge to find a publisher. there are few publishers that are willing to take a chance on authors. while i was thinking this morning, i began to back up. i came to realize that this wasn't about the book, or the publishing of the book, it was always about the retreat. the book is about the journey that brought me to the creation of my retreat. i have learned so much about myself; that my 'goal' in writing the book is to inspire others to see that their dreams are achievable.

you have to to see, feel, and really be it. you have to begin to live it. live it every single minute. and love it. love it through the good, the bad and the ugly; the lessons. lessons are gifts that help us to move past an experience. 

My RetreatღThe Physical♥What Do I Envision♥ I Envision that our existing Cabin as the summer kitchen and crafting space, with a seating area at the front facing the water, for inspiration and relaxation, of course.

i Envision a Gazebo to the East of the Cabin, atop of the rocks and among the trees, overlooking the water, that allows us to be by blessed by both the beauty of morning sunrise,evening sunset, and nature itself.

i Envision to the North of the Cabin, a Retreat Cottage, that stands tall and inviting in the forest and surrounded by the natural granite hillside. There will be a waterfall built that cascades down the rock into a small pool.

i Envision a workshop/garage to the East of the Cabin, closer to the road, with a Private Studio Apartment.

i Envision a Deluxe Pontoon Boat that allows visitors to experience the Beauty of the lake and river systems, along with the 'nature' that surrounds.

But it did begin with an inner transformation that brought me back to a place of love. And a place of God.  This place began with my first book, Being You Authentically. Living it Loving you, which I have changed to Fearless and Loving You. It amazing me how fear plays such an incredible role in our lives.

Once we truly see just how limiting fear, ego & judgement are to our Life Force, we can begin to release the grasp that it has on us.

It's not a matter or winning or losing.. it's a matter of DOING.

My Hand-Outs for my Launch! 
a Set of My Prayer Beads will be attached.  
There is a Prayer on the Reverse Side, as well.

where faith meets hope
ღlove & life renewsღ

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

To Infinity and Beyond...... Limitatons

I have had this on my mind for quite some time.
It has to do with MY integrity. To be honest, it is the only one that I am accountable to and responsible for. 

From the beginning, this Blog has grown since the first words, 'I am not nothing. I have a voice and it matters.' It came about after learning that my stepson's previous girlfriend secretly had given birth to a 2nd daughter and then secretly given her up for adoption. There were many factors that came into play for the birth of both of these children, much of which saddened me and much that I didn't understand at the time. What I was most hurt by, was complex. From there to here is where I stand. I know that it is not up to me to judge, but there were plenty of times that I found this a challenge. I have learned to embrace who I am and to know that there is a plan. Indeed. There is always a plan and Life always moves forward.

My personal Vision is 'A Place to Come for People to Celebrate Life,' a retreat for like-minded individuals.

My Goal is to Create and Be a Part Of a Community of Like-Minded People who strive to advance our world, the way we know it, to be one of Peace. Souls that know and understand fully that we are all Spiritual Beings. Soulful Beings who need LOVE just as much as we need food and air. Perhaps more.
This begins within each of us and grows outward. It radiates from within. The Survival of the Most Loving, rather than the survival of the fittest or richest is the most significant moral principle that is required and by which we should be guided. 
It is well worth the effort to make choices to live by this ethic, as, for me, I feel that it is the only one that will ensure not only a healthy inner, personal, fully accountable life, but a healthy planet as well. These are principles that are consistent with and derived from the writings of Bruce Liption, Phd (Biology). Finally, someone that understands what's goes on in my mind!
It is my choice to move forward guided by these principles and with this, joined with others that know, feel, and truly believe that this is attainable.

Integrity. It's so important when we go onto facebook, especially as a business to get 'LIKES.' Sally Field displayed this with such emotion when she won her Grammy! "You like me. You really like me!" and 'FRIENDS.'  Who doesn't want more friends!
On Twitter, it's 'FOLLOWERS'  These are really SMART individuals motivating us with words and marketing that hit us not only in our hearts but in our pocketbooks as well.  

That's where MY integrity comes into play. For me, it's not about the likes or the friends or the followers, although I am happy with all of these prizes, but for me it is more important to connect with others, to reach as many that I can. And to do so from my heart and soul.
I don't want merely 'followers.' My wish is really to see, help create, motivate, inspire, more leaders and teachers, friends that connect and strive to learn from one another and to love, with sincerity.
My hope is to connect and to motivate. 

Do I want to sell my books? Absolutely. I feel that I have much to say and I, with all honesty, feel that my books can help to motivate or inspire others. I just received a review on my latest book, Glimmers of Hope

"......Your writing is very clear and concise, and you portray your wisdom with the honesty and care of somebody who has been there, and your experiences are very relatable. It is brilliant, and I can totally see the potential for either traditional or self publication... It's like chipping away at the diamond and giving it a polish so that it can really shine." 

This makes me happy and what motivates me to write. I choose to write a new one (or my blog) as I feel that I have something to say, not merely to make money, with the exception that making money WILL bring me closer to building my retreat. But I get to choose to be greedy or not.

As far as my readings go, 'readings' are as natural to me as breathing. I have always 'known' many things and did not always understand how. Now I do. I finally made the choice to share this with others. I don't do 'predictions' often, although there are times that I get messages to pass along, to help inspire someone or help with direction. My goal with my readings is to create an awareness and to help others make the best possible choice. To know that there are choices. Sometimes, or often, fear gets in the way. My 'job,' my 'gift' is to help to see past and through this, opening new doors. 
It makes me happy to know that I have helped several truly incredible teachers open their awareness; to see from where they began to where they stand now, is wonderful. To see beyond their limitations. They always had it within them. I perhaps gave them a little bit of a push, but they did the work and it is this that inspires me. 

It is a brave new world. It's not about what's in our 'Genes.' Morals are like fibres that are learned and created. They define who we are. And I am looking to define a more peace-loving world. To Infinity and Beyond...Beyond Limitations.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nurturing, Peace and Prosperityღ

I was awake much of the night last night (the wee to sunrise hours). When I say this to people, they usually attribute this to worry. This typically is not the case with me. I was awake last night out of inner excitement that I was unable to calm. 
I have been reading a book (which I mentioned yesterday) that, although it parallels my thoughts, ideas and beliefs in many ways, there is still so much that I don't understand, mostly the 'science' part. I have begun a new awareness, one that has actually brought me to understand much of what I am reading. I am able to grasp and to apply it to my beliefs. BINGO! 

I have only been able to read a bit at a time, after which I contemplate and absorb the information. While I was doing this early in the morning, I decided that my 'card' pick today was to be nurturing. It seemed to apply to what I experienced last evening. And so with that, I wrote....

Strive to Create an Atmosphere of Peace Within Today as You Allow Yourself Comfort and Nurture YღU. See yourself as you would a child, see your lessons and experiences through the eyes of a childღSee the wonder, See the joy, See the innocence, See the gifts, See the miracles that await youღ
See the past (programmed) lessons and experiences for what they were. As you commit to growth and the renewed-programming of your sub-conscious mind, you begin to create new messages, new memories, new awareness. As you do so, be gentle, caring, compassionate and loving of yourselfღ
Take care of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings, as you would a child.
Take note of how you would respond and react TO a child. How and what would you teach them? What gifts and messages would you send to them? Would you create an atmosphere of fear? Of unworthiness? Or that they were lovable, kind and deserving?
As you nurture as child, so do you nurture the child within yourselfღ
Our subconscious acts and reacts instinctively from pre-recorded tapes that play over and over in our mind. These memories cannot be erased and serve as reminders. Our conscious mind has a choice. A choice to see the circumstances as different and newღ
Just as each day is different. We cannot judge today by what yesterday brought us. Sometimes we may have to clean up after the storm and we do. We are then able to bask freely in the joyfulness of the sun or whatever the day bringsღ
There are always variables and externals such as the clouds, the wind and rain, and as much as we would like to predict what is coming, we can't. We can, however, make choices at how we respond and revel in the Glory that each new day, each new moment brings.

As I was searching to find this card (and this is how it 'works' for me), I was brought also to the 'Prosperity' card. This was extra, super for me! the understanding of this is that healing the child within, creating new memories will bring Prosperity & Abundance and Dreams to Reality. This is what is all truly want, right? 

the Card Message, 'Archangel Ariel: Your materials needs are provided, as you follow your intuition and begin to manifest your dreams into reality.'
Have a Peaceful & Prosperous DayღPeace=Prospertiy & Abundance xxxLori

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

there is a Lock... but where is the Key?

Positive Thinking Alone is not enough.
We hear over and over again, "Think Positively." "Just Believe." and we do. and things remain the same. or worse. they go downhill.  sometime fast. Zoom.out of control.
But where did I go wrong?
The answer is that (and what is not often stressed in many teachings) there is more to moving forward than merely Positive Thinking. Positive thinking alone is not enough. It is only the Beginning of a Great Journey. 

Positive Thinking 101 often serves us by becoming more debilitated because we begin to think that our situation is hopeless. We begin to believe that we have exhausted all mind & body remedies. But we often only shown where the lock is. We need the key to open the great potential that we know is within us. 

It iS important for our health and well-being to shift our mind's energy towards positive, life generating thoughts, BUT, IT IS JUST AS important and necessary to eliminate ever-present, energy-draining, debilitating, negative thoughts!

I have had a book hanging around my shelf for some time. Somehow, and I do mean somehow, it managed its way, through the move, to end up on my coffee table. It's Bruce Lipton's (Ph.d), the Biology of Belief. After several months, I picked it up and began to read it. It appears that I had read it before. i have NO recollection of this. However, I was thoughtful in my previous reading of it, as I had highlighted much. 

This time, I was not only thoughtful in my reading, I was MINDFUL. And the messages read loud and clear.

The Key is in the Negative Messages that we continue to allow to write our story. Well, I realized that it was up to me and that it was time to rewrite the messages of the self-sabotaging subconscious mind. Get'er in line and tuned up with our Conscious Mind. I am not saying that I did not KNOW this, or that we all don't know this, but it has to be completely clear within our mind.    

It's time to Harness the Power of the Mind* to Embrace the Power of Complete Mindfulness, Unleashing our Full Potential*

The Unconscious Mind is reflective and not governed by reason. It's governed by past experiences, lessons, and often what others wanted us to learn. It is often governed by fear. 

Winners and Do-ers are winners and do-ers because they don't listen to the sub-conscious. They consciously tell themselves that they are winners. That decipher what information and messages and relevant and necessary.  

The Conscious Mind is Creative. It is necessary, to move forward, to win, to Teach Yourself to Live Mindfully; to consciously choose which thoughts are valid, how to respond and how react. We all  have the power to override any previously recorded subconscious thoughts and responses that are not surviving your greatest potential. 
Choose what you want to see. Choose how you want to respond. Choose to Love. Choose to Create Laughter and Joy. Choose to see a World Full of Love. Choose which thoughts move you along your Path.

Truth. There is Nothing to Fear, but Fear Itself.
Ask Yourself. Where did your fears come from? Are they necessary? Are they real? Are they holding you back? Are they contributing to a full life? Each fear held a valid role in your life at some time, reflective of where you were, in that moment.

When we truly recognize that our Beliefs are Powerful, we hold the key to Freedom* Mindfully Choose and Live like a Winner!

Bravo! Winner! Smile and Be Happy! 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Namaste, New Beginnings and Starting Over ♡Break Free♡

Namaste, New Beginnings and Starting Over. Much is said about 'Starting Over' and 'New Beginnings.' The 'truth' as I see it, is that, it is ALL a part of our Journey, every step of the road that we have walked, is all a part of who we are; where we came from, what we have learned, overcome, carried around, it's all a part of our awareness.  
EVEN when we haven't quite learned to move us forward, as some may see it. We are still learning, always. It's a process that never ends. The Journey will always continue. 

Having said that, if we are to want others to believe that we can change, WE also have to BeLieve that we CAN change. We also must be willing to believe that others can change. How many times. Well, it takes as long as it takes.

Anyone and Everyone who is willing to break free, (perhaps that is a better analogy), can. Break free from the chains that bind us to who they think that we are. What sets you apart from the convicted drug pusher, the murderer, the thief; turned mentor, counselor, preacher? What set them apart is that they made the Conscious Choice to break free from the titles that others bestowed upon them. 

Choices, Chances, Changes ♡Conscious Choice♡
the stories they tell, are their tales; the perceptions they believe, are their reality; the expectations they command, are their views...based on their lessons. 
Your Actions, Thoughts, Dreams, Visions, Words, Reactions and Beliefs are All YOURS♡This is YOUR Journey♡
Creative, Conscious Choice♡ 

Each Day is a New Opportunity to make Choices as a Direct Connection and Reflection of the Love Within You and the Vision that You are Creating♡

what is your story?what are your lessons?how will you choose to take the next step?will you lead?will you guide?or will you follow?

Choosing to Live with Integrity, Kindness and Compassion, can be your story, if you choose. Find & Radiate the Love Within. Connect with Spirit. Forgive. Believe with every ounce of your soul♡ and Carry this Belief with you always♡

Second Chances are a Clear Vision that are Created Within♡Knowing that You are Worthy and Deserving♡We ALL are♡Break Free

Friday, 27 June 2014

Bits and Bites of Peace

*Creative, Supportive, Conscious, Mindful and Acutely Aware* Their story is valid.. to them. By Choice, be there for them, in Comfort, Support and Prayer, with Great Awareness and Love. Courageously, Surround yourself with the Awareness that it is not up to you to take on or become a part of their story. With Compassion and Kindness, Guide them by Presenting Tools that May Open the Channels that allow them to see their lesson, and to then move forward, by Choice. Your Role is to then Let it Go, Detach, to be Whole and Complete. This is their story; their Journey, it is as Unique as Yours.

*The Art of Remaining Neutral*

Be True to You Today, Your Story, Your Dreams, the Love Within Yourself 


 Through trying experiences, it is often said, in frustration, sadness, and with disappointment, 'I am Trying '

Trying is the Key, the question that turns the lock is, 'What am I trying DIFFERENTLY.'

The solution may be in a new perspective, looking from another angle, keeping your mind and awareness open.

This is often the Step the gets you through that the Door♡


 *When the Past and the Future Meet, Wisdom Awakens*

Strength and Grace come together in the Wisdom of the Sandhill Crane.
Their Beautiful Dance speaks to their Incredible sense of Elegance, Balance and Grace.
The Crane dances on the tips of its toes, flaps its wings, and bobs its head when performing its courting dance.

The Art of Choosing our Battles *Wisely*
There is a Balance; Look Inward to Find Your Strength, you will find it there.
Aggression is ultimately a sign of fear. Learn to Embrace Self Discipline, Creating an Environment of Fairness; to All. This begins Within. Enter into and Leave an experience, a situation having learned and grown, with a sense of Peace.

The Crane holds the medicine of Self Expression and shows us how to vocalize our Truth, all the while urging us to use our Past as a source of Strength in the Present. *Mindfulness*. This is where Good Fortune Holds our Hands.


The Seeds of Our Life’s Purpose are Placed in Our Heart at Birth.
Dreams Are Our Inner Wisdom. They Guide Us. They Illuminate a Path from Our Heart to Our Souls Desire, a Journey that is Uniquely Our Own.

Embrace who you are today, love where you have been, see the Growth. You are Worthy. You are Deserving You are Love.


The Wisdom of the Turtle reminds us to Walk our Path, not only with Determination, but with Peace and Serenity♡

Take Note of Your Environment Within. This is where it begins. Slow Down, Look Around, Take Note. 

What Energy and Emotions are You Carrying With You; Bringing into Your Environment. 

With this Awareness of Your Surroundings and Within, Cultivate an Environment of Peacefulness Throughout Your Day♡

xxxxhave an incredible today <3 always and every today <3

Monday, 2 June 2014

Does Truth Even Exist Outside of Our Minds?

Have you ever wondered what the Truth really is?
Does it even exist outside of our own minds? 
What Determines Truth?

Truth, is much like Beauty; but rather than laying in the Eye of the Beholder, it lay in the Heart of the Beholder.

Truth is defined as the actual state of a matter; the conformity with fact or reality, verified or indisputable fact. 

Last evening I tried to figure out if anything can actually be verified or undisputed.

Most experiences, situations, circumstances are based on personal ego and judgement; perception, as it may be and varies within each of us on an individual account.

So my truth can be completely different from your truth.

I found this to be very profound. The truth, as I see it, lays within our heart, not our ears or our eyes. It acts without ego and without judgment. It is pure and simplified rather than complicated.

I believe that in this fast paced world that we live in, too often we have allowed outside influences to determine what Truth really, 'truly' is. Too many have given away the power of truth to judgement and ego. It's an art that seems lost.

Truth is within, in a calm and balanced manner, devoid of outside opinions, variances and grievances.
It's what our Heart and our Soul know and doesn't carry fear or anger. Truth carries Peace.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Magic Prayer

Each Morning I ask for guidance from my cards to post on my Facebook Fan page. This morning was not different. But, as always, it was.

Upon opening my page, I say a post on one of my news feeds talking about what I, too, have experienced to be a theme of many at this time. Mechelle wrote,

"Things change in our lives. Sometimes we are tested to see how strong our faith is. It is a test of how much you will give and how much you will receive.
There is a balance we must achieve to enjoy life to the fullest. We have to learn to be still and let the World move around us while we watch." She then began a prayer circle. This Prayer Circle is Powerful and indeed Magical. 

I went outside for a bit and when I came back in, I decided to pull a card from my pile. With synchronicity on my side, the card that I chose was Magic Prayer. There is indeed a theme and a reminder. 

Mechelle's post today was also consistent with the card draw on my page, which is the Snake. The balancing theme is Peaks of Joy.  With that, I wrote,

♡ レo√乇 ♡ The Wisdom of the Snake, with a reminder of the Joy that exists within and around ♡

♡ レo√乇 ♡ Change has been set in motion. This is a time of Transformation. This is a time of hope, love, and faith, which comes from the Power Within; Creative, Intuitive Energy and Spiritual Guidance. Ask to be gentle and kind during this time. Important lessons of the Universe have been experienced, the old ways, thought patterns are being shed. Be sensitive to the healing within, always sending love to any pain that you may be experiencing. Send light and love to the lessons as you heal within and prepare to move forward.

♡ レo√乇 ♡ The Snake represents Spiritual Guidance on a Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Level. You are reminded, at this time, to pay attention to how you use your energy and where you draw it from. The reminder is to see and draw from the Joy within and around ♡ Seek to see the beauty and love all around. It is always there. Hope Faith and Trust, always ♡

Believe. Believe deep within, with every ounce of your being, with every muscle in your body, with every word that you speak, every song that you sing, every tear that you shed, that your prayers have been heard and will be answered. Then love yourself, knowing that you are worthy and deserving.  The is the Beauty and Magic of Prayer. 
The truth is that we are whole. The truth is that we are perfect, in every moment. The truth is that we are love. The truth is that there is power in prayer. The truth is that only love exists.  

 ♡ レo√乇 ♡